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I'd like to share with you now some of the experiences I've had with hookers! I was nineteen the first time I picked up a hooker and I still use their services to this day! I'm not going to bore you with every hooker I've been with and what we did! For the most part the majority of the time it's just a quick suck on my car and off they go! But I have had several experiences I think are worth sharing and hope you enjoy them!

Like I said the first time I picked up a hooker I was nineteen. I had previously used the services of a couple e****ts, but to me there's a huge differance between e****ts and street hookers! Anyways, my first street hooker was just a girl I picked up and we agreed on a price and drove to a side street where I pulled my pants down and put the seat back and just enjoyed her talented mouth working my little member! I came in her mouth and she opened the door and spit it out and I dropped her off where I had picked her up. No big deal I know but thought it was worth mentioning my first time! Afterwards I felt horny! The thought of picking a girl up and getting her to suck my little dick for money turned me on! Still does as a matter of fact! So I went back out about an hour later and picked up another one!

I think the first one worth writing about was a girl I picked up a few years later. I had been a dozen or so by this point and was just expecting a quick BJ in my car before going home! At this point I had never fucked a hooker, just gotten head, so when this blonde slightly chubby prostitute offered to blow me and fuck me for the price of a BJ I jumped at it! It was mid-afternoon when I picked her up and it was summer, so she took me to a wooded area and we ventured in. She was wearing a short white mini skirt, no panties (she had flashed me as I drove by her!), white tube top, no bra and a little jean jacket. As we got to a clearing she proceeded to strip down and grab a condom out of her purse. When I just pulled my pants down, she asked if I'd be more comfortable nude like her so I agreed and stripped down! So here I was, totally naked with a naked hooker on her knees in front of me, sucking my cock to hardness, getting ready to put the condom on, when we heard branches snapping and saw an older guy about 200 feet away watching us! Now I started grabbing for my clothes but the girl just said "Oh I've seen that guy before, he just likes to watch. He's actually a good look out for others if you're into it." Now I've always liked showing off, so I decided it was a bit kinky to let this guy watch me fuck this girl while he watched and jerked off! So off we went! After a little bit of sucking she turned around and bent over exposing her cubby backside to me and spreading her self open ready to take my little cock. I started fucking her and looked over and noticed the guy took his shorts off and was jerking off as he walked towards us! "Is it cool now?" he asked her. "I'd say so" she replied! The whole thing I found out was set up! The reason she charged me so little was because this guy had payed her to let him watch her fuck someone else!! I kind of giggled at the thought and continued plowing into her as he grabbed her swinging titties and groped them! She pulled him around the front of her and proceeded to blow him while I fucked her from behind!

I came before he did and as I was dressing he shot all over her face! It was a wierd experience for sure! But I enjoyed it all the same! I never saw the girl again out hooking and I wonder to this day if she was even one! I had offered her a ride back but she declined and left with the guy! So who knows, maybe they were a couple trying something kinky I don't know! All I know is it got me off real good and I still sometimes think about it while wanking!
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11 months ago
1 year ago
Not bad. I picked up a few, in my past, that I think were pissed at their hubbys or someone and just thought that they would give it a try. I fucked a few, also. Came in a couple, came on a couple.
4 years ago
The grl and the guy soumnded like theyu were toghter all the time thanks
4 years ago
interesting but you have done better thanks
4 years ago
very good story