Mistress Step-Daughter Ch1

Tim was 42, chubby, not that attractive, and had a very small penis. He had been married once for three years but his wife left him for her boss, and since had only dated casually. Then he met Cathy, the woman of his dreams! She was 38, chubby as well, great personality, and most importantly, didn't mind his tiny member! She too was divorced and she also had a daughter named Kassi. Tim and Cathy dated for a few months and decided they wanted to get married, so they had a quick wedding and Cathy and Kassi moved into Tim's house.

Kassi was 17 when Tim and Cathy first met, but just before they got married she turned 18. She was still in high school and was a handful to say the least! Tim thought of her as a spoiled little brat that always got her way. Her mother would try and disipline her, but would always cave. Tim didn't say anything when they were dating as he didn't think it was his place to do so, but when they moved in with him things changed. Tim put his foot down the first day the girls moved in, telling Kassi that she now lived under his roof and would therefore follow his rules, regardless of the fact she was legally an adult. She hated it! She couldn't afford to move out, and her dad didn't have anything to do with her, so she was stuck with Tim's strict rules. He treated her like a k**! She had a cerfew, chores, had to keep her grades up, and the ATM that was her mother was now cut off. Tim started giving her an allowence instead and once it was gone, she was shit out of luck! But she had no other option but to stay with her mother and new step-father until she at least finished school and could get a job.

Tim had one downfall, and that was his panty fetish. It had started when his wife left him, and as he was cleaning up after she moved out, found a pair of her dirty panties. He held them to his nose to remember her smell, and as the odor of her cunt became apparent, Tim found himself getting aroused. He ended up jerking off to one of the most intense orgasms of his life. After that, he would steal panties from friend's houses, buy them on the internet or from hookers, anything to get his hands on a nice dirty pair of panties. But when he met Cathy, he stopped having the need for panties as he was wrapped up in his new relationship. But as the honeymoon stage ended he found himself sniffing his new bride's panties when she was at work.

At first he was happy sniffing Cathy's big panties, but after a few weeks, realized they didn't have the same effect on him because he could smell her cunt whenever he wanted, he just had to ask her! It took the mystery, and excitment out of it for him, so he decided to sneek into Kassi's room and grab a pair of her's. The fist pair he sniffed of her's were thongs and he came in under a minute sniffing her young teen pussy and bum. After that, he'd go to her room whenever the girls were out and lay on her bed and jerk off smelling her forbidden scent. Latley though, he wanted to smell Kassi's stinky cunt and ass more, and started just taking her panties to his office and keeping them in his drawer. He still would jerk off in her room when he had the chance, switching the pair from his desk with a fresher pair.

Kassi was pretty superstitious about certain things, one was writing tests. She once got an A+ on a test two years ago and since then would wear the same panties she had on that day whenever she wrote a test. She rummaged through her humper looking for her "test" panties and couldn't find them. She could've sworn she'd worn them a few days earlier but was running late so had to forget about them. Meanwhile Tim was waiting for her to leave so he could jerk off in her room before work. As soon as she left he went to his office and grabbed the panties that were there and took them to Kassi's room, where he put them in her hamper. He then took another pair and opened his robe and layed on her bed and masturbated. When he was done he took the panties he'd been sniffing to his office and left for work.

Kassi was pissed off when she got home. She knew she'd failed her test and it was all because she didn't wear her lucky panties! She went upstairs to find them and when she opened the hamper, was shocked to find them laying on the top. She couldn't figure out how they got there, and when she looked at them agian, noticed they looked clean. She picked them up and inspected them and realized that they were indeed cleaner then when she had taken them off. She remembered the day she wore them, she forgot to take them off before gym class, and sweated a lot in them, leaving a nasty brown sk** mark in the back from her sweaty teen ass. She of course had a test that afternoon, hence why she didn't change them. But now here they were, sk** marks virtually gone. She lifted them to nose and caught the faint scent of her step-dad's cologne. She was pissed!! He was taking her panties and doing who knows what with them!! Disgusting pig, she thought! She couldn't wait to tell her mom, maybe she'd leave his fat ass and she'd go back to her old life of no rules and a steady flow of cash!

