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The more I've thought about the idea of a secret room it recently expanded to an even more exciting dungeon fantasy. The idea of renting a climate controlled storage unit and turning it into a sex dungeon full of BDSM gear and furniture along with a long series of various sex toys. So with that in mind, this is my more recent fantasy.

Agreeing to meet at my storage unit, she arrives in a tan trench coat, appearances seem as though she is completely naked underneath. As I e****t her to my storage unit I quickly realize she is wearing a bondage harness of leather and chains adding to my excitement as I try to ignore how much it turns me on.

Upon opening the door she is met by a room that is painted in black, with velvet d****s of red hanging from the walls, pictures of BDSM framed of rough wood unfinished and aged, dark wrought iron and dimmed lights line the walls giving only enough light to see clearly but leaving many shadows surrounding the various furniture that is placed throughout.

As she looks around she sees an elongated table wrapped in leather with silver studs along the edges and down the legs, rings strategically placed for various types of roping pleasure. http://www.bdsm-gear.com/bondagebed.html She looks at me as she shrugs off her trench coat revealing her naked body already snugly held by the harness. My body does not flinch but my eyes cannot hide the lust and desire that flashes like a fire as my mind contemplates the many ways by which I intend to pleasure her.

Walking to the table she bend herself over the table feeling the leather against her face and breasts, her ass swaying slightly, she turns to me and says, "Maybe you should warm me up a little..." Without hesitation I cuff her over the table, wielding a paddle and giving her a quick and f***eful spanking on the left and right side but just one strike each. Rubbing each cheek and spreading her ass in between each connection with the paddle she moans as I continue.

Thoroughly wet from the spanking, ass with a minor redness to it, I release the cuffs and help her onto the table. As I do she slides her fingers deep into her pussy, moaning a little, she quickly and without warning slaps my face and in the back swing wipes her fingers on my lips slowly. As the smell of her hot wet pussy fills my lungs and the taste on my lips as the shock of her striking me settles, I join her on the table, firmly gripping her breasts and giving each a slap and rolling her nipples between my fingers as I hold her tight against my body.

Enjoying my sudden aggressive response to her, she pushes against my chest toward the table laying me on my back and asks "Did you like the taste of my pussy?" Nodding as she is straddling me and answering with "I want to taste your cum." Grabbing the cuffs she binds my legs and arms to the table, outstretched and helpless, she positions herself standing over my head, showing me her clit and spreading her lips; the view of which I cannot stand any longer as I want her now more than ever.

Standing over me and rubbing her pussy, fingers soaked, she kneels down and with the tip of each finger rubs her juices against my tongue leaving no piece of its surface untouched. I attempt to suck her fingers clean as she leans up and slaps me again. Swaying a single finger at me as if to say no she then turns putting her ass on my chest. I can see her asshole as she rubs her pussy on my chest, rolling her hips and caressing her breasts against my now throbbing cock. Licking around the head and under and taking nothing more in her mouth.

Knowing she has me fully in her grasp, she slides her pussy and ass to my neck and chin, her asshole is right at the tip of my nose. While I cannot reach, I make every attempt to give it a lick. After much anticipation she slides her pussy to my mouth, asshole on my nose as I savagely lick and nibble her lips and clit. I stop only to enjoy her rolling her hips and sliding her pussy and ass over my lips, outstretched tongue and nose. She stops, back fully erect as she cums letting it drip on my face, having used me as if I was nothing more than an inanimate sex toy, she releases the cuffs.

Fully aware of how much she has just owned me, enjoying the feeling of being used but also the vengeance of repaying her I help her off the table, grabbing her by her harness, pulling the straps between her legs tight and deep against her pussy, I e****t her to a bench in the corner. http://www.bdsm-gear.com/exposerbench.html

Strapping the chains that hang from the bench to her arms and legs, she is laid on her back, arms hanging and legs bent up and back revealing her pussy and ass to me as she is spread open and vulnerable. Knowing what I am about to do to her and the noise she will undoubtedly make, I place a gag in her mouth, strapping it behind her head. I attach a vibrator to her harness dr****g it over her clit, securing it so that it will remain firmly pressed. She begins to moan but muffled from the gag as I watch.

