Tranny Gas Station Attendant

This happened about ten years ago and I thought I'd share it with you all for your enjoyment and mine! Like I've said before, although I'm bi-sexual, I don't walk around checking out other guys, nor do I like to be intimate with one. Sure, some might consider taking a cock in the mouth or ass intimate, but I consider it just sex. When I say I'm not intimate with other guys, I mean I don't kiss or cuddle or anything like that. It's always just sex, with no strings attached.......usually! There are exceptions to any rule, and this experience is one of them!

I stopped at a gas station across town to fill up and when I walked into pay, was greeted by the most beautiful looking guy I've ever seen! I mean he was so feminine that at first glance I thought he was a she! He stood about 5'8", had shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes, and very slim. Not really much of a build, like I said before, he was built like a girl! Anyways, I handed him my money and when he spoke, I knew he was gay. His voice was soft and feminine and had that "gay" accent to it! Anyways, as we made eye contact I smiled and was treated to a flash of his pearly whites! How I wanted to cum across that face at that moment!! I got into my car and drove home thinking about him and how much I wanted him! The next day I drove out of my way to fill my car yet again at his station.

He recognized me and gave me a huge smile and as I took my change from him I let my finger gluide across his smooth palm, never breaking eye contact, and winked at him. He blushed and told me to have a nice day, and as I turned to look at him as I left, noticed he was watching me leave and gave me a nod. I knew I had to come back and so I did, for the rest of the week. Never really talking, but letting our looks speak for themselves! I got there on friday to find an older guy at the cash, and was a bit disappointed until I heard someone call out and turned to find my femboy running up to me!

"Hey there!"

"Hey!" I said, as he got up to my car.

"I was just picking up my pay and seen you! Are you busy?"

"No, just finished work for the week and was going for a drink."

"Cool, mind if I ask you for a ride downtown?"

"Not at all, hop in!" and he did and we drove off. Now that day, he wasn't in his work uniform and was dressed in short cut off jeans, and a t-shirt, and sandles. He smelled a bit like perfume, and I swore I saw a trace of eyeliner around his eyes! Also, when he leaned forward to adjust his sandle strap I was treated to the sight of a pink thong peaking out the top of his cut offs! Anyways, as we drove he told me his name and said he was 18, and that he still lived at home, and that his parents were gone for the weekend and he was looking forward to scoring some beer and partying! Of course I jumped at the opportunity and offered to buy some beer if he didn't mind some company for awhile! He grinned and said that was cool, and asked if I minded going to his place. That didn't bother me and after hitting the beer store proceeded to his house.

When we got there I was pretty surprised. It was in the rich part of town, and the house was huge! It had a pool and hot tub in the back, totally private and I'd guess had about 6 bedrooms! Anyways, we went out back and sat on his deck chatting and drinking. He told me he knew I was interested in him and asked if I was gay, I told him I was bi and he was cool with that. He asked what I was into and I told him I was versatile and although I prefered to bottom, would also be into topping. He was happy with that and told me he liked versatile guys as he too sometimes enjoyed being the top! He invited me to go for a swim and offered me a pair of swim shorts which I changed into as he changed in the house. What a shock when he came out! He was wearing a string bikini and had the most beautiful little a-cup titties pointing out the top! He asked what I thought and when I said I liked it, laughed and told me that he was a pre-op transexual! VERY NICE!! I'd been with a few tranny's proir to him and loved every moment with them! We jumped in the pool and swam for a bit before climbing into the hot tub with our drinks.

He explained that his parents knew and were very supportive, and that he was waiting for his doctor to ok his breast implants before going to college. Once he had breasts, he told me he'd be living as a woman full time. I told him I thought that awesome and he straddled me and kissed me for a few minutes, our hands exploring each others bodies. We stripped nude and he sat me up on the deck taking my hard dick in his mouth and completely engulfed me! Now I should mention that at this point, I could still get a full erection, and I was also still very toned and although my dick still only measured 4", was pretty thick! Anyways, he blew me for about ten minutes, before asking if I wanted to fuck him. I turned him around and ate his ass for a few minutes, getting it nice and wet, before standing behind him and pushing my dick into his wonderful little bum! I reached around and grabbed his cock for the first time and was surprised to find it was about 8"! I jerked him off as I pounded his ass and as he came into the hot tub, the spasms his tight butthole was making was too much for me and I shot my load inside him. Afterwards, we sat in the hot tub and enjoyed a drink before getting out and going inside.

He asked if I wanted to leave, and when I told him it was up to him he lit up and asked if wanted to spend the night! Now I've never been the type of guy that cums, and then gets all shy, and wants to leave, but normally I don't stick around afterwards and spend the night! But this time I agreed and we went back outside to soak for awhile and drink! We both got pretty d***k and as midnight approached we went inside to his bedroom and I layed down. He excused himself and went into his bathroom, comming out a few minutes later in a very sexy teddy, garter belt, stockings and thong panties! He layed beside me and we kissed for ages, groping and fondling each other the whole time! I finally broke our embrace and went down on his massive tool, deep throating him and caressing his tiny balls at the same time! I sucked him for awhile before turning him over and eating his gorgeous butt out! I licked all my cum from earlier out of his crack and when I was done, he turned me over and rimmed my ass for a bit before laying me on my back missionary style and stabbing his big cock into me! He ffucked me for a few minutes, before stopping and grabbing some lube out of his drawer and resumed fucking my ass as he lubed my cock up! I came before him this time and spurted all over my belly, telling him not to stop until he filled my ass with his jizz! I rubbed my cum all over myself and after turning over for him, he filled me with his juice! He pulled out and put his panties on right away, and we spooned, drifting off to sl**p.

I awoke the next morning very horny, and couldn't resist going down on him and pulling his cock out of his panties and tasting my own ass and his dry cum! He woke up and told me not to stop and as I pushed a finger up his bum he came into my mouth. We kissed for a bit before falling back asl**p for a few more hours. I woke up again to find him gone and ventured out to the kitchen where he was cooking breakfast. We kissed for a bit before he finished up the eggs and we sat and ate. I was nude, and he was still in his lingerie and I got horny again just looking at him! He noticed my hard on and climbed under the table and blew me before getting up and pulling his things down and bending over telling me to take him right there! I did and didn't last long before again shooting a healthy load up his cute little butt! We finished our cold eggs and got dressed.

He asked me to give him a lift to the gas station so he could pick up his car!! He had planned it all along! I was flattered and after dropping him off went home for a shower and nap before getting ready to have him over that night. He spent the night at my place and we had a lot of sex, we seen each other for a few months afterwards, pretty much dating, until he found out I had been fucking my milf neighbour, and broke it off! It was very fun while it lasted though and I have a lot of fond memories of my little tranny gas station attendant!
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1 year ago
very hot
2 years ago
excellent story
2 years ago
Great sotry sometime you have to experience everything you can when you can because it doesn't always last
2 years ago
Very hot! luv the cd action at the end!
2 years ago
3 years ago
Yes! There's nothing like actually getting to have your partners load of cum up your ass when getting fucked!
3 years ago
You're a very lucky guy! I fantasize about the same all the time... good thing to know wishes can come true!!

3 years ago
hot story.
3 years ago
So hot thanks
4 years ago
wow great story would like to hear more of your adventures, some people just don't understand but if you don't make it clear it can hurt thanks
4 years ago
Wow hot
4 years ago
love it
4 years ago
Hot story!!!
4 years ago
great story