My Fetish For Panties Ch8

So here I go again! This chapter deals with my time after Rachel moved out and dumped me after finding me 69ing with my panty buddy Anthony! I was pretty heartbroken for awhile after and didn't really do anything but watch porn and smell Rachels panties until a week before classes started again. Being single I found had it's advantages and I could cum and go as I pleased, having sexual encounters with anyone I wanted to at any time and didn't have anyone to answer to!

I started back on my quest for panties by going onto a chatline and talking to local girls. My greeting was simple "19 yr old guy here, looking for women interested in selling their dirty panties." I got tons of replies from all sorts of girls, from 18 all the way to 52! and I bought every girls panties! I wouldn't pay more then $20 for a pair, and we had to meet in a public place to do the transaction, so some women chickened out, but a lot didn't and I was back in panty heaven! The first girl I met was in her early 20's, needed some cash and readily agreed to meet me to sell her panties. We met at a shopping mall parking lot and she came up to my window and handed me a baggie with her panties in them and I gave her the cash, and she walked away! I took them out right in the parking lot and sniffed them and rubbed one out quick before going home! There wasn't a lot of butt smell in them, but they were stained with her pussy juice and a bit of pee but it was enough to make me squirt a load in my car!

I continued buying panties from the chatline for a couple months, but again everything good thing must come to an end and I found it harder and harder to find new girls on the chatline. I kept getting the same girls and became bored so I moved on! I do want to share two experiences that happened to me using that chatline, although I did get a lot of dirty panties, the norm was girl come up to car, hand me baggie, I hand over cash and she's gone, not much said! However on one occasion I met this lovely BBW, she was 21, about 300 lbs and climbed right in the car with me! That was a fisrt, but I didn't think anything about it and asked if she wanted to do the trade and she said yeah but she wanted to know what I was going to do with them! I told her and she said that sounded kinky and asked if she could watch! Of course I obliged and we drove to a secluded spot and I pulled my shorts down exposing my tiny penis to her. She looked at it and said she now understood why a good looking guy like myself was buying used panties!! My dick got hard as soon as she said that and she giggled and asked if I was turned on by her panties, I said yes and she said prove it! So I took her xxl white cotton "granny" panties out of the baggie and smelt her ass sweat as soon as I opened them up!! She gave me a sly look and said "You told me you liked them real dirty so I wore those for 4 days without showering." The sk**marks on them were HUGE, and although I could smell her raunchy pussy on them as well it was her ass sweat that dominated my sense of smell! I put them over my face with the sk** marks right over my nose and started inhaling loudly and jerking off. She just sat there with a grin on her face watching me! It excited me so much that I came early and made a big mess on the seat of my car! She laughed and said that was the coolest thing she'd ever saw and said she was ready to go home. Before she got out she told me that she got wet from watching me and that she was going to go jill herself off in her panties and wear them for a couple more days before giving me a call to pick them up! I offered her the $20 but she refused and said masturbating in front of her was payment enough!! I did meet up with her a couple times after, and we did the same thing as the first time, but when I invited her back to my place she declined and never called me again. I did see her once around town, pushing a baby carriage with her boyfriend!! lol

The second experince from the chatline worth mentioning was this 27 yr old girl. She had described herself as bbw on the phone and after I told her I loved bbw said I'd love her, well she showed up late to our meeting point and to say she was differant is an understatment!! It was warm outside, and she was wearing TIGHT white spandex leggings, I could clearly see the pink thongs riding up her huge ass, and a short sleeved blouse, wide open, and a tank top that I'm pretty sure was actually a sports bra, and the biggest belly I've ever seen on a girl! Her belly was bigger then a preganant girls, but the odd thing was she had no rolls! It looked like a huge beer gut! lol Anyways she climbed in the car and it sunk down on her side! Now she REEKED of BO and pussy and ass stink and she had pimples all over and stretch marks, pretty disgusting looking and smelling!! She asked if we were going to my place and I said I thought we'd just make the trade there. She told me there was no way she was pulling her pants down in my car to take off her panties!! I asked if she was selling the ones she was wearing and she looked at me like I had three heads and said duh! I said ok, and as we were driving she asked if I'd be into keeping money and her give me the panties if I'd go down her!! At first I thought she was k**ding but when I relized she wasn't didn't know what to say!! I finally made up my mind that nothing ventured nothing gained!! and agreed to eat her out!!

We got to my place and as soon as she wlaked in the door pulled her tights and thongs off and sat on my couch. I could smell her across the room, and she tossed her thongs to me and told me to take a whiff of what I was about to eat! I almost gagged, but at the same time got a boner!! I finally knelt down in front of her and she spread her fat legs apart and pulled my head right into the most disgusting pussy I've ever seen or smelt since!! It reeked of days old piss, dried cum and little balls of toilet paper was all over it!! I started licking and actually gagged a couple times, but pushed through and after about ten minutes she orgasmed and leaked her raunchy juice all over my couch! I got up and washed my face off and came back to her putting her leggings back on and when I went to leave, she said I ate her out good and she wanted to suck me off for it too!! So I stood in front of her and pulled my little dick out and sniffed her raunchy thongs as she licked and sucked my little member! I ended up cumming in her mouth and she swallowed every drop, burping after and saying "that was some good head baby........hope you enjoy my panties!!" When I dropped her off at home she told me to call her but I never did. It took weeks to get the smell of her cunt out of my apartment! Anyways, to this day I don't know why I agreed to eat her out, but I still jerk off thinking about it and how raunchy she was lol!
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I love BBW girls they have an aroma of there own its so erotic and sensual it gets me hard just thinking about it thanks
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gross max