First Time At A Porn Theatre

I would like to share my first experience in a xxx theatre. I was 22 at the time and like I've said before, wasn't the fat slob I am now! I had been to several video stores prior to this, and had loved the gloryholes! I read about this adult theatre online and went one saturday afternoon to check it out!

It was a pretty rough looking place, older, dirty, it had private booths and six theatres. I decided to check out the two theatres in the basement as they were both showing gay movies. There was a turnstile wear you out your money in and it would unlock, gaining you access to both theatres. I entered the one showing a gay flick (the other was showing a tranny vid) and once my eyes adjusted to the light, found a seat in the back row and sat. There were only two other guys in there, one sitting a few rows ahead of me, the other sitting across the aisle, a few rows down. Neither paid me any attention, so I just started watching the movie. Now I had no clue as to etiquette in a place like this and just sat watching the movie rubbing my crotch through my pants. I heard the door open and someone entered, I didn't see them go down the aisle and figured he was watching at the door. All of a sudden I felt someone tap my shoulder and as I turned I was faced with a cock! The guy who had just entered had came behind me and whipped out his dick and was now wanting me to suck it! I wasted no time and started devouring his 6" penis, taking him all the way in and tonguing his balls as his cock was buried in my throat! I sucked him for only a few minutes before he told me he was ready to cum. I again took his cock all the way down my throat and tickled his balls with my tongue as he shot his load down my gullette! I gagged a bit, but finished him off, and he quickly left.

As I turned to watch the movie I noticed the guy in front of me was turned around grinning at me and when I smiled back he stood and approached me. He was older, about late forties, chubby, and was wearing track pants that were pulled down to his knees. He waddled behind me and stood where the other guy had and asked me to suck him. As I leaned into his crotch, I was hit with a disgusting aroma of urine and sweat. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into his sweaty groin and I soon had his hard 5" dick in my mouth, trying not to wretch from the smell and taste! I sucked as hard and as fast as I could, trying to bring him off as quick as possible! But it didn't work! I sucked him for a good ten minutes, before I stopped to give my jaw a rest and just jerk him. He was wheezing and sweating all over telling me he was close and so I started blowing him again. I cupped his tight little ball sack in my hand and squeezed and that did the trick! He jizzed in my mouth and thanked me before leaving!

I sat there waiting for about five minutes, before the last guy across the aisle, stood up and left, wothout even looking at me. I decided to check out the other theatre and did so, walking in and taking a seat in the back again. There were a few more guys in this one, maybe about six total, but none in the back row. As soon as I sat down two guys got up and came behind me. It was the same as before, one would come up and ask me to blow him, and he'd feed me his cock, cum and leave. I blew another four guys in this manner before an older fella walked in and came and sat beside me. He started chatting with me and soon I felt his hand creeping up my thigh towards my crotch. He was soon groping my dicklette and whispered in my ear that he wanted me to join him in a private booth. He then handed me a token telling me I could use it afterwards to come back in, and then I wouldn't be losing out on anything. I got up and we went to a booth down the hall.

Now this place is pretty cool as it has "double" booths. What they are, is there are a double seat in each of them, without a divider, kind of like a love seat, that two people can sit in. The old guy was in his late sixties, short, maybe only about 5' or so, medium build, and grey hair. He smelt very fresh and clean, and after he loaded the movie player with a butt-load of tokens, and switched the movie to a tranny flick, he sat down and invited me to join him. I sat and he leaned over to kiss me, which I politly declined, telling him I wasn't into it. He was cool with it and asked if I would strip naked for him. I stood and disrobed and he pulled me towrds him, having me stand between his legs. He started fondling my naked flesh, his eyes raoming all over my body. Now as I've said before, I was 22, very toned, smooth, and could easily get a 4" erection! I also used to get a brazilian wax every month and was completly smooth down there. He kept telling me how much he loved my young body and how hard I was making him and he asked if took it up the bum. I said yes and he moaned and turned me around. He kept fondling me as he bent me over and I soon felt his wet tongue slide between my butt cheeks, worming it's way up my bumhole. I moaned and he continued his rimming until he got up and disrobed. Now I was shocked!! I figured for such a small guy he'd have an average cock, but he had a monster!! One of the biggest I've ever had! It was easy 11" if not bigger. He pulled a condom on and took a little package of lube out of his pocket and had me kneel on the seat as he lubed my ass and his cock from behind. Now lucky for me (and him I suppose), he wasn't really thick. I had taken thicker cocks previous to this and so he didn't have any trouble popping his long spear into my ass. He took it slow at first and worked the majority of it in before fucking me. I felt full to say the least and as he contiued banging my ass, his cock would go further and further in, until he was finally balls deep. He stopped when he finally in all the way and asked how I liked it, I told him I loved it and that I wanted him to fuck me hard! He did! I never felt so full up to that point and just enjoyed the feeling of his monster cock slicing in and out of my young bum! I could feel his big saggy balls hit mine as he went and soon I heard him groan and knew he came! He sat beside me and told me I was wonderful and that he couldn't leave without bringing me off and told me to stand in front of him. What he did next shocked me again! He took his teeth out and put them on the armrest and took my dicklette in his mouth and gummed me! I'd never felt anything like it and came within seconds! He ate my load and we got dressed and left.

I didn't go back to the theatre area after we were finished, just left and went home. I did go back quite often though and had a lot more fun, but never ran into the old guy again!
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8 months ago
Thanks for the comment! Glad you enjoyed this story!
8 months ago
That was so hot it made me cum as well!!
2 years ago
3 years ago
I had a 3way with a tranny and her bf in a theater. It was awesome! All the porn theaters in my area have closed unfortunately.
3 years ago
Theaters are the best place fr face to face sex thanks Candi
3 years ago
I have always loved theaters its more fun and if you want to you caneven get naked thanks
4 years ago
4 years ago
hey that sounds like the place in Hamilton..have had fun there also..great story