My Fetish For Panties Ch4

Just a quick warning- this chapter contains bi-sex between myself and another guy, so if that's not your cup of tea you've been warned! Anyways, at this point I was still living in my apartment and Racel in the dorm, and was spending a lot of time online chatting to differant people about panties and body ordors etc. I had started chatting with a guy that lived about 100 miles away and he was the same age as me and inot the same things fetish wise that I was. Now I must admit that at the time I had never been with onyone but Rachel altough I had smelt well over a hundred differant pussies by then, but had always been bi-curious! The guy I chatted with seemed real nice and he was always telling my how he wanted to suck my little dick as I sniffed his s****r's dirty panties. Well finally one evening I was so horny that I agreed to hook up with him the next day at a coffee shop by his place, and the next day bagged off classes and drove to the city he was in for our meeting.
To say I was nervous was an understatment! By the time I got there I had convinced myself that he would turn out to this 50+ guy, probably overwieght and bald lol, but I didn't care! Nothing ventured nothing gained is my motto!
Was I surpsrised when the guy from the photo showed up! He was everything he said he was and more! I couldn't have been happier! We chatted for a bit in the shop and then he invited me back to his place, which we went and as I sat on the couch he left to grab his s****r's dirty panties!

They were sexy white satin thongs with lace trim and boy were they dirty!! yellow stains in the crotch and the whole thong was brown from her bum sweat! He asked if I wanted to sniff them and of course I did! I took them from him and inhaled her ass scent as I felt his hand on my thigh softly massaging it! I had never been so aroused in my life and after he asked if I wanted a BJ I stood up and pulled my pants and undies down sitting back down with him in front of me licking his lips. "MMMMMMM I LOVE your little cock!" he said just before engulfing the whole thing into his mouth. I leaned back and sniffed at his s****r's raunchy panties as I got one of the best BJ's of my life! I definatly knew it wasn't Rachel between my legs with my little stiffy in her mouth and her tonuge lapping at my balls at the same time! It was differant, not bad differant either! Guys just suck cock defferantly then girls do, and to this day I enjoy both and can't really say I enjoy one to the other! But anyways (let's call him Anthony) was sucking my cock so well that I felt the curning in my balls and told him I was going to cum, he just moaned and nodded and kept sucking my dick as he lapped at my balls, I took a deep whiff of butt sweat and came so hard that I thought I was going pass out! Anthony's sucking slowed but he never took my cock out of his mouth and swallowed my huge load and licked up everything that spilt after! It was awesome!

After he kinda sat back and said "It's cool if you wanna leave now" and I was heart broken! I asked him if that's what he wanted me to to but he said no, but most guys leave after they cum as they get embarressed they just let another guy suck them off! I told him I was cool and would like to try blowing him if he was into it! Of course he was! But he said he had a conffession to make first. I asked him what and he asked if I liked the smell of his s****r's panties. I said yes and he told me that they were actually his panties and that I had been sniffing his bum! The butterflies in my tummy didn't lie and I knew that I was turned on by the fact I had just sniffed his sweaty ass, and didn't say anything but got up and knelt behind him and helped him take off his jeans! To my surprise he was wearing satin booty shorts and had the most perfect heart shaped ass I had ever seen! I proceeded to bury my face in the back of them and sniff and reach around to stroke his cock. He disrobed except for his booty panties and kelt on the couch in front of me grabbing my head and rubbing my face into his panty clad ass crack! I was so turned on for the second time that day I didn't care what he did and after a little while he turned and sat on the couch pulling my mouth to his crotch and I started to lick and suck his 5" boner through the satin! Precum was leaking out and I was licking it up, tasting another guys cum for the first time, wanting more! I could feel his penis getting harder and more precum leaking out and pulled his panties to one side to see his dick plop out right in front of my face. It was awesome! 5", uncut, trimmed landing strip above the the base, shaved low hanging balls........mmmmmmmm! I didn't hesitate to put it in my mouth and start to suck him off! Of course never having done it before I wasn't that great at it but after about ten minutes of sucking Anthony grabbed my face and pulled away and jerked off his load onto my forehead and cheek! It was so hot! I snaked my tongue out and tasted his cum loving the nastiness of it all! I just had to jerk my little dick a couple times before I jizzed all over his leg which I licked up after!

As we sat back on the couch enjoying our proverbial cigarette, Anthony explained to me that although he was bi and loved to crossdress he wasn't gay and had no intention of living as a girl. I said it was cool with me and admitted that I used to wear panties as a young lad until that fateful day that my neighbour had caught me, and my mother got rid of my panty stash, I had never worn another again. Anthony asked if I'd like to and I said yes so he grabbed a pair of black lace bikini briefs and handed them to me which I put on and didn't take off agian until I got home later! We were both pretty spent by that time and went out for a bite to eat before I left, with a promise of another meeting!

And so began my secret life of wearing panties under my clothes and sucking guys off whenever I had the time and the urge! Anthony and I became great friends, and he will be mentioned a lot in upcoming chapters! We are actually still friends and get together a couple times a year for a weekend of panty loving fun!
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11 months ago
keep this storyline going!
2 years ago
this time i came all over my panties
4 years ago
I love to wear girls panties they make me very excited while i'm wering them i can sometime cum with out touching myself thanks
4 years ago
Wow you did it that time i came all over my fingers and dildo you have one great fetish thnaks
4 years ago
yes thats one fetish i have enjoyed over the years whtere there new or dirty i love them i will still wear panties, tong, boycuts high buts what ever i find at the store thanks for a great story