Cocksucking Adventures Of Cortni Ch5

Cortni made it up to her room undetected, and quickly stripped off her clothes and put them in her pillow case so she could sniff the sweet stench of urine while she slept. Naked, she went to her desk, sat down, opened her laptop, and logged onto Mark's hidden cam server. She saw he was nude, reading over books and checking his laptop everytime he heard an alert from msn, presumably seeing if his cam mistress had logged in. After seeing it wasn't her, he'd grudgingly go back to studying.

Cortni logged onto msn using her alias account and made it appear offline. After she had took a picture of her bare ass with her cam and set it as her display picture, she appeared online and was happy to recieve a message from Mark almost immediately. It asked who she was, and after she took a shot in the dark by saying he'd given it to her on "that site" he liked to go on, seemed happy to be talk to her. He asked if the picture was really her and she told him she had just takin it moments before. They chatted about what they were into and when she asked Mark to go on cam, he told her he wanted to see her first as he'd been tricked many times before by old men acting as young women. She quickly took her sheet off the bed and hung it on her closet as a back drop, so he couldn't recognize her decor, and slipped a robe on and sent her cam. He sent his as well and after they had both asked the other to do certain things to make sure their cam feeds were indeed genuine, Cortni turned her cam off and asked if was satisfied. He told her he was and asked how he could humiliate himself for her. Cortni thought for a moment and told him to stand up and pull his shorts down and expose his cock to her. She had seen him numerous times on the hidden cams, but they were quite far and she never could get a good look at it. She was very curious after he told her one of the things he loved to be humiliated about was the size of his little pecker.

When Mark stood in front of his cam and showed his cousin his dick, Cortni laughed! It was almost inverted into his fat pubic mound, and as he started pulling on it and making it grow to it's full 3" she stopped laughing and started salivating. Precum pured out the top, and as he pulled his foreskin back to reveal his tiny head, seen the underside caked with white dick cheese! She had him show his dirty underwear and wipe all the precum off onto the crotch before getting him to bend over and spread his fat ass cheeks. She was frigging off furiously now as Mark licked a finger and stuck it in his brown hole. After she came from watching her cousin finger his own ass, she told him to sit down and chat with her for a few. She asked who he lived with and if he'd ever smelt their dirty underwear, and was shocked when he admitted to smelling his aunt's raunchy panties and jerking off. He did mention her, but told her his cousin was a naieve 18 yr old, who's panties were probably as clean as the rest of her and said he didn't bother risking it. She asked if he had a pair of his aunt's dirty panties there and after replying yes, made him sniff them and put them on before blowing his load into them! Cortni recorded the whole scenerio, and uploaded the clip onto her computer from the camcorder, as she asked Mark if he had any fantasies about either his aunt or cousin. He told her he did and went into great detail about how he'd love to have his cousin catch him sniffing her panties and humiliate him, or how his aunt would find his cum stains on her undies and question him about it, and lots of other nasty, kinky scenerioes that got Cortni's cunt dripping wet!

She changed her plan, and instead of confronting Mark with the clip she'd just made, and blackmailing, him, thought she might be able to get him into a situation where she sould "catch" him and therefore making things a lot easier on herself! She told him she wanted to see him sneak into his cousin's bedroom with his laptop and cam, and take a pair of her worn panties, and masturbate with them on her bed. When he told her she was at home, she told him to figure out a time and message her, as she'd switch her msn over to her cell. He agreed and she had him fuck his fat ass with a huge butt plug, before turning her own cam on and placing it under her desk to let hre cousin see her tight shaved pussy, while he jerked his little dicklette! After, she thanked him for the show and logged off.

Cortni was super horny now, thinking about her pervert cousin smelling her step mom's panties and about his fantasies of being caught by them. She decided to call Lee and get him over for a quick blow job before going to bed. After telling Lee to come to her bedroom window of her parent's 9000+square foot bungalowe, she laid in bed waiting for him, mulling over the events of tonight. The thought of sucking Mark's little dick through Becky's panties intrigued her, and made her wet.

