Butt Sniffing Ch1

I've had such a good response to my "Butt Sniffing At Wal Mart" story, I thought I'd share some more memerable bum smelling experiences! This chapter is about my earlier experiences.

Like I said before, my ass smell fetish ties directly into my panty fetish, and every since the first time I smelt panties, I fell in love with the smell of butt! If you've read my first chapter of "My Fetish For Panties" then you'll know my first smell of ass was my friends s****r. After that, I would try and sniff any girls bum anyway I could! I remember going on a long trip with my parents and cousin. My cousin was a year younger then me and we both sat in the back the whole trip. I remember stopping at a truck stop after about four hours of driving and pretending to sl**p as everyone else went inside. I layed across the seat and smelt the fabric where my cousin's bum had been pearched. It was still warm and I can still remember getting a boner from smelling her sweaty ass! I jerked off as I smelt her seat and came in my undies before going in to clean up in the bathroom. I LOVED it!!

Another time, the same cousin was staying with us for the weekend and on the saturday we had spent the whole day at a carnival, running around, enjoying rides, and since it was a hot day, sweating our asses off! At the end of the night my mother told us to pick one more ride to go on, and then we were leaving. I noticed my cousin fidgeting and asked her what was the matter. She said she had to pee but didn't want to wait in line and miss the last ride! So she went with me on the "zipper" ride and as we got off I noticed her seat was a bit wet. She had leaked a little! Not actually peed her pants, but she for sure squirted a little out! Now I couldn't wait to get home and get those panties to sniff all night! I figured we'd have a bath and I'd grab them from her bag before we went to bed. Unfortunatly we got home late after going out to eat and my mother sent us to bed without a bath! I figured my cousin would change her panties when she put her nightie on and layed in bed waiting until she was asl**p to sneak into her room and steal her panties! Now that was my intention! When I got into her room though, I couldn't find her panties! She had kept the pissy ones on! Now she was laying on her side and her butt was sticking out of the sheets a bit and I couldn't resist taking a closer peek!

My cousin is a heavy sl**per, always has been, so I wasn't afraid of waking her as I lifted the sheet over her firm little ass. She wore the typical long t-shirt type nightie, which I easily pulled up over her panty-covered ass. Now my cousin is a bit of a tomboy, and her panties are always very dirty with pee stains and sk** marks, even now as adults I've sniffed her panties and they're just as raunchy! Anyways, I completly forgot about sniffing her pee stains as I seen a huge sk** mark on the outside of her cotton panties and leaned in for a sniff! It was AMAZING! I still remember the smell of her ass sweat and how excited it got me! I took my pj bottoms off and jerked off as I sniffed my cousins dirty bum! It didn't take me long at all and after I came I wiped it up with my bottoms, covered her ass up and went back to my room. I layed in bed thinking about the nasty thing I had just done and got excited again! I started jerking off and fantasizing about her ass smell and how I got to smell it! I wished I would've came on it and let it dry up so I could steal her panties the next day as a trophy and think about that night! Well I figured "Why not?" and did just that! I snuck back in and exposed her ass again and spent longer this time enjoying sniffing my first real live ass, before I got up and came all over it! I kind of rubbed my cum into her panties before pulling her nightie back down over them and going back to my room! I did steal her panties the next day and enjoyed many wanks to them, thinking of sniffing her dirty bum while she slept!

I used to try and sniff a lot of ass when I was younger, but stopped when I was caught by my neighbour with her panties in my pocket and told my mom! I stopped sniffing ass and panties for a few years, until I started dating my high school sweetie, Rachel. She played into my fetishes big time, and you can read all about our experiences together in earlier chapters of "My Fetish For Panties"! But before I stopped, I remember a friend of mine that I used to smell every chance I got. She was the same age as me and a tomboy, but a very cute tomboy! We used to wrestle each other and I would always let her "win" (I think I was the winner for getting to smell her dirty bum! lol) and would always find myself gripped between her legs in a scissor hold, nose buried in her raunchy little butt! I'd always get so turned on that I had to go the bathroom afterwards and jerk off! She used to knock on the door and ask if I was playing with myself becuse I was taking so long! As soon as she would ask that I would come at the thought of sniffing her ass and her knowing I was jerking off! We never did anything sexual together, and she turned out to be a lesbian, but we still used to hang out when I'd come home to visit! One of these visits, we got d***k together at her place and she told me she knew I used to sniff her butt and then go jerk off in the bathroom! I was astonished, but admitted to it and asked why she kept wrestling with me. Her reply was if I liked the smell of her sweaty ass what harm was there in letting me sniff it! It's not like I f***ed myself on her or bugged her to do it, so she thought it was a cool little game! She admitted to liking the smell of girls bums too and said she loved rimming her girlfriends and smelling their panties! After a few more drinks we found ourselves in the middle of the living room floor wrestling! Of course I let her get me in a scissor hold and spent about ten minutes sniffing her lezzie ass as she smoked and giggled! I went to go to the bathroom and she asked if I wanted to jerk it while I sniffed her and of course I said YES! She bent over the couch and let me kneel behind her and sniff her butt as I jerked off. She didn't take her stretch pants off, which made it more erotic I think, and I came after a few minutes, cleaning up with some paper towels. After I thanked her and we continued partying and never mentioned it again! I've since lost touch with her, but I'd love another shot at sniffing her butt!

Another time, I was on a school trip. We had two buses and I had to use the bathroom before we went, leaving my friends at the front door, waiting to enter the bus. When I got out, everyone had got on the buses, leaving me to take the one my friends weren't on! I was stuck sitting in the back seat with one of the most stuck up girls in school! The trip was about an hour long and as we drove, she leaned over the seat in front, chatting with her friends! Now we went to a catholic school so of course she was wearing her skirt uniform! Everytime we'd hit a bump I was treated to the sight of her flower-print cotton panties! I started rubbing my hard on through my pants and pulled my zipper down, and freeing my dicklette through the front of my boxers. I looked around and everyone was busy chatting or playing games, so I started jerking off. All of a sudden, the girl I was sitting beside started struggling with the girl in front of us, playfully trying to retieve a note. Now as she leaned forward, so did her skirt and her panties again came into view! I wasted no time and leaned over and sniffed her tight little bum and jerked my little dick furiously as I enjoyed her faint ass scent! I came in seconds and jsut as I started to jizz I f***ed my penis back into my boxers and spewed down my leg! I was a bit uncomfortable until it dried, but at least it wasn't noticable! She didn't really have a lot of ass stink as it was morning but there was enough there to make me jizz!! I was so turned on about doing that right on the bus that I jerked off again in the bathroom as soon as we stopped!

I'm going to stop here as I don't really have many more experiences from when I was younger, I'll pick up my later years in the next chapter! Hope you all enjoyed!
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1 year ago
you write interesting stories
2 years ago
I love your stories keep it up! Lucky guy and such a perv lol
3 years ago
nice i love sniffing butt too
4 years ago
I came with you on this trip thanks
4 years ago