Hookers Ch4

So this chapter is a bit more tame then the last one! This one is an experience I had about year ago with a cute little 18yr old hooker.

I was out cruising one saturday afternoon, when I came across a young, pretty hooker. I pulled over on a side street and walked to where she was standing, striking up a conversation. She was blonde, skinny, small titties, and a nice firm little ass! I invited her back to my car and drove away, her suggesting we go to her place. I agreed and off we went. When we got there, it was a little bachleor pad, pretty clean and decorated like a girls, place, all pink and frilly! We got the cash part out of the way and I stripped down nude. I love getting naked in front of strange girls, especially when they're only 18 and pretty cute! I could tell by the look on her face that she thought I was gross looking and I asked her what she thought, telling her to be honest. She looked at me and said she understood why I had to pay for sex and I laughed saying I enjoyed being humiliated. She said whatever and told me to lay on her bed so she could blow me. I offered her more money to strip naked for me and she accepted. Her body was hot! Little a-cup titties with long nipples, flat tummy, shaved pussy and such a firm ass! I told her I wanted to fondle her before she sucked me so she layed between my legs against my fat gut, and allowed me to feel her young body. I asked if I could lick her bum, and she was a bit grossed out but said I could for more money, I agreed and she bent over and spread her firm little cheeks apart. She was clean and didn't really smell or taste of anything besides soap, so I rimmed her for a few minutes before laying down and letting her blow me.

I asked her to play with my bum and she groaned and started rubbing my butthole. I started moaning and she licked her finger and pushed it up my ass. "Holy shit you're loose buddy! You take a lot of cock up here or just sit at home with a dildo?" "Both!" I replied and seen her grin. "GROSS!" She said. I told her I actually liked to be fisted and she laughed and got up and went to her bathroom and came back with some lube. She lubed her hand up and asked if I'd pay her more if she shoved her hand up my fat ass! I replied yes and she started working her tiny hand up my shithole! When her hand was inside me she asked if I could cum just from her fisting me and when I told her I could, but it might take a few minutes. she said she wanted to see! She talked dirty to me, as she snaked her arm up my butt, and when I reached for a pair of her dirty panties beside the bed, she called me a pervert and started twisting her arm in and out! I sniffed her panties and didn't even notice that she lit a smoke and was fisting me with one arm, and holding her smoke with the other! She asked if I was close to cumming, and when I told her I was, she sped up the pace of her arm, fucking me hard, punching my prostate! Neither her nor I were touching my dick and it started oozing precum out the little head. I was very close now and told her so and just as the first shot of cum jetted out of my dicklette, I felt an intense, searing pain on my ball sack!! She had crushed her smoke out on it!! The pain made me shoot even more cum and just as I was finishing my orgasm she pulled her fist out of my gaping ass and punched me as hard as could in my balls! The breath was knocked out of me and the punch actually made me cum a bit more. As I caught me breath, she had rolled onto her side laughing her head off! "That was great dude! Sorry about that but I couldn't resist! Fat disgusting slob like you deserves a little ball busting! You're a fucking sad, pathetic loser!" she told me as she grabbed my underwear and wiped her hand and arm off on it. I then put the underwear on and dressed, paid her and took off, leaving her laughing and taunting me!
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Dude, the next time stick your cock up her ass and ram the shit out of her.