Her real mother had been killed in a plane crash when she was only 6, and her father had met Becky when Cortni was 11, and they married when she was 13. Becky and her father had dated briefly in high school, but Becky's father got a job out of state and they moved. When Becky's husband was killed in a freak sky dive accident, she moved back to her hometown to be with f****y. Cortni's dad and her re-united at a surpport group for widows/widowers, and almost instantly fell back into love. Becky never tried to play the role of "mommy", instead she became Cortni's best friend and the two got a long excellantly! Now Cortni was thinking about how nasty it would be to taste her cunt and smell her ass on her panties! Her thoughts were broken by a tap at her window and she got up to open it.

Lee looked very nervous as he sat on Cortni's bed, and she reassured him they were fine as her room was in the back corner of the house, and everyone else's were well out of ear shot! He was very surprised at the decor, he didn't know what to expect, but the pink-walled, pink bed covered, white make up dressered room wasn't it! It looked like the bedroom of a sweet innocent girl, not the cocksucking slut he'd met giving head at the porn theatre! But he soon relaxed and when Cortni took her robe off to reveal her tight naked body, he didn't care what the room looked like!

She stood him up and pulled his pants down and was delighted when she pulled his underwear aside, to see he hadn't showered since his last blow job, and a raunchy urine and dry cum stench eminatting from his crotch. He of course was hard already and she decided to bring him aff fast, and then savor his raunch for a bit before getting him off a second time. She started by licking all the white flecks of dried cum from his pubic hair, letting them melt in her mouth like they were candy, before allowing the nasty re-hydrated slime to run down the back of her throat. She did his balls and when she pulled the foreskin back, cleaned the underside of his head before engulfing it with her mouth and sinking down until his pubes tickled her nose! She was surprised when Lee lasted almost a full minute, before blasting his load down her throat and into her tummy. Afterwards they both layed back on her bed and Lee thanked her.

Lee broke the silence by asking if he could try eating her out. Cortni let him and was surprised at how good his inexperinced tongue felt on her tight shaved pussy and clitty. She'd let a lot of guys chow down her teen pussy over the last couple months, some experienced, some not, but none had been a virgin at it, and the thought made her cunt drip! She instructed Lee on where to lick her and how, and what felt the best, and how to use his fingers, and she came thinking about how he was her own private cunt eater, having never done it before, and therefore not using other techniques on her! After her orgasm subsided, she had Lee turn around and straddle her face in a 69 position, licking his balls and working his cock with her tiny hand as he flicked his tongue across her clitty! She came again as she licked the length of his sweaty ass crack, savouring the nasty flavor, and when she felt him humping her neck, toook his hard cock in her mouth and worked it as hard as she could to milk another load from it. After sucking his cock for almost ten minutes, Cortni was rewarded with a substantial amount of cum, and held it in her mouth as she squeezed every last drop out, before spreading Lee's ass cheeks and spitting it out, smearing it all around his anus and up his crack. She then told Lee to sit on her face and tell her to "clean his nasty ass crack" and call her dirty names. He did and by the time she came again, was completely into it, calling her a nasty whore, cum slut, ass licker and other nasty names that sent her into orgasmic bliss! When they were finished, Lee put his arm around her and cuddled with her until she fell asl**p. As he was drifting off himself, Lee couldn't help but notice a very heavy smell of urine, but just closed his eyes and fell asl**p, his head resting on a very bulky pillow!

They awoke just after dawn, and when Lee went to leave, Cortni asked if he wanted to stay and fuck her. He of course said yes, and after he told her he needed to piss first, she knelt in front of him and took his flaccid member in her mouth after telling him to feed it to her. Lee grinned as he let his piss flow into Cortni's mouth, easing up every couple seconds to allow her to catch up and swallow. After he was completely drained his cock hardened and Cortni got on her bed, doggystyle. Lee fucked her hard for a few minutes, grabbing her tiny hips and thursting hard into her, before asking where he should cum. Cortni was on the pill and thought about how nasty it would be to show up for her second mid term that morning with a fresh load of cum leaking from her snatch into her thongs, and told him to fill her tight cunt with his man juice! Lee did, and Cortni immediatly put on a pair of thongs she grabbed out of her laundry basket. She kneeled in front of Lee and cleaned his cock with her tiny mouth before they both dressed and Lee climbed out the window, Cortni promising to call him later.

