My Fetish For Panties Ch9

So this chapter continues back in my college years. It was just after first term exams and I had a bit of time off, and had been chatting with a guy online about our panty fetish and what he was doing. He took a job at a laundrymat awhile before we met and that's how he got his panties! What a great idea I thought, and even though I had my own washer and dryer set out to find a place close by to check things out.

The one I found was your typical laundry place, attendant there, lots of washers and dryers and lots of single women doing their laundry! Although I did have a few opportunites to snag some panties of girls when their backs were turned, or they went to bathroom as soon as they got in, my real goal was to work there!

It took me almost three months of going there before a job opportunity presented itself. I walked in to do my weekly laundry and there was a help wanted sign on the door! Of course I jumped at the chance and convinced the owner (a nice older widow) that I was a starving student that needed the cash! Of course I was a starving student.....but not for cash.........for dirty panties!! lol! Now besides myself and the owner there were two other employees, a grumpy old guy that my shifts overlapped with, and a young single mom that I had only seen while doing my laundry there previously. Although I did once get to sniff her panties after she left her bag of dirty clothes behind once after her shift, and when she came back to do it I had two pairs of her thong panties in the back waiting for my break so I could enjoy them! She never let on that they were missing and I added them to my collection when I got home! But she was always in during the weekdays when I was at school, so I rarley saw her. Anyways, I started training the next day and after three days, was left by myself to run things.

Now the cool thing about laundrymats, is most offer wash and fold services, so you can drop your clothes off and pick them up the next day, and part of my job was to do this laundry! Of course most was from single guys, but a few regulars were moms and a couple were even college girls with nice sexy thongs that had been wedged up their bums all day and pissy from their nights at the clubs where they didn't wipe properly! hehe!

So started my time at the laundrymat! I'd take the laundry of girls that had dropped it off for wash and fold, and go through it behind the counter, setting aside all their dirty panties and then put my "back in 15 minutes" sign on the counter and go into the staff bathroom in the back. I'd go through each pair and find the dirtiest one and strip nude and sniff them as I'd take another pair and wrap it around my tiny member and stroke off. I'd stop periodically and take the less dirty pairs and suck on the crotch tasting the girls that they belonged to and remembering what they looked like, all the while stroking myself with another pair of theirs! I'd cum into a pair and save the ones I had been sniffing for my next break and bring the others out with the rest of the laundry! My second break, I liked taking the dirtiest pair and sniff them and then suck all the juices out of them while masturbating into a clean pair that I had just washed! I'd then cum into them and let them dry out, to make sure my cum wasn't too obvious, and put them in with their clean laundry so they could wear my dried cum against their pussies for a day!

One regular was a cute student around 19 who'd always drop her laundry off on sunday morning and ask if could have it done before closing, shich I always did. Her panties were the most dirty of everyone's there! She usually wore thongs, except when she had her period she'd wear plain cotton briefs, and they were always filthy with dried pussy juice, cum and pee, and every pair always had huge sk**marks in them! Every pair had a permenant brown stain up the back part of the thong and I loved sniffing her dirty ass!! I've always been amazed at how the most cleanest, well put together girls have the dirtiest panties! lol So well groomed and smell nice, but the panties are FILTHY!! Anyways I always looked forward to sundays and this blondes dirty panties and on a few occasions had my buddy Anthony with me to share her raunch with!

We'd sniff her dirty sweaty ass as the other blew the other! It was awesome! On one occasion, Anthony got under the front counter and waited until another regular came in (who was always VERY chatty!) and blew me while I stood there talking to her! She was dropping her laundry off and as she left I came in Anthony's mouth, which he held there until he grabbed a pair of her big old granny panties and spit my load into the crotch! I of course didn't wash them and returned them to her with my cum and Anthony's saliva in the crotch!lol Anyways, the cute blonde's panties were my favorite to cum into and put the dried up, cum stained panties back with her other clean clothes! It was always a huge turn on the next sunday to find those pair and know she wore them all day with my dried cum right up against her pussy!!

Another regular was a single mom who only used our wash and fold service when she was too busy. Her panties were mostly cotton briefs, but they always had a ton of her pubic hair in them and by those I could tell she was HAIRY!! The smell from them was awesome!! If you've ever smelt panties form a hairy girl you'll know what I mean when I say the hair holds all those awesome smells against the panties all day!! I loved when she'd come in and would spend hours in the back after we closed sniffing them!! Her ass stink was strong and I really enjoyed sniffing it!! There was also a strong pissy smell that her pubes obviously held that I've only ever smelt a couple times since!

TO say I hit the jackpot was an understatment and not wanting to ruin it didn't take any panties home with me unless they were from someone that I didn't recognize as a regular, untill of course I knew I was leaving, then I snagged at least two pairs from every girl I could! I smelt A LOT of dirty panties the 8 months I worked there and was only fired after the owner died and her heirs sold the place and the new owners wanted to run it themselves.

But the sunday before I left I of course grabbed 3 pairs of filthy thongs from my hot little blonde college student and took them home with me to enjoy! I was lucky as the thongs I got were REALLY dirty! All had dark brown sk**s in them and the crotches were soiled with piss and discharge! I always wondered what she did to get them so dirty! She obviously changed panties everyday as there were always at least 7 or 8 pairs in her laundry! But what did I care! I just savoured her thongs for months afterwards!

Anyways, the next day I was in as I was done school for the year, and who shows up? Yep! The cute little blonde! She asked for the owner and after informing her she had passed away and we were in the process of getting new owners, asked if I could help her. She leaned in and whispered to me "Well I noticed this morning that I'm kinda missing some items of clothes that I know I gave to you yesterday..."
"Really?" I asked. "What clothes, I found some left over in a dryer yesterday"
"May I see them?" she asked.
"Well it would be easier if you just told me what clothes you were looking for."
"A few pairs of undies" she replied with a blush.

Now to this day, I don't know what came over me, (I'm not a mean person at all!) but I said to her "Well I know I didn't find any of your panties, they'd be really hard to miss with all those sk** marks in them!"

She just looked at me dumbfounded and didn't say anything although her face sure flushed!! Then I said "Oh yeah! My co-workers and I call you shit-stain girl! So if any of us found your "undies" we would've told each other that shit stain girl's panties fell on the floor, so she might be back for them, and because I didn't hear anything, I doubt anyone has found them!"

The last bit I said as she was rushing out of the laundrymat with a look of total humiliation! Like I said, I'm not usually mean like that, and I think because I knew I'd never get a chance to sniff her sweaty ass again, I didn't want anyone else to either! So I figured she'd start keeping herself more clean after that incident! hehe! Anyways, I never saw her again, and she never even reported me to my new bosses!

I only had two encounters with customers my time there, one with a beautiful BBW, and the other with a crossdresser. The BBW and I dated for a couple weeks, but decided we weren't very compatible outside the bedroom and the CD was just a sex partner. Neither one really had anything to do with my panty fetish so I'll leave that out of this series, but I am thinking of writing other non-panty fetish experiences down as well so keep a look out! Hope you've enjoyed this chapter!
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Wow I know where I want to work at a laundry mat wow that must be fun well thanks
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great story man!