Slapping her thighs with my hands and gripping them firmly as she attempts to scream from the vibration on her clit, I insert a vibrating horse tail plug in her asshole using the cum dripping from her pussy as lubricant. Her screaming and moaning becomes more frequent as she is f***ed to cum repeatedly for my viewing pleasure. Using three fingers I insert them into her pussy, only to collect some of her cum into my palm, she watches me wipe it on my face, now I can taste her as I please; collecting more and more of her cum with each pass, rubbing it all over my cock, stroking slowly, smelling her pussy juices heating up in my hand.

Now I can see the burning in her eyes and the physical desire for my cock to penetrate her, I insert only the tip of my cock in her pussy. Letting it sit as she struggles to move enough for full penetration and giving her no satisfaction. I pull out occasionally to rub the head firmly against her lips, tracing the opening of her pussy.

She continues to struggle with the lack of penetration, still being f***ed to cum. I give her one full thrust with every inch of my cock inside her as she screams and the bench slides slightly from the f***e. I pull out fully, turning off the vibrator in her ass and the one d****d over her clit. Breathing heavily as if she is almost relieved from the sudden stop in f***ed cumming but not fully finished, I rub my cock under her nose, giving her the smell herself all over me after what I've done to her. As much as she wants to grab it or move for it, she has given up such movements after being restrained for this long. Seeing that I have her completely I release her from the chains and pick her up from the bench, leaving the horse tail plug inserted.

I e****t her now almost exhausted body to the table, helping her up she regains some strength in defiance of how I've repaid her earlier treatment. On her hands and knees she reaches back and slaps her ass and says "Finish me...." Not wanting to disappoint her or relinquish the control I've just retaken, I join her on the table, removing the plug from her ass.

Grabbing her hips, I slide my cock up and down from her clit to her asshole, she is covered in her own cum as I feel her soaked trimmed pussy and bare thighs against me. The room is filled with the sweaty smell of sex, I can see in her face how she is contemplating devious sexual thoughts, wanting to be owned and finished but a strong will that wants to overpower me again. Pushing against her shoulders, forcing her breasts against the table, a fist full of hair gripped firmly, I penetrate her from behind; fully, holding it as she squirms a little as if to gain more inside her.

I can see the submission in her face and body as she finally feels some relief from the penetration; as much as she wants to she cannot hide it. I begin to thrust long and hard, hips hitting hard against her ass as she screams with each slam. I reach down with both hands now, firmly grabbing each breast, nipples pinched between my thumb and finger, I use them as leverage penetrating her faster and harder. She grips the front edge of the table, bracing herself as I ravage her from behind. Her body is growing increasingly limp as she has given up all control or will, full submission to whatever I may do to her.

Not wanting to stop with any level untouched, any option not explored, I pull out quickly as she sighs and lies breathing heavily. I step down from the table letting her lay softly and exhausted on the table. As she thinks this is over, she thinks she is fully satisfied; she is occupied with the thoughts of what has just happened. Outside of her view I slip on a strap on harness, attaching a dildo as it hangs above my still throbbing and pussy soaked cock.

I begin to rub her inner thighs; they are hot to the touch and still wet. She lays there as if to believe our time has ended and my embrace is but to console her used form. I rejoin her on the table as she turns to see my intentions. The look on her face of half excitement of what is about to begin and half exhaustion that she might not be able to go on any longer. I say to her "Now... I will finish you." Flipping her over onto her back as I stand at the edge of the table, I begin to penetrate her, dildo in her pussy, cock in her ass.

The exhaustion leaves her as the full feeling in each orifice fills her senses. Moaning and screaming as I push the limits of her depth in each hole, rubbing her clit with my thumb. Though she has cum at her time, and f***ed at my pleasure, she cums hard as her body trembles, as I see how I have spent every last drop of her desire and lust, taking her physical signs of submission and the pleasure I can feel in her warm ass I cum hard with her, deep in her ass. The storage room is now completely filled with the smell of sweat and sex, my smell and hers combining to make something totally new but completely ours. More than either of us imagined in desire and fantasy, never once thought possible, fulfilled beyond what either of us could have dreamed.
I join her on the table, laying on our sides, my face in her ass and pussy as I lick the cum out of her ass, her licking the cum off my cock and rubbing my empty sack, we enjoy the taste and smell of each other for a while, laying there comfortably and almost effortlessly bringing each other down from the height of our pleasure…..

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I want to be her :)