She went to the kitchen hoping to see Mark before she left, and was happy to see him sitting at the breakfast bar, eating, and going over his notes. SHe asked him when his next exam was and was delighted when he told her that morning, the same as her's. When he asked her, she lied and told him it was at 1pm and that it was a doozy, and ot would probably take her the whole three hours to write. She also told him that Becky and her dad were leaving for a conferance later that morning, and that she was thinking about having some people over that night if he didn't mind. She smiled inwardly as she seen his face light up and tell her it didn't bother him and that he'd just be in his room studying anyways. She told him she was going to study and left in her beemer to write her test.

She no sooner pulled out of the driveway when her cell went off, telling her she had a mobile message on msn. She grinned when she read it, telling her how she was going to be gone all afternoon and asking if she wanted to watch him sniff her panties! She messaged back saying 2pm would be better and that she'd see him then! As she pulled into the college's parking lot, her cell went off again, not recognizing the number, she let it go to voicemail, and checked it as she walked towards the college. She heard a very d***k Bill on it, telling her how much he loved her little mouth and tight teen body, and asked if she'd stop by sometime that day to service him. She decided to see how long her exam was going to take her and call him after.

Cortni breezed through her exam, finishing at 10:30, and by 10:45, she was out in her car calling Bill. He was still d***k and was very elated when she told him she was going to stop by for an hour, but that she had to leave by 12:30, no exceptions. Bill agreed and told her to pick up a case of lucky lager on her way. She did and 20 minutes later, she walked into Bills filthy house. She was surprised to see a guy sitting on his couch, grinning at her, exposing his dirty yellowed teeth and nasty inflamed gums. Bill introduced him as "Duff" and told her they'd been partying all night and after he told him about her, wanted to see for himself, as he thought Bill was full of shit. Bill told her Duff was going to leave, that he only wanted to see if she existed, but when Cortni felt the juice run out the sides of her thongs, thinking about this guy watching her service Bill, she told them he could stay if he wanted! Duff looked at Bill with pleading eyes, and finally Bill him he could have a piece of her sweet ass once he was done with her! Duff got up and high fived Bill, as Cortni sank to her knees and took off his piss stained pants and diaper. As Duff walked by her, she could see he too had pissed himself, and that he reaked of day old beer and urine, her pussy got wetter.

As she started licking Bill's nasty crotch, cleaning it of the urine and sweat that had been soaking it for who knows how long, Duff got behind her and pulled her pants down, revealing her thong panties. He bent over and sniffed her ass like a dog and as she started cleaning Bill's big ball sack, lifted her legs up one by one to take her pants and panties off. She heard him fall back on the couch and sniff her panties before howling to Bill that there was fresh cum on the crotch! Bill laughed and started telling Duff what a dirty whore he thought she was, and saying many nasty things about her, acting like she wasn't there, it made her feel so degraded, yet so turned on! SHe then felt Bill grab the back of her head and hold her face down as he started pissing in her mouth! He wasn't gentle like Lee had been earlier, and let his built up urine gush into her mouth and down her throat. Some came out her nose and splashed into her eyes, burning them. She also felt the nasty fluid soaking her blouse and bra right through. When Bill was half way done, she felt something burning into her back and bum cheeks, and releazed Duff was also pissing on her from behind! She came as his stream hit her clit and the two men laughed as she spasmed from her orgasm, telling her only a true fucking slut would cum from being used as a human urinal! Bill told her to get them both a beer, and when she returned had her dance for them and strip off the rest of her pissed soaked clothes, as they drank and oggled her hot young body.

When Bill finished his beer, he ordered Cortni to fetch them a couple each and get back on her knees, and blow his nasty cock. As she did, she felt Duff behind her, groping her ass and crotch roughly before starting to spank her. Every time Duff would slap one of her little bum cheeks, the f***e of it would make her take more of Bill's cock down her gullet. Bill started getting really excited watching his friend spank his little teen whore, and when he grabbed her hair, she went limp for him, and he again used her as a human felshlight! She started cumming, and Duff collected some of her juice on his finger, using it as lube to fiknger her tight asshole! She had one orgasm after another as Bill came down her throat and Duff rammed his finger up her tiny poopper, feeling it contract tightly with every spasm from her cumming!

