Vacation Bath House Experience

I thought I'd share the rest of my sexual encounters from my vacation, although I only had one really worth sharing! Aside from three hookers I picked up for a quick BJ I only had one other encounter, I visited a bath house. The hookers were your average encounter, park, pay and get sucked off, nothing interesting really happened other then that. The bath house was fun though!

I had read up about this place on the net before leaving, and was looking forward to visiting it. I had also inquired about crossdressing as some places frown upon it, but they assured me it was fine! It was a pretty classy place, very clean, three floors, bar in the lobby, gloryholes, sauna, hot tub, dark room, but what really interested me was the leather swing they had in the basement! Anyways, I checked in, got a room, undressed and went for a quick shower before returning to my room to put on hose, garter belt, thongs and a corset. Now I look ridiculous dressed in lingerie and I don't do it to try and look like a woman, I do it because I enjoy feeling like a sissy and being humiliated! Anyways I went and checked out the gloryhole area first. It was a cool set up as there were booths surrounding a stage area, so one could stand in the booth and suck cocks from guys standing on the stage or suck guys from either side of the booth like a regular gloryhole. It was pretty busy as it was a sunday afternoon and I spent about an hour in there and blew five different guys, taking their loads on my face and letting the cum dry up! They were all pretty average, mostly older guys, nothing special, so I'll continune on to next part!

With cum still dripping down my face I left the gloryhole area and headed for the basement, hoping the swing would be free and lucky me, it was! There were a couple guys hanging around the room and I suspected they were waiting for someone to fuck. As I approached, one saw me, and said "MMMMMMM you look like a slut!! You going to take a turn in the swing?" I nodded and entered the room. The swing was right in the middle, a little table beside it had lube and a big jar of condoms (which was perfect because I always play safe) and a tv with gay porn playing on the wall behind the swing. Now I have used a swing a couple times before and got in no problem, the guy who called me slut offered his help and he strapped my legs up, leaving me exposed to whoever walked in! He stood beside me and made me suck his cock to hardness, which was about 7", uncut, fully shaved and tight balls. As I blew him I felt someone pull my thongs aside and start licking my ass, I looked down to find an older fella eating my ass, really enjoying himself! I continued sucking for a minute before the guy pulled away and put a condom on before getting the old guy to move aside so he could work his hard cock up my bum! It was well lubed up with the old mans saliva and he slid in without much trouble, after several pumps though he asked the old guy to hand him the lube, which he squirted a generous amount on his cock and my bum crack with! Then the fucking began! He wasn't gentle by any means, not that I minded! He grabbed my ankles and thrusted into me for a couple minutes before slowing down and taking his cock out and stood beside my head jerking off. I flicked at the tip of his cock with my tongue until he erupted covering my face with more cum! He said thanks before leaving and took off.

The old man all this time was standing in the corner watching, slowly jerking off, I asked if he wanted to fuck me but he said he just like to watch, so we waited a few minutes before another guy walked in. He was early forties, chubby, and had a 5" cut dick that he made me suck before slapping a rubber on and fucking me. He lasted only a minute and didn't say anything the whole time, just fucked me, came, and left! It was perfect! While the chubby guy was just leaving two older guys came in and stood on either side of my head, making me alternatly suck their average size cocks. One of them put a rubber on and lubed up and gently fucked me while I blew the other. He surprised me by stopping and letting the other guy fuck me as he gave me some ATM, licking his condom covered cock clean, before switching with the other guy! It was awesome!! They switched off probably 6 or 7 times before one of them blew his load in the rubber and went and stood by the old man who was still enjoying the show, while the other fucked me hard, finally taking his rubber off and jerking his load onto my belly and thongs! They left and the old man came over to me and asked if I wanted his load which I said yes and he shot his jizz over my face, slapping his cock all over, thanked me and left as well.

Now by this time I was pretty spent, and with no one else there, undid my leg straps and headed for my room for a nap. On my way there I walked by a cute asian guy, early twenties, who reached out and groped my ass as we passed each other! I stopped as did he, and I asked him if he'd like to join me in my room for a bit, he agreed and off we went. As soon as I closed the door he was naked and laying on his side on my bed, and motioned for me to join him. We layed facing one another slowly touched each other and talking. He said he thought I was cute and asked if I would mind a massage. I said yes and he got up and I layed on my belly and let him go to work massaging my whole body. I fell asl**p at one point, it was so relaxing and woke almost an hour later to find him laying beside me just watching me. "I hope you don't mind me staying, you're pretty awesome and I thought we could spend some more time together if it's cool with you" Of course I didn't mind! I LOVE asians! Male or female! I just think they're very erotic and sexy!

So we layed there caressing each other when he leaned in for a kiss. Now normally I'm not into kissing or hugging when I'm with a guy. Strange I know, but I just want man sex, not intimacy, and usually decline advances like this. But he was so feminine and smooth, that I didn't resist and was surprised to find his kisses tender and soft like a woman! We kissed for about 10 minutes and then he told me he wanted to sixty-nine. Now at this point I was still covered in dried jizz and smelt like raw man sex, I told him I needed a shower and he said ok, if I wanted to , and could he wait for me there. I agreed, as there is a lock on the cabinet where all my clothes and wallet was, the key attached to the same wrist band as the room key, and went for a quick shower. A couple guys made some advances on me in the shower but I politely delcined and went back to my room. When I got there, my asian friend was laying spread eagle finger in his ass and jerking off! He smiled at me and told me to climb on top so we could pleasure each other. His cock was awesome! Just a bit over 5", trimmed bush, shaved balls and ass, just like myself, and tasted sweet! I felt his hungry mouth on my tiny dickie and felt his finger probe my bumhole so I did the same, emitting a long moan from him as my finger sunk into his tight hole! We spent about ten minutes sucking, licking and fingering each other before I asked him to eat his awesome little ass! He bent over doggy style and I feasted on the tightest, firmest ass I've had in years! Just a hint of butt sweat, and I could barley squeeze my tongue up his hole, but he LOVED it! I reached around and gave him the ol' rusty trombone, stopping only when he told me he was going to cum! I quickly got under him and took his whole cock in my mouth and caressed his balls as I sucked, finally bringing him off into my mouth! I swallowed his jizz and he turned over and pulled me to him to kiss. We shared his cum and kissed for a few minutes, before he went down on me and sucked my little dicklette as he fingered my ass! I came after a few minutes and again we shared a lovely cum kiss!

I had the room for 24 hours, and asked him to stay the night, which he did, enjoying a quick bite to eat at the bar in the lobby before going to sl**p in each others arms. I awoke a few hours later to feel his hot mouth on my dickie and just layed back and enjoyed the blow job, cumming into his mouth, and sharing another kiss before dozing off again! We woke just after 8 the next morning and we sixty-nined each other, cumming almost at the same time. We layed in bed chatting for a bit before getting up and showering, returning to my room. I dressed as he went to his locker and dressed and we left together, me giving him a ride home, exchanging e-mails before parting! I've since been chatting to him and look forward to hooking up again next year when I'm in town! Next time though we going to get a proper hotel room!
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4 years ago
You know you got me allhot and very horny thanks
4 years ago
Thank you made me cum three times and if i read it again i'll cum three more time thats was the best yet
4 years ago
nice... sure beats most of the action I've seen lately.
4 years ago
hot story, thanks