As she sat on her bed waiting for mom to get home, Kassi started to think. Sure it was disgusting and wrong for Tim to sniff her panties, but was it really bad enough for her mom to leave him? She didn't think so. She started to think that once the initial shock was over and her mom calmed down, they'd talk it out and it would blow over. Once it did, she knew Tim would be pissed at her and would probably make her life even more miserable! She decided not to tell her mom right away and to give it some thought.

Kassi went over to her friend Mandy's and told her what she had found out. The two of them then schemed a plan together, to catch Tim redhanded, and have something to hold over his head! She went home and waited for the time she thought Tim would sneak into her room. She assumed the only time Tim could steal her gitch was when her mom worked night shift, not getting home until almost 9am, and she was at school. She waited almost a week for her mom to go back on nights and then put their plan into action.

She waited for Tim to go into the bathroom to take his morning shit, and knocked on the door, telling him she had to leave for school early as she was meeting Mandy at Starbucks. As soon as he told her ok, and to have a good day at school, she went to front door and opened it and then closed it loudly, making Tim think she had left. She then raced upstairs to her room as quietly as she could and hid in her closet, Mandy's digital camcorder in hand. As time passed, she began to think maybe this was all in her head, and that Tim didn't steal her panties. What if there was another reasonable explaination for the clean panties and cologne? Just as she was thinking about climbing out of her closet, the bedroom door opened and Tim walked in. Her heart raced as she watched him head for her hamper and open it as she turned on the camera and started recording her pervert step-dad.

Tim rummaged through Kassi's hamper and found a very dirty pair of thongs that were caked with her nasty ass sweat. He dropped the old pair in, and went over to her bed. Kassi watched in horror as Tim took his robe off and layed on her bed nude, his disgustingly fat body making it sink down. When Tim started sniffing the back part of her thongs and masturbating, she smiled knowing she had him by the balls now, as his perverted act was being recorded!

"MMMMMMMMMMMM Oh Kassi! I love smelling your dirty bum!! I wish you were here sitting on my face, making me clean your butt crack out! mmmmmmmmm I love your nasty panties, I wish you could see me jerking my little dick while I smell your sweaty ass!"

"Then your wish just came true you fuckin' perv!" Kassi said as she flung the closet door open, camera in hand. "Smile for the camera Daddy Tim!"

Tim jumped up off her bed, dirty thongs dropping to the floor, and grabbed his robe, but not before Kassi got a good look at his little pecker!

"BAAAAAAAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Holy shit! Your dick really is tiny!! HEEHEE!! I wish I would've gotten that on camera! How the hell do you satisfy my mom with that cocktail weenie? I once saw my dad get out of the shower and he had a HUGE one! You'll NEVER measure up to him that's for sure!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Tim felt his face flush, "Please Kassi, sweetie, don't tell your mother about this. I'll do anything!"


"Y..y..you mean you're not going to tell your mom?"

"Not as long as I get everything I want!"

"I promise, whatever you want........just not a word, please! Can I have the camera now?"

"HAAHAAA yeah right! This recording is my only ticket to what I want, you're not getting your fat hands on it!"

"But how do I know you're not going to show anyone?"

"You don't! You just have to take my word for it! But you don't really have a choice do you?"

"No I guess not." Tim said as he finished doing up his robe. "So what do you want?"

"I want a lot of things! But for starters, when mom gets home I want you to tell her that you've done some thinking and you decided that even though we live under your roof, you are married and maybe it's not your place to put rules on me. Then you're going to convince her that I'm an adult and should be treated like one. No curfew, no rules, and no more stupid chores!"

"OK, done. Anything else?"

