Sniffing Lacy's Ass

Last week my cousin went to Vegas and asked me to keep an eye on her house as she was leaving her daughter Carrie there alone. Carrie's 18, still on school and is pretty hot! I've been sniffing her dirty panties for the last few months and have even gone on cam for her, without her knowing it's me, and had her laugh at my little dick! Anyways, the first day her mom was gone, I went over to their place while Carrie was at school and had some fun with her dirty panties. I stripped down in her room and took three pairs of dirty thongs from her hamper and a few clean pair from her dresser. I spent about an hour sniffing them and rubbing them all over my crotch, before jizzing on the crotch of a clean pair and putting them back in her dresser! I then spent the next few days wondering if she'd wore them yet and waited until Friday morning to go back and see if they were in her hamper. I didn't have to be in the office until the afternoon and waited until 10am to go over, figuring Carrie would be at school. I was shocked when I walked in and found her best friend Lacy, passed out on the couch, half naked! I seen a bunch of empty cooler bottles and figured the two had gotten d***k the night before.

Lacy is a few months older then Carrie and is just as hot, with long brown hair, green eyes, firm little b-cup tits, tight round ass and about 130lbs! She was laying on her tummy on the couch, and was only wearing a pair of white satin bikini-style panties and t-shirt! Her panties had ridden up the crack of her little ass, and I wanted nothing more then to stick my nose in it and take a whiff! I decided to play it safe and try and figure out how long they'd been passed out for, and grabbed their cell phones. I took them into the kitchen and went through the messages to see how late they were up. Carrie's last message had been sent at 1am, and it was to one of her friends, telling them how d***k her and Lacy were, and told her she'd see them the next day. Lacy's however, revealed much more! At around 5am, she started texting someone asking them for some weed. As I scrolled through the texts, I realized they ended up getting some oxycontin at around 7am! I searched around and found some residue and a straw on the coffee table, and figured they'd used it only a few hours earlier! I then went to Carrie's room to check on her and found her tucked away in bed, sl**ping soundly! She had the covers pulled up to her neck, so I couldn't see what she was wearing, but was relieved to see her ok. I went back to the living room to see Lacy still fast asl**p on the couch.

I went to her and shook her shoulder to try and wake her. When she didn't respond, I shook harder and spoke her name into her ear. Still no response! I got up and went to my car to grab my work out bag. I changed into my sweat pants and t-shirt, leaving my underwear off and returned my work clothes to my car. I knew that if Carrie woke up and came downstairs, I'd be able to hear her as the stairs squeaked! I then stood beside Lacy and dropped my drawers! I stared at her panty-clad ass for a few minutes as I jerked off, getting nice and hard. Her panties were trimmed with lace, and I couldn't resist tugging them out of her bum crack. I almost came when I seen a light brown stain appear on the white material that had been wedged up her butt! I got down on my knees and sniffed the material, savoring the scent of her sweaty bum! I pulled her panties down a bit and flipped them inside out, exposing a nice sk** mark which I sniffed for awhile, before pulling them down some more! I then went to the kitchen and grabbed a baggy and some tissue paper. I went back and wiped the crack of her ass with the tissue before placing it in the baggy and sealing the scent of her butt in it! I then put it in my pocket and spread her cheeks, and put my nose right into her crack! I sniffed her stinky bum for a few minutes, before shoving my tongue into her crack and licking it the whole length! It tasted awesome! I rimmed her while I jerked off and when I got close to cumming, stopped and let the feeling pass before doing it again! I did this several times before flipping Lacy over and inspecting her pussy! She had a few day's worth of stubble all over it and as I licked her pissy slit, it tickled my face! I exposed her tiny clitty and lapped at it with my tongue as I stuck a finger up her cunt. She was tight! Lacy never moved or anything as I fingered and ate her pussy, so I was shocked when it started spasming and leaking tons of fluid! She had an orgasm and didn't even budge an inch! I lapped up her sweet juices and stood up to expose her tiny titties.

Lacy's tits were cone shaped, and were topped with huge, thick areolas that puckered up as soon as the cool air hit them! I leaned over and sucked them as I reached down between her legs and wormed my finger into the crack of her bum. Once her nipples were fully erect and I had some of her butt juice on my finger, I stood and stared at her naked body and sniffed her bum juice as I furiously jerked off! As I felt my load build up, I moved closer to her head and turned it so it was facing me, and pried her mouth open with the finger that had just been up her butt. The thought of her waking up with the taste of my cum and her own ass was too much and I spurted a thick load into her mouth! I closed her mouth, and turned her head, and was delighted to see her swallow my load into her tummy before opening her mouth and begin snoring! It was at that point I realized how hot it was in there and that my own ass had juiced up with sweat! I ran my finger through my own ass crack and transfered the nasty juice onto Lacy's top lip and nose! I worked my stinky digit into each of her nostrils, making sure she'd be able to smell my nasty ass sweat when she awoke! I then pulled my pants up, and her panties and left, thinking about her smelling my ass stink all day!
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1 year ago
awesome story sounds great i love doing this to.... a lot butt really prefer a nice clean ass just so i can get my freak on and get my tongue deep up her ass ! and finger it and lick my finger and her ass some more , my wife loves that as did all my past girlfriends , always had to get there asses , many times at bed time i'd like to lay behind them and rest myself as she would lay either on her belly or missionary but ass extended outward so i can just worship ,sniff it and lick it for as long i could last , always got what felt like a high from doing this ? they always loved it like a routine !!! :) the best is 69 so we can enjoy each others genitals and buttholes !! great times!!
3 years ago
4 years ago
Whoa that was a great story! Id want to do the same!
4 years ago
mmmm thats hot
4 years ago
nasty & very naughty
4 years ago
You are very nasty... and the luckiest guy I know!