Guy's Fishing Trip

If you've read any of my previous posts, I'm sure you'll remember my friend Anthony. We've known each other since we were 19, and I was actually with him when my high school sweetie caught us in bed together, dressed in her panties, 69ing! Anyways, we always get together for a week at the end of the summer and enjoy some no holds barred, man sex. This year we actually had to leave a week later, but I just got back and would like to share our sex week together!

Anthony and I started out as sex buddies, but over the years, have become really great friends, and although we get together several times a year, we don't always get to fool around. Ten years ago, we decided to start going fishing labour day weekend, and rented a cottage from his co-worker, which he's actually bought, and spend the week end engaged in hot steamy man sex! His wife is great, and she knows nothing about her husbands' bisexuality, nor his love for crossdressing. Anthony doesn't fool around with anyone but me, which makes our time together even hotter! He lives about 1000 miles away, so as usual, he flew in, and I picked him up and headed up north right away.

I parked underground and headed in to the terminal, and as usual his flight was delayed about 20mins. I grabbed a coffee and enjoyed some eye candy, before meeting him at the gate. As soon as we got to my car, and loaded his luggage in the trunk, he climbed in the back seat and told me he had a surprise for me! My windows are tinted and it's reall hard to in, so we felt comfortable as Anthony pulled his jeans off to reveal the red satin panties he was wearing. I quickly bent over and pulled the front down to expose his harding cock, which to my surprise and pleasure was dirty with his wife's ass juice! He told me he fucked her ass before leaving, and pretended to shower and just put the panties on knowing how much I love the smell and taste of his wifes ass! (not that she has ever knowingly let me smell or taste it!) I tongued his balls, as I savoured the scent of his dirty cock and when I couldn't take it any more deepthroated it and cleaned it off! He only lasted a few minutes, before holding my head down and jizzing in my throat. Afterwards, he pulled his jeans up and we climbed into the front seats and took off.

We chatted until we hit the highway, and then Anthony told me he wanted to give me some road head. I put the cruise on and took my pants and panties off, as he took two pairs of panties from his jacket pocket, and stuffed them into the air vents before turning on the heat. It was awesome! Almost at once my car filled with the scent of his wife's ass and pussy stink! I almost pulled over when he took my little dicklette in his mouth and sucked and licked it as if it were a clit! He's one of a few that I have sex with now, that has seen my dick before my accident, and he tells me he loves it now it doesn't get hard like it used to! As soon as he stuck his tongue into my foreskin and started running it around my head, I came! He cleaned it up and I put my pants back on and we carried on like nothing had happened, catching up on our lives!

We arrived at the cottage shortly after five, and unpacked the car, turned on the gas, electical, and filled the hot tub. When everything was set up, and we had unpacked our stuff, we went into our bedrooms and changed into some lingerie. Now I look ridiculous when I crossdress, and I do it for the humiliation factor, Anthony on the other hand, is very passable and looks like a tranny! We met back on the living room and poured a couple drinks before going out on the deck and enjoying the last little bit of sun. When our drinks were done, I leaned over and pulled Anthony's thongs aside and sucked his dick to hardness. I then got up and turned around, getting him to lick my ass before sinking it down on his cock. I rode him with my back facing him for about ten minutes, before we got up and he bent me over the patio table and fucked me fast and hard. He came inside me and I turned around and licked his cock clean before pulling his thongs back up and heading into the cottage for more drinks.

When I got back outside, Anthony was climbing into the hot tub, lingerie and all, and called his wife to tell her we'd made it there alright. I thought it would be funny to stick my dink in his drink and let him like the scotch off it while his wife talked to him! He'd answer her and then suck my dick for a few seconds, and then answer her again! It was pretty funny! If only she knew!! After he got off the phone, I stood in fron to f him and let him blow me as I enjoyed my drink and a cigar. I didn't cum, but sat down and finished my cigar, and drink as we chatted. We got pretty tipsy in the hot tub, sitting there in our sissy lingerie, and after an hour, got out to bbq. As Anthony stood at the grill, I got down behind him and rimmed him. By the time our steaks were cooked, his cock was hard and he again bent me over the table and gave me a quick hard fuck. This time though, I had him pull out and cum on my steak for extra seasoning! We ate, and returned to the tub to get tanked before going inside and passing out.

I woke the next day, hungover and hornier then hell! I went into Anthony's room and found him sl**ping in a silk nightie and thong panties. I climbed in beside him and started rubbing my little dick against his firm ass cheeks. He woke up and we ended up in a 69 sucking each others morning woods. I came first, and as he licked me clean, began rimming his ass and jerking him off. He lasted another few minutes before cumming on my chest and licking it up. We got up and got something to eat before heading into town for some supplies. When we got back we sat in the sun in our lingerie and napped. I awoke to him sucking me off and let him finish me before bending over and pulling my pink thongs to the side and getting him to fuck me. He lasted awhile and I enjoyed the feeling of his hard cock slicing into my fat ass. We ended with me on my back on the deck and him doing me missionary and filling my ass with his cum! We went into the hot tub and relaxed the rest of the afteroon there.

The rest of the day was pretty much the same as the first, we'd suck or fuck and then drink. The third day was interesting as we got together with a fuck friend of ours from town. We met Trevor two years ago when he was only 19. We picked him up hitch hiking and when I hit on him, he responded positively and we ended up back at the cottage fucking our brains out! Anyways, He was comming over that afternoon to join us. He's smaller, has a swimmer's build, a bit feminine and is very kinky and open minded. He does crossdress and looks HOT, and shares our panty fetish and loves smelling his s****r's dirty gitch! Anyways, he showed up and we all went out back and had a few drinks and caught up. Anthony and I were in our lingerie and when Trevor stripped down he revealed he was wearing his s****r's dirty thongs from the previous day. I sucked his cock through the dirty material as Anthony stood beside him feeding him his cock. Trevor loves to watch, and had us fuck in front of him, and I ended up blowing him as Anthony fucked me from behind. After Anthony shot his load in my ass, Trevor laid down on his back and had me sit on his face, cleaning my ass out. I jerked off and fed him my cum, before getting up and letting him fuck me. We soaked in the tub for a bit before going at it again in the living room, forming a daisy chain and rimming each other's asses.

Trevor had been with over twenty guys before he met Anthony and I, but he'd only ever been rimmed once, and never rimmed anyone, male or female. Since being with us however, he's into it as much if not more then us! We ate each other's asses for a long time, before relaxing a bit and having some drinks outside. Trevor told us about some sex encounters he'd had since we last saw him, and Anthony got hard again, so I went down on him, and before I knew it, Trevor was behind me sticking his cock in my ass. He reached around and rubbed my dicklette and I was the first to cum, Anthony second a few minutes after and Trevor fucked me for a good ten before he came. We lit the bbq and grilled some dinner, and had drinks in tub, getting pretty wasted.

Trevor crashed the night and when we woke up, had a final threesome before he left. Anthony and I were pretty tired and went back to bed for a few hours and woke up and went into town. We went to a park and cruised for some cock, Anthony of course just wanted to watch me blow guys as he kept watch and jerked off. I sucked off three guys and we went back to the cottage. The rest of the time there was pretty standard sex. We'd fuck or suck and then eat and drink, nothing more then what I've already shared so I won't bore you anymore! We headed out on Thursday and Anthony spent the night at my place, before flying home the next day. All in all it was an awesome week, and we made many more great sex memories, and can't wait till next year!
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