Sissy Butt Licker Ch3

After dropping Steph off at work, I went to a small lingerie shop at the other end of town. As I was picking out items, the lone clerk came up to me and asked if I was shopping for my wife, and if she could help. As per Steph's instructions, I informed her that I was actually purchasing the items for myself, at the request of my mistress. I expected her to be shocked, but instead she smiled and said that was cool, and that I could try the items on providing I did so over my existing underwear. I went to the change room and while I tried on various items, the clerk would bring me more and leave them outside the door. I tried on a pink fishnet body stocking, and still had on my own pink thongs, and as I looked at myself in the mirror thinking how ridiculous I looked, she came back with more items. I quickly opened the door, pretending to be surprised when I saw her there, and told her I was sorry and went to close the door. She replied it was no problem and asked how everything was fitting. I told her fine, and handed her several items that I was purchasing, and before she walked away to ring them up and bag them, took a final look at me and I could see she was holding back a giggle! I was pretty excited to have flashed her, and resumed trying on the final items. When I was finished I brought the rest of the lingerie up to the cash and she finished ringing me through. I told her I had kept on a pair of frilly pink panties and handed her the tag. This time she did grin and asked what I had done with my thongs. I pulled them out of my pocket and showed her. She laughed and bagged the rest of my lingerie, gave me my total and I payed and left. As I looked at her as I was heading out the door, I saw her smiling at me. When I got outside, I looked through the front window, between some posters and saw her at the counter, head down, laughing histerically! I headed home and waited for Steph to call me.

I got a text from her at 9pm telling me to pick her up at 11, and to have the most girly lingerie I purchased on under my clothes. I picked her up and we went back to her place, and as soon as we were in the door, she had me strip down. She giggled and asked how my shopping had went and after telling her all about it, she laughed and told me I had to go back and humiliate myself some more! She then took me to her bedroom and had me kneel at the end of her bed. She stripped down to her undies and got on the bed doggy style in front of me and told me to pull her panties down. Now Steph works in a very hot part of the factory, and I know from sniffing her panties prior, that she gets a lot of ass sweat, that night was no differant! As soon as the material was past her crack I could smell her butt stink! I took them down to her knees and she bent forward, spreading her big cheeks and told me to rub my face up and down the length of her crack! It was soaking wet! Not with pussy juice I noticed, but with pure sweat! The smell was heaven, and as I felt the cool air dry her ass sweat on my face, all I could smell was Steph's dirty, bum sweat! I rubbed my face in her crack for about a minute before she told me to lick her clean. I dutifully did, and she frigged herself to an orgasm in the process! Afterwards she got up and told me to lay on her bed and wait for her to shower, and to not masturbate. She came back ten minutes later and told me she was hungry and wanted to grab a bite, and asked if I'd take her to McDonalds. I agreed, and as I grabbed my clothes, she stopped me and told me she had an idea! She went to her dresser and rummaged through it, taking out a pair of low rider jeans and a black t-shirt. She told me the jeans were her "fat" pants, and said they should fit, which the did, although snugly, and the shirt just barley went to the top of the jeans. Before I dressed in them, Steph had me take off the lingerie, and handed me a pair of red lace thongs. Once dressed, I realized if I bent over, or didn't pull my shirt down after sitting, the tops of the thongs would be exposed! We left and headed to a McDonalds.

It was pretty quite, only a few other patrons there, and we ordered and sat down at a table, me making sure my thongs were covered! Half way through eating, a group of young college girls came in, half d***k from the bar. They sat at a booth behind us, and I seen Steph smirk, and knew what she was going to ask me to do! I got up and went to the bathroom and pulled the thongs up, totally exposing the lace t-top. I then went back and sat down, and after about thirty seconds, I heard a screech of laughter! Steph grinned as we both knew what the giggling was all about, and she told me she was going to go to the bathroom, leaving the girls more at ease without her there. She actually just went outside, and sat in the car watching the group of girls. She told me later that a few of them actually took their phones out and took pictures! She came back and they quietened down, whispering to each other. When Steph and I left, one girl yelled out "Nice thongs fag!" and the group busted out laughing! They watched as we got in my car, laughing the whole time.

Steph wanted to see me flash my thongs some more but told me she was dead tired and just had me take her home, asking me if I could play the next day. I told her I had a meeting in the morning but would be free after that. We agreed I'd go to her place after my meeting and as she left, reminded me to wear my panties to work. She also told me to bring my new jeans and t-shirt with me to change at her place.

