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My cousin has an 18 yr old daughter that's smoking hot! On her eighteenth birthday, I was invited over for her party and as the festivities were in full swing, snuck upstairs to Carrie's room to snatch a pair of her finally legal panties! As I was in there going through her hamper, I heard her computer go off signalling she had a message on MSN. Curious, I turned the screen on and looked at the message. There were actually about half a dozen and I read all of them. I was shocked that they were all from guys asking to see her on cam again! Some had even messaged that her body made them cum so hard, and they loved seeing her hot ass, and one said he enjoyed the show she had put on that morning with her hairbrush! Me cousin's daughter was a cam whore! I grabbed a pair of her panties and took off back to the party. I went home later and quickly set up a new msn account!

I logged on to my new account and added Carrie as a friend and not one minute later she accepted and was online! She asked who I was and I told her I got her addy from a guy who'd messaged her earlier! She said cool, and told me she was camming with someone else, and could I wait. I told her just to message me when she was free. About 45 minutes later my msn went off with a new message from Carrie! She asked if I was horny and I told her yes, so she sent me her cam and it showed her sitting at the desk I was at not 5 hours earlier! She waved and asked what I wanted to see, I told her boobs, so she lifted her shirt, showing me her freshly legal B-cup titties! I told her I had a panty fetish and asked if she'd show me her's, so she stood and pulled off her pajama bottoms! I got her to turn around and show me her ass as I jerked off smelling her panties. She stood there, rubbing her ass, pulling her panties up her crack, and wriggling it for me as I sniffed her ass stink from her panties and jerked off! I soon came, and thanked her for the show and she said no problem and I logged off!

I've gotten Carrie to go on cam dozens of times since then, and I've made her do some pretty naughty things! Like sticking her hairbrush up her butt and licking it, peeing her panties, dripping wax onto her little titties! She finally asked me to go on cam and when I told her I had a tiny penis and liked to be humiliated, wanted to see even worse! I went on (not showing my face of course!) and showed my second cousin my little dicklette! She laughed and humiliated me a bit, and then took her top off and let me stare at her little titties until I came! Another time, I masturbated into a pair of her panties I had grabbed and she laughed saying she had a pair just like them!! I came in them and the next time I was over, put them in her drawer! I seen her on cam a few days later wearing the same panties and got turned on a lot knowing my cum was up against her little pussy and bum! She watches me jerk off everytime we cam now and I wonder what she'd think, knowing it was her mom's younger cousin she was humiliating and flashing her hot bod to!! Anyways, it's hot to go visit my cousin and see Carrie, knowing all the dirty things she does in her room on cam!
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2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
satish89: "addy" is short for "email address", and to answer ur second question, i don't know what u mean by "aka ur younger cousion's dick", as no wear in the story do i pretend to be my younger cousin, i think u have this story confused with another my friend! thanks for the comments!
2 years ago
whats "addy"? Toward the end i noticed u showed ur "dick" aka ur younger cousion's dick, yet she watched u jack off.. didnt she realize its not the same dick?
3 years ago
4 years ago
you should have sex with hter bro... enough ofthe shows chop that
4 years ago
she is a naughty lil'cam whore