"Oh there's lots more, don't you worry!"


"Like, you're gonna add me to your credit card and give me one!"

Tim thought how he'd hide that from Cathy, but decided he could just get another card completely and add Kassi to that one. "OK"

"And one more thing."


"I want to see how you jerk that tiny thing!"

"K..K...K..Kassie I can't do that, I'm your stepfather for goodness sakes!"

"Didn't bother you when you were smelling my stinky underpants now did it?"


"But nothing! I think it will be funny to watch so I want you to do it!"

Tim knew Kassi had a nasty cruel streak in her, he'd seen her facebook page and the cruel comments she left on her friend's walls. But the more he thought about jerking off while she watched and laughed, the more aroused he became! He finally put his head down and untied his robe, letting it fall off him onto her bedroom floor.

"Fuck you're nasty! You titties are bigger then mine! And it looks like your carrying octuplets! I'm surprised you can even reach around that belly to touch your little dicklette! HEEHEE!"

Tim felt his face flush, and at the same time, felt the bl**d rushing into his cock making it stand out from his body.

"Holy shit!! You actually got hard from me telling you, you had a little dick! BAHAHAHAHA! Fuckin' loser! Now show me how you wank that tiny thing! HAHAHAHAHA!"

Tim was totally humiliated, but at the same time, oddly turned on. He grabbed his cock as he always did, with just his thumb and forefinger, and started jerking off in front of his 18 yr old step daughter.

Now Kassi had seen tons of guys jerk off on cam, as one her's and Mandy's favorite pass time was going on chatroulette and making fun of guys, but this was the first time she seen someone do it in real life! As her thoughts returned to what was happening she started laughing at how Tim only needed two fingers to jerk off!

"That's fuckin' hilarious!" She said after her bout of laughter. "I've heard of "two pump chumps", but you're more like a "two finger chump"! BAAAHHAAAAAAAAAAHHAAAAAAH! Look at me, I'm Tim and I'm a two finger chump that likes to sniff my step-daughter's dirty undies! Watch me jerk off UH UH UH UH UH UH" Kassie said as she put her finger and thumb together and put it over her own crotch and mimicked Tim's jerk off motion.

Hearing her laugh at him was getting Tim ready to bust his nut, and when she started jerking off an imaginary little cock, it sent him over the edge and he spewed his jizz. The first shot hit Kassie's leg, and the remaining shots landed between them on the hardwood floor.

"EEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW GROSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! You fuckin sicko!! You got that nasty shit on my leg!! Fuckin' lick it up you filthy pig!" She said as she lifted her leg up to Tim's face.

Without thinking, he leaned over and licked his salty goo from her leg, swallowing it down. He couldn't believe he had actually ate his own cum and started to feel sick.

"HOLY FUCK YOU DID IT!!! I was just joking but you did it!! What are you a fag too? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You're fuckin' nasty!! Cum eating sicko!!"

Seeing his step-daughter laughing at him for eating his own cum, Tim felt the vile rise in the back of his throat and ran out of her bedroom to the bathroom and puked the cum and his breakfast into the toilet. As he finished rinsing his mouth, he looked up to see Kassi standing at the door holding his robe.

"Here, take this, I gotta go to school. Stay out of my fuckin' room from now on too. We'll talk more tonite after mom leaves for work. And don't forget to order my credit card! Have a good day Daddy Tim.........or should I say Daddy Cumeater! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

As Tim heard her leave he grabbed his robe and headed for his bedroom. He sat on his bed and thought about what just happened. He couldn't believe Kassi had made him do that, and he wondered what else she had in store for him....................
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2 years ago
2 years ago
Hot experiences!
Thank you for writing this great story
2 years ago
Hot experiences!
Thank you for writing this great story
4 years ago
Seems to be a lot of possible ways to take this.. Looking forward to the next chapter
4 years ago
Another good one in the making, this could run and run. Well done.
4 years ago
Damn lol