Current obsessions or Fantasies

Their is something to be said about the natural smell of pussy or of a woman that has a tremendous power over me. The few times I've had the pleasure of having my face ridden like a young fresh stud horse fighting every ounce of it's master, resulting in a cum covered face and beard for enjoyment later is phenomenal. The sudden breeze sends the smell right into my mind and races through the nerves in my body thinking only of the next opportunity to see one, feel one, smell one.

Carrying that satisfaction on my face unbeknownst to others surrounding me. The passion to which I was able to share that they do not know or understand and must not be the wiser. Some men will say a good blowjob is where it's at while I say a fine, natural smelling pussy on my face is pure ecstasy.

The Fantasies:
Having a woman ride my face and grind her pussy and ass up and down my nose, lips, tongue and beard. Pounding her clitoris and vagina against my tongue and chin.

Holding my head down to the bed with a pair of used panties dr****g my mouth as she takes my cock to whatever heights pleases her. Rolling her hips forward and backward, thrusting up and down until she's finished with me.

I love the idea of a warm summer day, some light work in the yard or a fresh workout and putting that sweet sweaty pussy in my mouth as it is just becoming juicy and ripe for the tasting. Or, having that day and sneaking to some privacy to finger herself for a few moments, rubbing her clitoris to a near level of excitement, only to find me wherever I may be and run her fingers on my upper lip or nose in suggestive motion. Telling me it's ready, come and get it.

I'm open to the idea of certain levels of dominatrix and curious to find out what they are.
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2 years ago
iansearchof: That would be an excellent time to do the finger suggestion with the sweet smell of lust lingering. Indeed!
2 years ago
At a party, to convey the time she smoothed his moustache with her annointed finger.
2 years ago
mmmm...a willing, giving and responsive man is a wonderful thing...thank you for sharing ;)