Picked Up Hitchhiking By A MILF

I was thinking the other night about how I used to hitchhike when I was younger and the experiences I had doing it. This is one that always sticks out of my memories and I thought I'd share it!

When I was around 20, I started hitchhiking strictly for the possibilites of a sexual encounter. Nothing is hotter then having sex with stranger in his vehicle! At the time, I had a car, and what I'd do is park it in a carpool lot and hitchhike from there 100 miles or so up the road and then hitchhike back the same day. Now the majority of the time I'd get picked up by some older guy, he'd come onto me and we'd find a quiet place to fool around. Of course there were others that were just being nice and nothing would happen. Only once did I get picked up by a lone female, and that is what this post is about!

I was heading back to my car after just giving some guy road head, and him dropping me off in a little town, when a suv pulled over for me. I jumped in and was surprised to find an older woman at the wheel! She told me she was just going up the road, actually to the same town I'm from and I said that was cool. We chatted a bit while we drove and she was nice and friendly. She was early forties, red hair, nice build, about 130lbs, c-cup titties and smelled real good! She told me that when she was young, she used to hitchhike all over the country and liked repaying the karma by picking up clean cut looking people. As we chatted some she shocked me by saying "You know..........back in my day there was a saying people had when they picked up hitchhikers, cash, grass, or ass......nobody rides for free!" and she laughed! I laughed as well and she said "I'm fairly well off, so I don't need cash. I don't toke anymore, so I don't need grass, I guess that just leaves ass huh?" and she chuckled agian! I laughed as well and said "I guess it does!" She looked at me seriously and asked how old I was and when she realized I was legal, relaxed and made her confession to me.

She told me she'd always fantasized about picking up a strager and getting them to eat her out, like so many men had done to her when she was younger. She also told me that she had been using the restroom at the gas station where the guy I was with before dropped me off, and was curious as to why I was hitchhiking back the same direction as I had just come from! I admitted to her that I was out looking for sexual encounters with strangers and this intrigued her further! She asked if I was interested in pleasuring her and I of course jumped at the opportunity! She said she was pleased and reached over to grope my crotch as she drove. I reached over and toyed with her boobs and she unbuttoned her blouse, and took them out and proceeded to grope me as I tweaked her huge nips! She asked where I thought we should go and I told anywhere was good with me and she said she'd be more at ease if we got a hotel room. I agreed and we stopped at a ma and pa motel on the outskirts of our town.

Once we checked in and entered the room, we both stripped down, and she layed on the bed with her legs spread wide. "I want you to eat my cunt first, before we do anything else! I'm so horny right now I need to cum and I want to feel your tongue between my legs!" I wasted no time and climbed between her thighs and was faced with one of the hairiest pussies I had ever seen! It was a complete jungle down there! She was a natural redhead for sure, and as I moved closer, also noticed her legs were unshaved! Her pussy was very smelly to say the least, a musky odour of pussy, sweat and urine, I could also smell her sweaty ass and moaned as I buried my face in her hair pie! I wiggled my tongue through her pubes and found her clit was very engorged and took it in my mouth and sucked and licked it, making her buck and moan! I only got to taste her for less then a minute before she grabbed the back of my head and fucked my face as she came! I could feel her pussy ooze it's juice and tried licking some up but she kept humping my face until she had another orgasm! After, we layed back and she lit a smoke for the two of us and she basked in her afterglow.

She told me she hadn't gotten eaten out in years, as her husband refused to go down on her unless she shaved, and loved what I had just done to her! I told her I loved her hairy pussy and the smells it created and asked if she would mind me bending her over doggy-style and sniffing and licking her hairy bum crack. She giglled and said no one had ever done that to her before but that she'd try it! She moved into position and I buried my nose in her hairy crack and smelled her wonderfully sweaty ass for a few minutes before rimming it. As I ate her ass, I reached around and rubbed her clit for her and in no time she came a third time! I layed beside her and she went down on me, taking my little cock in her mouth and sucking it! I moved her around into a 69er and tongued her sweaty bum as she blew me. When I was close, I buried my nose in her bum and smelt her dirty ass as I filled her mouth with my jizz. She ran to the bathroom and spat it out, before joining me in bed again. We shared another smoke as I told her about my panty fetish and love of ass smell. She told me I was weird, but she liked me, and when I asked if she wanted to get together again she declined, saying she loved her husband and didn't want to jeopardize that in any way. I understood and when she dropped me off at my car surprised me by going into the back of her suv and rummaging trough her suitcase. She came over to me and handed me 4 pairs of her dirty panties telling me to think of her while I sniffed them! We said our goodbyes and I never seen her again, although to this day, I still think about her!
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4 months ago
mmmmmmmmmmmm we love a good hairy stinky pussy the taste is just so yummy
10 months ago
good one
4 years ago
4 years ago
That was very hot and dirty!! Great read!
4 years ago
very very good