Ass Sniffing On The Bus

I had been out drinking the other night and left my car outside a friends house. After checking my pockets, I realized I only had a few bucks. No problem, except I had changed clothes at my friends, expecting to return there to crash but somewhere along the way we got separated and I went home. I had just taken cash to the bar, and remember using my last twenty to pay the cab! My friend wasn't picking up the phone, and since I have a spare set of car keys, decided just to take the bus down to his place and at least have wheels! Now I haven't been on a bus since grade school, and when I got on, was surprised at how packed it was! I took a side seat in the back, the ones that have the back to the window, and closed my eyes, still hungover! Half way to the terminal, we passed a mall, and suddenly the bus was packed FULL! As the people started filling in around me, I again closed my eyes, thankful for getting a seat as I was sure my tummy wouldn't be able to handle the sway of the bus standing up! When we started to move agian, I opened my eyes and realized I was surrounded by people standing in front of me! The person standing right in front of me was some guy, and his crotch was right in my face. I turned away and looked down the aisle and spotted a cute chubby girl. She was wearing spandex leggings, and a shirt, had earphones in and was texting. I closed my eyes again, daydreaming about what her chubby butt looked like in those skin tight leggings.

Just as I was about to doze off, the stop bell rang, bringing me out of my slumber. I watched as the guy in front of me worked his way to exit, along with other passengers, and seen even more people get on! The driver told everyone to move down, and when everyone was on, I was faced with the chubby girls bum! I looked around and seen that no one was paying any attention, and leaned in for a sniff. I could smell her stinky bum sweat that had soaked into her thin spandex pants! I sniffed her ass for almost a minute before sitting back and taking a quick glance around. No one noticed! The lady sitting beside me was sitting sideways, facing the front, as were everyone standing! I leaned in agian and continued sniffing her smelly butt as I rubbed myself through my pants. I cursed myself for wearing jeans, and just as I was getting hard, the bell rang again and chubby got off! Disappointed, I closed my eyes again and dozed off until we got to the terminal.

I figured out what bus I needed to transfer to to get to my buddy's place, and waited for it. When it arrived, I got on and again went to the back to the same seat as the previous bus. When we took off, there wasn't many people, everyone had a seat, so I dozed for a bit until the bustling of people woke me and I realized we'd stopped at another mall. Again people poured in, and again I had an ass in my face! This time it belonged to a woman in her thirties, wearing jeans. She was fairly petite and her jeans were loose, and when I sniffed them I couldn't smell anything but perfume. I leaned down further and got my nose right up to her crotch and could still smell nothing. Giving up, I sat back and waited. She got off a few stops up and for awhile no one was standing in front of me. Then, the next stop, a guy on a personal scooter got on. This made everyone push down and I was happy to find a cute girl in her early twenties in front of me! She too was wearing jeans, but her's were skin-tight, and rode up the crack of her tiny ass crack! I leaned in for a sniff and was delighted to smell the aroma of ass sweat! It wasn't heavy mind you, but enough to get me excited again! I again tried rubbing myself through my jeans, but it just wasn't enough as the material was too thick! I decided just to savor her ass smell and sniffed her bum right up to my stop! As I got up and walked past her, I let my hand graze her firm ass and when I got off the bus, seen she didn't even notice!

I walked the few blocks to my buddy's and found him at home, just waking up. I took him to the bar to get his car, and after dropping him off went home. I changed into a pair of spandex underwear and track pants. I then grabbed my vibrating egg and headed out. I parked my car and went to the bus terminal and purchased a day pass. I then went to the bathroom and put the vibrating egg in my undies, (I sewed a pocket in the front awhile back to hold it on my dicklette!) and put the controller in my pocket. I then boarded the cross town bus and took my seat in the back! It was fairly empty at first, but as we made our way across town, it got more full! At one stop, about ten people dressed in workout clothes got on. As they made their way to the back, I overheard one telling a friend on the phone how some d***k driver drove into a pole, knocking out the power to the gym! She then went on to say they didn't even shower or change as there wasn't enough light! I watched as two of them came to the back and stood in front of me!

They were both wearing skin tight yoga pants and I could smell their sweaty asses from where I sat! Two stops later, a bunch of k**s got on, forcing the yoga girls even farther back, the one, almost in my lap! She was so close, I didn't even have to lean forward to sniff her raunchy ass! The other one was facing her and could clearly see me, so I didn't do anything but sit there smelling her friends ass from a distant. Finally it was her stop and she said goodbye, leaving her friend standing in front of me! Now everyone was facing the front and I took out my vibrator controller and cranked it to high! My dicklette immediatly came to life and the vibrations were driving me crazy! I leaned forward and almost touched my nose to the girl's yoga pants, that were wedged up her little crack! She was raunchy! Her ass stank like she hadn't showered in days! Aside from the ass stink, I could clearly smell her musky pussy! As I neared my orgasm, I stuck my tongue out and lightly pressed it against her crack. As soon as I tasted the salty ass sweat, I jizzed in my undies! I could still smell and taste her nasty ass as I watched her get off two stops later! I got off on the next one and cabbed it back to my car. I can't wait until the next time I ride the bus!
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5 months ago
I really need to get on a bus asap
3 years ago
Must take a busvery soon on a busy day thanks Candi
3 years ago
Sounds like fun, must try it.
4 years ago
I was travling on my on my normal bus route, has i was starphanging i looked down to see a nice looking guy level with my semi hard cock but the look on his drunken face as he looked at some fat girl,life is so unfair
4 years ago
Nice ;)
4 years ago
wow ... oddly erotic.
4 years ago
You've made me want to get the bus..