Cortni's little bum cheeks were on fire from Duff's spanking, and as he pulled his now dry finger from her tight butthole, felt the burn it it as well. Her throat was throbbing with the fast pace of her heart, and as she sat on her hunches and watched Bill guzzle a beer, turned to Duff, seeing him sniffing the digit that had only seconds before been up her teen shitter. She felt light headed and realized she was getting a contact buzz from Bill's piss sitting in her tummy! She got up to go to the bathroom, but Duff grabbed her and started fondling her naked body, taking her hand and placing it between his legs. As he groped her all over, Cortni rubbed his hard prick through his fatigues and felt a wet spot from his precum. She kneeled and he took off his clothes, making her lick all around his crotch, before getting her to suck his skinny 6" dick.

Duff's pencil dink stunk like urine, but it was nowhere near as bad as Bill, but Cortni could still feel a tingle in her cunt, thinking of how nasty it was, as she slurped on it like a lollipop. Duff told her he wanted to fuck her sweet teen pussy, and as she bent over for him, Bill suggested something that almost made her cum on the spot. He told Duff that he should make her grab his urine soaked diaper, and wear it like a mask as he fucked her! Duff laughed and told Cortni to grab it off the floor and put the most pissy part over her mouth and suck it clean while she took his cock in her whore cunt! As soon as she did, and Duff stuck his thin prick up her sopping snatch, she came.....HARD!! The world went black and she passed out from the orgasm, comming to almost a minute later to find herself flat on her tummy, face right in Bill's soiled diaper, and Duff pounding away at her cunt, cumming in it, filling her up with a huge load of jizz!

As she gathered her clothes, Bill and his friend talked about the whore they just degraded, as if she was already gone! It turned her on, listening to them talk about her like a piece of meat, and when she left, did so without saying a word. She climbed into her car and seen it was just after 12. There was a message on her phone, and seen it was from Mark, telling her he was at home, waiting further instruction. Her parents had indeed gone out of town, and she only had to get Mark out of the house to be able to sneek in and shower before putting her plan into action. She messaged him back telling him to go to the store and buy some popsicles, as she had a kinky fetish for them! He messaged back saying ok and when she parked her car around the corner from the house, and walked in he was gone. She quickly ran to her bedroom, and grabbed her laptop, some clean clothes, took her pissy slut clothes out of the pillow case, throwing them on the top shelf of her closet and grabbed her thongs from her work out bag and placed them in her hamper. She had been wearing them for almost a week now, intent on wearing them to Bill's place, but she figured they'd be perfect for her cousin to sniff! She then went to her parent's room and took a shower in their bathroom, before logging on to both msn, and the hidden camera site.

As she sat at Becky's make up table, she could smell how clean she was and felt disappointed! She was going to make this encounter with Mark worth while for sure now! When she watched Mark enter his room, and strip naked, she got butterflies in her tummy. She'd never been this nervous before about a sex encounter, but it was at that moment she realized someone who knew the "sweet innocent" Cortni, was going to find out the real her! She waited a few minutes and Mark messaged her telling her he was ready.

She got him to turn on his cam, and when he asked if he could see her, put her cam under the make up table pointed at her red swollen cunt, and sent it, not wanting to arouse any suspicion. He comlimented her on the view and she asked if he was alone in the house. When he told her yes, she told him to go to his cousin's bedroom and find a pair of her panties. He grabbed his laptop and walked with it to other side of the big house, and soon Cortni could see her room on the screen. Mark walked up to her hamper and she heard him gasp as he found her very dirty work out panties. He brought them to the cam and showed her the brown sk** marks and yellow piss stains on them. She asked him if he liked them and he told her he was surprised they were so dirty, and told her they were a panty lover's dream! She told him to sniff them and get his cock hard. When he started oozing precum she asked about the popsicles and Mark told her he left them in the freezer. She told him to go get one of them and come back.

She laughed when she saw he had purchased one of the big ones, instead of the regular size ones, and when he asked what was funny, she realized her mic was on! She turned it off and told him she wanted him to stick it up his ass, and that she thought he would've grabbed the smaller ones. When he told her he figured that's what she was going to get him to do, thought it more humiliating to use a big one! She smiled at his willingness to be such a submissive sissy, and told him to bend over and stick it up his fat ass. When he had half of it in, she had take it out and suck his ass juice from it before re-inserting it. She had him do this several times, before telling him to completly stick up there, pushing it past his tight inner ring, until just a bit of the wooden stick was visable! Cortni then instructed him to grab a pair of her clean panties and put them on.

