Seven Minutes in Heaven

This is purely a work of fiction about two 18/19 year olds...

It is the summer before our first year of college and we are home alone at his house. My mom works from home, but his place will be empty until his s****r gets home from her summer internship. We have been playing truth or dare since we got up this morning. However, as close c***dhood friends there are few questions to ask when we keep no secrets. Our game has purely consisted of dares.

Early on, I was dared to put on women's lingerie. Most of the day I have been dressed up in a black fishnet body stocking with a matching bra and panty set. He got them from the same place as usual: his s****rs room as she and I are close in size. I have never heard of a normal girl with clothing like this, and it looks sexy as hell. The body stocking is a mesh pattern that covers my arms and leaves only my fingers and palms uncovered with an off-the-shoulder neckline. My smallish mounded chest looks larger with the push up bra, which is white with black polka dots and black lace trim. The matching tanga shorts show off my feminine ass and conceal the proof I am actually a boy. I love playing dress up here, since my parents won't let me wear girls clothing. I am supposed to act like a real boy.

However, I am not like most boys my age: when I hit puberty, my chest, hips and butt grew, while my limbs stayed slender like a girls body. I look somewhere in between genders: not quite boyish, nor truly feminine. My voice softened rather than deepened. It lost the c***dhood squawk, and smoothed into something far removed from a masculine sound. I typically only talk in a whisper if at all. My best friend has been my only true friend through these awkward changes and he is the only person I actually enjoy talking to. He says that my voice adds to my allure when I play dress up in his s****rs clothes.

It is my turn to make a dare and my sexy outfit is giving me unusually high confidence. I always feel better in girls clothing. We have never done anything other than awkwardly curious touching and some gentle kissing. That changes today. "I dare you to give me seven minutes in heaven." He smiles a little and I know I am in for more than usual. I swallow nervously.

He opens the door to his small closet, pushes the clothes on hangers to the sides, lightly kicks a couple pairs of running shoes into his room, and works to make enough room for the both of us. I truly look at him for a moment: he is wearing only pajama shorts and I can see that our teenage years have been much kinder to him. His dark skin occasionally bulges from the subtle but firm muscles earned by a dedicated running. He is slim from it, but not slender like me. I look in the mirror and see the contrast of me. I am easily eight inches shorter and dressed like this: I look like some pale innocent teen girl from a Russian porn site. I hear a sigh of triumph and turn back to meet his eyes. He bows slightly and gives a grand gesture for me to enter. Ladies first I suppose.

I slide into the small closet with my back against the side wall and my knees start to shake a little. He closes the door as he steps in facing me. Darkness: it is in this small safe place I feel my femininity grow and mature. I realize I am trembling from anticipation and not out of fear. I feel comfort in my own skin, budding confidence, and a deep need. "So, where is my slice of heaven?" The words barely escape as he engulfs me in his arms, pushes me against the wall, and puts his lips to mine. This isn't like the gentle awkward kisses of the past, but rather a burst of passion. While our tongues slide and taste each other, I feel his left hand groping my bottom. His right hand is gently squeezing my chest and a moan escapes from me and from our locked lips. Time slows and I finally feel the real meaning of the word lust. I start moaning more than kissing and he moves from my lips to my chest. Somehow his right hand exposed a nipple and he starts to suck on it through the body stocking. He starts off gently, but I breathlessly whisper "harder, harder, harder." As he roughly sucks at my chest, he puts his hand up to my lips and a couple fingers slide knuckle deep into my mouth. I suck at them eagerly. My mind has something else to focus on and I work my tongue through his fingers. Time stops.

I let out a whimper as he pulls his fingers out of my mouth, but I am glad to feel his tongue move back into meet mine. His left leg shifts between mine and he pulls me by my ass closer to him. I feel his left hand making room under my panties and then his right hand slipping under join in. The body stocking is crotchless and his slick fingers are tracing my exposed asshole. I have been fingering myself for some time and so his finger easily pushes right in. Even with my own experience, if he didn't have me pinned between him and the wall, I would have collapsed. He just holds me there as his finger flicks and fucks my ass. We are still kissing and as he pushes in a second finger, I inhale in a violent gasp that pulls the air right from his strong lungs. My slender fingers are much smaller than his. He is stretching me as he works my ass. I tighten and relax my ass as he finger fucks me. It seems like we are in this embrace forever and all too quickly I feel myself coming to a climax. He lifts me to my toes with the fingers he has in my ass and I burst. As I grind against his leg, he holds me up on my toes and massages the inside of my ass. An eternity later, I stop cumming, but the front of my panties are drenched and filled with my cum.

Breathlessly I whisper "thank you" and I don't need light to know he is smiling in triumph. His s****r would be pissed to see the mess I have made of her beautiful lingerie and probably the fact that I wear her clothing at all. He kisses me deeply again and as our lips part, I push him back to drop to my knees. My legs gave out from both the orgasm and a deep desire to return the favor. It's his turn to feel heaven and I am going to love every second.

I look up at him, but can't see his wonderful body in this darkness. I fish his cock out of the PJ's and begin to lick my tongue up its' hard shaft. I continue to lick and kiss until the fogginess in my head clears a bit. I hear him stifle a groan and just as I set my lips around the head, he puts a hand to my chin. He pulls me back up to my feet and wraps me in a big hug

"Your seven minutes are up" and with that he opens the door...

I will continue another time... In this game the dare must go both ways
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3 years ago
well written and well worth reading. a very hot story you have here!