Butt Sniffing Ch2

As I've mentioned in earlier posts, I rent out one of my rooms to college girls every year. This year is the first time I've actually had one stay the whole summer, and looks as if she's staying another school year. We do fool around and you can read about her in my "Fetish For Panties" series. But this post isn't about Kimmy, it's about a girl I rented to three years ago, and her name was Cassandra, but she prefered to be called Cass.

Cass responded to my newspaper ad and met with me a few weeks before school started. She was 18, brown hair/eyes, chubby, and the cutest face! She showed up for the interview dressed in yoga pants and t-shirt and when she bent over to take off her sandles, her yoga pants stretched so much they became transparent and I could see the bare flesh of her hot chubby teen bum! She was wearing thongs and all I could think about was sniffing them as we proceeded with the interview. We left it as I had a few more people to interview and told her I'd call her, but of course I wanted her to move in, and called her up the next day to say the room was hers if she still wanted it. She did and moved in the following week.

Now I never rush things, and Cass lived with me for a better part of a month before I finally started sneaking into her room and grabbing her worn panties to sniff as I rubbed my little dicklette. Now Cass wore thongs, except when she was on her period, she'd wear these old cotton panties of which she had four pairs of, the rest of the time, she wore a variety of thongs, mostly cotton. Now as I've said, Cass was chubby and her thongs always had nice sk** marks in them from her chubby bum and I loved sniffing them, imagining her smothering me with her fat teen ass! I jerked off many times to her butt scent and knew I wanted to sniff the real thing up close!

Now I have a den in the basement I have a big screen in and that's where I watch my tv. I also have a 42" in the living room that I share with my roommies, and pretty much they use that one, as it's high def, and has more channels then the cable in their rooms. Cass was pretty quite, and although she'd go out partying once in awhile, wasn't a big drinker. One saturday night though I heard her come in and she was stumbling around d***k! I waited in my den as I heard enter the kitchen and move around, poutting something in the microwave. When it was done it rang, but she didn't go out to get whatever it was she nuked. Turned out it was a frozen dinner and she was passed out on the couch in the living room, tv playing away! Now at this point, I wasn't sure how heavy of a sl**per Cass was, and decided to find out! She was wearing a long green shirt with a belt at the waist, which gave the illusion it was a skirt, and brown leggings underneath that. She was laying on her back and had her arm up over her eyes. I called out her name a few times, quite loudly and shook her several times but she didn't stir! I threw caution to the wind and lifted her up a bit and rolled her over on her side, facing the back of the couch, leaving her cute teen bum sticking out!

I lifted her shirt to reveal her plump ass and was delighted to see the tights had ridden themselves right up her butt crack! I again called out her name and after no respomse leaned in for my first real sniff of her bum! It was awesome!! I could smell her ass sweat, mixed in with a bit of pee smell and pussy stink! I wedged my nose in her crack and sniffed away for a few minutes before going to my room and changing into my robe and nothing else. I went back to find Cass in the same position I'd left her and sat back down beside and opened my robe and again buried my nose in her teen butt crack as I jerked on my little dicklette! I was in heaven! It only took a few minutes before I came over the inside of my robe and after wiping my mess up, covered her ass with her shirt and went to bed.

I awoke the next morning and swore I could still smell Cass's butt stink on my upper lip and rubbed a quick one off before heading down to the kitchen. At some point during the night Cass had gotten up and gone to bed, leaving her dinner in the microwave. She got up an hour or so later and carried on as though nothing had happened! She was none the wiser to me smelling her ass the night before! Needless to say I couldn't wait until the next time she passed out on the couch! I didn't have to wait long as three weeks later she did the same thing!

Now this time when she went out she wore a red blouse, and a black skirt that went to her knees, and pantyhose. Again, she came home, nuked a dinner and this time actually ate most of it before passing out watching one of her shows on the pvr. This time she layed on her side facing the tv, and as I tried waking her up again, I noticed her purse on the coffee table was wide open and much to my surprise, a pair of her thongs lay inside! When she wouldn't wake, I grabbed the panties and went to my room to change into my robe again. Before going back, I inspected the panties and found them to be quite wet, and after sniffing them realized she'd had a little accident in them as they were soaked with pee! I put them away for later, figuring she'd think she tossed them and went back downstairs. I again flipped her over and lifted her skirt up to reveal her teen butt, encased in pantyhose, and sniffed her ass while I jerked off. As I approached climax, I stopped and stood, and rubbed my little dick against her ass cheeks and exploded all over them! Before cleaning up I took a few pictures! Again the next day she went about as normal and nothing was ever said! I kept her pissy panties and would sniff them as I looked at the pics of my cum covering her teen ass!

I did get to sniff her bum a few more times during the year, before she moved out, and once I even got to lick her teen butt crack as she had worn her skirt, no pantyhose and I just pulled her thongs aside and rimmed her while she slept! That time I came on her face and took more pics of her bare ass and cum covered face! I did wipe it up after and she wsa none the wiser! I miss Cass and her lovely teen ass, but she did give me some wonderful memories!
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