Cocksucking Adventures Of Cortni Pt1

Cortni LOVED to suck cock! Ever since she sucked her first one back in high school, she knew she'd never be able to get enough! What turned her on the most about cocksucking was the nastiness of it. TO her it was the ultimate form of submission, to put the thing guys piss out of into her mouth and suck it until it would shoot it's cum. She loved the smell and taste of them and the nastier the better!

Cortni was 18, single, still lived at home, and to her friends and f****y, was a sweet, innocent girl, they would be shocked if they knew what she did in her spare time! She stood 5'6", 110lbs, C-cup titties, tight firm ass, had blonde hair, green eyes and a very sweet personality. When she was alone, she would surf the net for strange guys who wanted to hook up for a blow job. It didn't matter to her what they looked like, how old they were, or if their cock was big or small, she would suck them! She'd meet them in parks, their car, their house, wherever, as long as she could blow them, she was happy.

She had met an older guy in his fifties and met him in a park. He was short, fat and stank of BO. Cortni didn't care though, and followed him into some bushes and got on her knees as he pulled down his sweat pants, exposing his little penis to her. As he moved closer, she was overcome by the smell of sweat and urine! Now she'd sucked a lot of cocks before, but she had met them all online, or they had been boyfriends, and all of them had fairly clean cocks. This guy however, seemed to enjoy the fact that he was so dirty, and kept telling her to taste it. Now Cortni knew she should've been turned off, and sickened by this rank piece of meat in front of her, but she wasn't! In fact, as soon as she smelt it, and thought about putting something so grotesque, in her mouth, her 18 yr old pussy started getting very wet! As she tasted it, she moved her hand under her skirt and started frigging herself. She could taste pee, sweat and day old cum off this guy's cock and she loved it! As she peeled the foreskin back, she saw the head had a thick layer of white dick cheese, and she quickly licked it off. The nastiness of what she was doing was too much for and she broke out into the biggest orgasm of her life! The guy was jerking off watching her, and she quickly took his cock in her mouth and resumed sucking. After a minute, the guy told her to lick his balls. She did and as she tasted the nasty sweat and urine off his disgusting hairy ball sack, she came again! He was close to cumming and Cortni resumed sucking him, until he shot his filth in her mouth, which she then swallowed! As the guy pulled up his underwear, she noticed how stained they were with his urine, and cum, and asked if she could have them as a souvenier. The man laughed and said as long as he could have her little cotton panties, it was a deal! She quickly took them off and handed them to him, and he took his off, watching as she sniffed his filthy undies, and frigged herself to a third orgasm! They went their separate ways, and Cortni went home.

She couldn't believe what she had done! For the next few days, Cortni couldn't get the thought of sucking and licking some gross guy's sweaty disgusting, unwashed cock and balls, out of her head! It's not that she was repulsed by it, quite the opposite! It turned her on, and she knew she wanted more. She changed her online ad to say she was looking for dirty cocks to suck, the nastier, the better and got tons of responses. She was disappointed however that the majority of them were clean, and those that were dirty, were of men that jsut hadn't washed their cocks before meeting her. None were the same as the fat guy she blew in the bushes. She had even tried contacting him, but he hadn't been online since the day of their meeting. She was frustrated to say the least! Then she met a bi guy online and he heloed her out!

He told her of a porn theatre downtown that had a lot of older guys going in to watch porn away from their wives, and he told her he had blown some with nasty cocks, and she should check it out! So off little Cortni went, down to the porn theatre. When she walked in, she went to the theatre that was showing straight porn, put her money in the turnstile, and went in. The smell of sex hit her like a ton of bricks, and her pussy instantly started leaking. There were only four guys in there, sitting sparatically around the theatre, tell-tale arm movements of them jacking off. She sat in the back and when one of them turned to see who had walked in, took a double take and got up. As he walked up the aisle, he looked her straight in the eye and grabbed his crotch. When Cort licked her lips he walked up to her and sat beside her. No words were exchanged as he started roughly fondling her little body, and she groped at his crotch. She stuck her hands down his track pants and realized he wasn't wearing underwear, before feeling his hard cock, oozing pre-cum. She rub her hand on it several times before bringing it up to her nose and sniffing it. It was perfect! The raunchy smell of urine, and old cum and sweat! She wasted no time, pulling his pants down and taking his raunchy cock in her mouth, savoring the nasty flavor of it, cumming from him frigging her clit. He came soon after, and when he went to hand her some cash she refused it, saying she wasn't a hooker. Surprised the guy smiled at her and told her she was nasty! His statment made her even wetter and she took her shirt off as he left, hoping her young titties would attract more guys!

When the other three didn't notice her, Cortni got up and walked to the one sitting in the front row. He quickly covered himself when he saw her, but after seeing her topless, resumed stroking his dick. She got on her knees in front of him and when she leaned in to blow him, he pushed her away, telling her he didn't have any money. She told him she wasn't a hooker and leaned in again, this time the guy let his hand fall away from his dick and she took it in her mouth. It wasn't the dirtiest sick, but it wasn't the cleanest either, and when Cortni thought about what she was doing it made her extremly horny. The guy didn't last long from her talented little mouth, and after he came, Cort licked him clean, including his hairy balls.

The other two had taken notice and had come up to the front and were starting to grope her young tits, and findle her firm ass. The guy she just blew, left, and one of the others sat in his place, dick hanging out. Cortni blew him and eight others before leaving that night, and when she got home, her jaw ached as did her pussy from the many orgasms she had! Her mouth had a foul taste to it from all the dirty cocks she sucked and the nasty cum she had eaten. As soon as she was in her room, she stripped down and masturbated to three orgasms before going to sl**p! She awoke the next morning and still had a nasty taste in her mouth, as well as a foul smell on her upper lip of old urine, sweat, and cum, but again frigged off before showering and looking forward to her next cocksucking adventure
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11 months ago
4 years ago
I love it
4 years ago
Hoy story!
4 years ago
true or not very good premise for a story
4 years ago
Would have been just slightly better if they'd have been big nasty stinking nigger dicks. I get so fucking turned on by the smell of a nigger mans crotch!