My Fetish For Panties Ch5

In my last chapter I introduced Anthony, my bi friend that got me back into wearing panties and introduced me to the wonderful world of bi sex! So anyways, during this time I was of course still dating Rachel and with final exams creeping up, we didn't get to see much of one another although she'd still give me her's and Kasi's dirty panties to "hold me over" until we could enjoy each other sexually! But I was so horny all of the time that I found myself going up to Anthony's place quite a bit! We'd dress in panties and I shared Rachel and Kasi's panties with him and we had a blast! But one night just before finals, I found myslef so horny I couldn't even study, and because Anthony lived so far away it wasn't feesible to drive all the way there just to get my rocks off, I decided to try an e****t service! Another first for me!

So as it turns out, you can "order" a specific type of girl for your "date". It didn't take me long to explain I had a panty fetish and liked the thought of a BBW as I had never been with one. The agency person took my info and told me that a girl would be over in about an hour. Was I surprised when I opened the door!! There standing in front of me was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen! She was 22, long brown hair eyes, brown eyes, HUGE tits, and was about 250lbs! She was dressed nice in a skirt and see thru blouse and the most sexiest thing was the exposed red lace thong creeping up her back! We did introductions and she said SHe was surprised I was so young, and I told her I too was surprised as I was expecting the stereotypical "crackwhore" lol and we went to my bedroom.

She did a sexy strip tease and leaving her thongs on, pushed me back onto the bed and proceeded to undress me. When she took my undies off I could see a little smile on her lips as she looked at my my tiny cock. I was a bit embarressed for the first time ever about the size of my cock but the thought of her laughing at me turned me on even more! Anyways I layed back and she sat on my face letting me sniff and lick her plus size thongs as they were nestled against her plus size bum crack....I was in heaven! She asked if I minded her jilling herself for a bit while I rimmed her and I of course said no problem!! So she sat on my face grinding her sweaty ass and pussy against my nose as she got wetter and wetter from her frigging until she finally screamed out and squirted all over my face! Now I had heard of squirting, but to actually have a woman squirt on your face was amazing!! I lapped what I could before she rolled over and took my little dick into her mouth, lapping it and humming at the same time! I shot in no time and just layed back completely satisfied! She asked if she could hang out for a bit as she didn't get many dates, and I said sure! I told her of my fetish for panties and pretty much everything I have written till now and she was astounded at the kinkiness of it! She made me put my panties on for her and sniff hers while she rubbed my cock and fingered my virgin asshole! Another first! As soon as her finger touched my prostate I shot all over her hand which she then made me lick clean! After she left me with her plus sized panties and a promise to drop more off in my mail box later (which she did!) and took off! I reflected on the night and jerked off twice more into her panties before putting them on for the night's sl**p! So started my love of BBW's and their panties!
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11 months ago
gr8 stuff!
2 years ago
wow this was so hot i came again
2 years ago
satish89: it's "escourt" and by the way, i DO NOT censor my stories, xhamster automatically does for certain words and phrases.
2 years ago
whats e****t?
4 years ago
You are one very sick guy but i love it your hot and erotic at the same time thanks
4 years ago
Thank you thank you youmade me cum more than once and wow tht was great thanks
4 years ago
you are a freak! go ahead and enjoy yourself, kudos ;)
4 years ago
You are getting into a very hot fetishwould love to read more thanks
4 years ago
great story , and things keep getting better , so do write more