Once he stretched a pair of her cotton panties over his fat ass, she made him lay on her bed, face down and sniff her panties, while he humped her pink bed spread and told her how much he liked sniffing his cousin's dirty panties and how he was a bad panty sniffer! Once he got into a mantra of self panty humiliation, Cortni quickly got up and dressed, and ran out of her parents room, towards her own. She was pleased when she got to her door, to find it ajar, and could hear every word that Mark said.


"WHAT THE FUCK'S GOING ON HERE??" Cortni yelled as she threw the door to her bedroom open. She stood there, watching Mark freeze mid-hump, fat ass in the air, her pink cotton panties stretched out over it, a big wet spot forming where she knew the popsicle was melting and leaking out. When he didn't move or say anything, she continued.

"Well? What kind of fucked up thing is this Mark? HUH? You're in my room sniffing my thongs, wearing my panties, and dry humping my fucking bed??? What the fuck?"

Mark slowly turned to face her and as soon as he looked at her face, bowed his head in shame. "I I I I I I'm sorry Cort........"

"SORRY?? SORRY doesn't even begin to make up for this! I heard you all the way down the hall! You gotta popsicle up your butt? What the fuck is up with that?"

"Cort, listen and I can explain."

"Go ahead, explain!"

"I have a fetish for panties and humiliation and this chick I've been talking to online wanted to see me do this." Mark replied as he nodded to the laptop.

Cortni looked and was horrified to see that when she got up from the make up table minutes earlier, she knocked the cam over and it was now showing her parents room, easily recognizable by Mark, who had been in there who knows how often stealing Becky's panties! She thought fast and grabbed the laptop and unplugged the internet stick. Luckily the after the connection was lost, both cam feeds went dead.

"So someone was watching you? That's fucked up!"

"I know it is Cort, and I promise I'll never do anything like this again, just please don't tell anyone!" Mark sobbed, beginning to cry. Cortni started to feel bad, and decided to ease up on him.

"Why stop if it's something you enjoy, and it gets you off!"

"Wha wha wha what do you mean Cort?"

"Just like I said, you're not hurting anyone, and it helps get your rocks off, so why stop?"

Sensing a trap Mark just looked at her quizzically.

"I have a dark side too, and if you'd like me to share it with you, I need more then just your word you're not going to blab to anyone about it!"

"What is it? What do I have to do for you to tell me?"

"Let me take a few pictures of you right now, and I'll tell you how I'm not as innocent as everyone thinks!"

Mark agreed and Cortni snapped several pics of him in her pink panties, before sitting down on the bed and telling Mark about her cocksucking fetish and how bad it had gotten! By the end of her confession, Mark was both shocked and visably aroused! The latter didn't go un-noticed by Cortni, and she reached over and rubbed his little micro-penis through her panties before laying him back and taking them off. Before licking his dick or balls, Cortni lifted his legs, and removed the stick from his butthole, the popsicle having melted away in his bowels, and started rimming him. Mark would relax his sphincter every few seconds, letting the sweet popsicle juice leak into Cortni's mouth. She finally had him sit on her face, smothering her with his fat ass, and snaked her tongue up his sticky shithole. Being bisexual, Mark was accustomed to felching cum from his ass and his technique was as flawless with the popsicle juice! When Cortni had cleaned his hole and crack of all the sweet necter, he repositioned himself so his dicklette was at her mouth.

As she took him in her mouth, she thought about their conversation leading up to her performing her favorite sex act, and how Mark had asked a couple times why she liked cocksucking so much, and not just the act, but performing it on the nastiest of the nasty! Everytime she couldn't answer him, because she didn't know! As she suckled his little 2"er like a calf at a cow's tit, she came up with at least part of the answer, the thought of sucking off a cock that no other person in their right mind would suck off, turned her on to no end! But why? She didn't know, and did it really matter? She didn't think so, as long as she got off doing it, she'd continue being the nasty cocksucker she'd become!
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loved the popsicle part!
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