My Fetish For Panties Ch10

Well I just got back from vacation and have a few panty experiences to share! Sorry for not writing on the road but time was flew by! Anyways, I'm back and would love to continue writing down my experiences for you all to read! Hope you enjoy!

So as you know if you've read Chapter Six, my room mate Kimmy and I have a mutual agreement on the rent she pays! She pays nothing and I get to be humiliated by her and get her dirty raunchy panties! So the night before I left she gave me a going away present by giving me not only her panties but the panties of her hot BBW friend! She told me to get dressed in my hose and garters, and my little yellow teddy and smell their panties all night while she went out! (she still can't play our little game without some liquid courage!) By the time she got back I was so horny that I ruined the night by cumming as soon as she started flogging my tiny member and ball sack! She asked if I would service her orally again, which I readily did! Bringing her to orgasm twice before she headed to bed. I was off the next morning before she awoke, but was pleasently surprised to find a little baggie with three pairs of her panties in them and a note saying to sniff them every night I was gone!

Now I have found that gas station bathrooms are a great place to find worn panties! Most older stations have a unisex bathroom, therefore sometimes you can get lucky and find a pair of panties in the trash from a woman that couldn't hold her bladder during a long road trip! With that said I found two nicely soiled pairs on my trip. One was just left on the counter, booty style, green, microfibre ones, the other was in the trash on top of a bunch of paper towels, white bikini style cotton ones with pink trim. The green pair wasn't that dirty, although they were soaked through the crotch with pee (I'm pretty sure she wiped herself with them as there was no toilet paper!), but the second pair had huge sk** marks in the back as well as being pee soaked! I couldn't help myself the second time and masturbated right there in the restroom! Now I had been to well over twenty restrooms the whole time I was gone, like I said sometimes you get lucky!

When I arrived at one of my destinations, I went out and got a hooker and brought her back to the hotel for a few hours. She was early twenties, kind of rough looking, super skinny and had blonde hair. We met up with her dealer before going to the hotel so she was all set to party with me! She wanted to take a shower before we started but I told her I wanted to smell her first, so I had her strip off her panties and let me sniff them while she played around with my little dickie. She found it funny how tiny I am and I made her promise to tell all her friends about the John she had with a tiny dicklette! She was getting antsy so we stopped for a little bit while she fixed herself up and I cracked a beer and lit a joint. Nothing I like better then getting a girl to model panties for me while I just lay on the bed rubbing myself and enjoying my buzz, which is exactly what we did! I always bring a bunch of new panties with me for just such an occasion and enjoyed looking at her skinny little ass modeling eight differant pairs! I was so horny by that point that I got her to sit on my face wearing a pair of pink see thru mesh panties and got her to slap my dickie and balls till I came! Afterwards, she licked up all my cum and turned around and spat it into my mouth telling me what a perv I was! She ended up crashing out for the night and I enjoyed sniffing her ass through the panties while she slept! The next morning I took her out for breakfast and dropped her off at her house where she ran in and grabbed me two pairs of her soiled panties!

The next couple days I spent with my cousin and his f****y. We grew up together and are like b*****rs. His wife is smoking hot and they have two teenage sons. The house they live in is older, but the cool thing about it is it has a laundry shoot. Having been there before I requested the spare room in the basement, saying I'd sl**p better in a damper, cooler room! Every night after everyone was asl**p I'd get up and rummage through everyone's dirty clothes until I found Veronica's (my cousin's wife) dirty panties! Of course the first night I had my pick of four pairs, but the next couple nights, I only had what she wore that day! Her panties were fairly clean, not much butt smell, very little pussy juice or pee stains, but was still exciting nevertheless to smell her scents! I'd jerk off and return the panties to the bin, no one the wiser!

I spent two nights at a camp ground after that, and after settling in went for a walk around. I noticed that there was a young couple camping a couple sites down from mine and the girl was a hot BBW! She was mid-twenties and had a very nice big bouncy bottom! I kept my eye in them the next day and as soon as they left in their car I headed over to their site. We were in the back of the camp ground and there was little traffic around us so I felt confident about entering their tent and rummaging through their duffle bag searching for her dirty panties! I only found one pair but they were perfect!! Lots of ass sweat and dried pee stains and even some white discharge that could only be her cum mixed with his! I took them back to my tent and enjoyed her aroma for an hour before cumming and having a nap. They left the next day, and I was unable to sneak another pair, but the ones I got were a bonus!

I only have one more experience to share that occured on this trip. I was on my way home and passed through a smaller town to eat, and on my way out saw a very cute girl walking in a short skirt. The wind caught it a bit and before she pulled it down I was treated to a glimpse of her green thongs!! I just knew I had to have them! Now I have used this technique several times before and it worked all but twice! I followed her to a park and as she sat on a park bench texting, I approached her and cleared my throat. She looked up and I said "Hi, I know this is going to sound strange but my friends and I are passing through town, and we're always daring one another to do crazy things, and unfortunatly it's my turn, but anyways, the jerks have bet me $40 bucks that I wouldn't walk up to you and ask for your panties.............I know it sounds wierd, but we're just a couple middle aged guys having fun! If you would, I'd give you half, which is $20, and I have it here!" holding out a twenty.

She just kind of giggled and said "Are you fucking serious? Did Jen put you up to this? That Bitch!"

I laughed and said no, I was serious and if she wasn't into it, it was cool.

So she said "I'll tell you what, give me the whole 40 bucks and they're yours! You're going to be out 40 bucks anyways if I don't give them to you, so why not give me the shole amount and have the bragging rights!" (Smart girl LOL) I agreed with her and took out another 20 and gave her the 40 bucks. She reached under her skirt and pulled off her panties right there! She handed them to me and I thanked her and she commented how crazy this whole thing was but that she was cool with it and I walked back to my car to inspect my winnings! Of course you win some and you lose some, and this time I lost some! Actually to the tune of forty dollars! She must have just put the thongs on before going out, as there was NO smell at all except her perfume and fabric softener! LOL Oh well, I was still pretty turned on that a strange girl had taken her panties off in a public park and sold them to me, and had a quick wank in my car before continuing my journey home!

Nothing has happened really since I got back either. Kimmy has gone camping for the week, leaving me a note saying she'll try to wear only two pairs the whole time, and left me two pairs of workout panties from the two weeks I was gone! I'm actually going to go sniff them now and rub one off, but I'll be back at my screen later on to write some more experiences down to share with all you fine readers! Till next time!!
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4 years ago
That was interesting sometime you win someti me you loose
4 years ago
you sewe you do great and you made me cum again thanks
4 years ago
sweet,love panty stories.
4 years ago