The Secret Dungeon

I could be wrong and maybe someone has already thought of this and just doesn't speak of it in polite company but perhaps more home builders should consider a false wall or hidden doorway in master bedrooms that opens to a dungeon. Something with no windows, light finish work which leaves a rugged look to it. The effect of bare studs or support beams on the wall and ceiling or some inexpensive brickwork and a little sound proofing.

A perfect place to keep bondage furniture like the ones below:

Put an old wrought iron chandelier up with some wrought iron, cracked glass wall sconces all in black or bare metal on a dimmer switch, maybe a fireplace. A place for a man and woman to disappear from life's struggles and just have either incredibly nasty or incredibly sensual sex for hours without any disturbance or thought of the outside world and it's influences, judgements, or cares. Where one could remain naked and bare in the rawest human form fulfilling the rawest acts on each other as they expose themselves for the desires that flood their minds stemming from basic human instincts.

As a man of creativity and ingenuity, it seems only fair that I satisfy the appeal to both my constructive and sexual natures with this concept. Wonder how one files a building permit under "Dungeon". Thought ought to send a few ultra conservative bureaucrats reeling.
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2 years ago
you should have it tiled completely so her screams really echo, with a floor drain, hot & cold water, lots of hooks on the walls & ceiling, tie down brackets on the floor,