I went to work the next morning and about half way through the meeting my phone vibrated and I seen a text from Steph. "How do u feel sitting there with ur peers wearing panties? lol" then "put ur phone on vibrate and stick it down the front of ur panties" I excused myself and went to the bathroom. On my way there, my phone started going off with Steph calling me. I ansewered and told her I was going to the bathroom and would be back in the meeting in five minutes. She told me to keep the phone in my panties until I got to her place. Ten minutes later, I was back in the meeting and my phone starting vibrating against my little dicklette. It would go for twenty seconds, and stop for a second before she'd call back and let it ring again! This went on for a good five minutes, and I was close to jizzing, when the calls finally stopped. I could feel all my pre-cum oozing down my balls and around my phone, soaking my panties and leaving a small dark stain on the front of my trousers. Five minutes later the calls started again, and this time they didn't let up! I came and the damn phone kept going off! I was getting very raw, and almost took it out before they stopped. I looked down, and there was a noticable stain on my pants! The meeting ended 45 minutes later and luckily the stain had dried! I left for Stephs and arrived there just before 11am.

As usual, Steph answered the door in just a tank top and thongs, and as soon as I got in she pulled down my pants and kneeled in front of me. She took my phone out of my panties and handed it to me telling me to lick it clean, as she took my little manhood in her mouth and sucked all the dried cum off, before standing and kissing me. She then dropped her thongs, and bent over getting me to rim her big ass. As I ate her bum, I reached around and played with her clit, and as she neared orgasm, turned and had me lick her clit, telling me how it looked like I was sucking her cock like the good little sissy boy I was! She showered and I dressed in the low rider jeans and t-shirt and we took off.

We drove to the mall and went to the food court and got something to eat. Steph made me expose my pink lace panties the whole time and we got a lot of attention. Again, a few people took pictures, and there was a lot of laughter, one group of girls actually walked by and told me my panties were showing and burst out laughing in my face! Steph told them it was alright, as I was a little sissy boy, and everyone should know it. They laughed even harder, and sat beside us, talking to Steph. She told them my penis was only 2" at the most and they looked shocked before howling with laughter. Steph then showed them some pictures of it on her phone and they laughed and stared at me in disbelief. One girl asked if I sat to pee and when I told her yes the whole group went into hysterics! We ended up leaving shortly after and all the girls were telling me to "have a nice day sissy boy!" "don't pee pee in your pink panties sissy!" and other humiliating things. Steph was so turned on that when we got to my car she climbed into the back and had me eat her wet pussy to orgasm. We left and went to the adult theatre.

We had planned on fulfilling one of Steph's fantasies of her stripping down in the theatre and letting all the guys fondle her, but she chickened out when we walked through doors! We opted to go into a double booth and after getting a butt-load of change, and loading up the machine, she had me strip down and lay on the dirty floor. Steph also stripped nude and sat on my face, making me lick her stinky bumhole while she watched porn and had a smoke. After five minutes of rimming, she had me eat her cunt to an orgasm. Having spent the past fifteen minutes under Steph, I was thankful when she sat up on the couch and lit another smoke, allowing me to sit up, the back of my head sticking to the floor from some guys freshly spewed load! She got me to eat her out again and about ten minutes in I noticed her fiddling around with something near my head. She had found a condom in the couch, and was squeezing all the slimy cum to the base getting ready to pour it out. She stopped me from eating her, and turned around and bent over, letting a long string of cum flow from the dirty rubber onto her ass crack. I watched as it slowly seeped down onto her anus, before licking it up. It tasted horrible! It was like eating liquid latex! She poured the rest of the load into her crack and smeared it all around before making me lick it clean. I licked the strangers cum from her ass crack as she frigged herself, and just before she came again, told me to stick my tonuge as far up her shitter as I could. As I did, she was telling me how nasty I was for licking dirty condom cum off her ass, and telling me what a sissy ass licker I was and just as she started to cum she yelled at me spank her ass as hard as I could! I kept tongue fucking her and spanked her ass, feeling the cheeks jiggle around my face! She came so hard I could feel her cunt juice hitting my chest as her fingers flung it all over! She stayed in that position for a minute, catching her breath, before turning around and kissing me. She then had me stand in front of her and she took my little dickie in her mouth and blew me to completion. She swallowed my load and we dressed and left.
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i hope this series never ends!