My Fetish For Panties Ch3

I'd like to thank everyone who read my first two chapters and for all the feedback I got from them! In this chapter I'd like to set the grounds for my college life and all that happened during my 2 years at college and 4 years at university!

I'll start by saying that my high school sweetie (let's call her Rachel) were still going strong when we started college. I was still sniffing her dirty panties and she my dirty undies and jocks! My parents are pretty well off and helped me get an apartment off campus, although they still made me get a job to teach me responsability, and Rachel moved into the dorms. I must say that at this point I got my first computer and the internet was still a fairly new thing, but I started spending a lot of time searching for panties online and chatting with like minded people as well! Of course the internet opened a whole new world to my panty fetish and I loved every moment of it!

Anyways back to Rachel and I. Her room mate was a VERY sexy BBW and although I had never been with anyone but Rachel, fantasized about her plus sized roomie all the time! I even talked Rach into "borrowing" some of her well worn panties for us to play with and that's when I fell in love BBW panties! Her roomie (let's call her Kasi) wore sexy satin bikini panties of all colors! I LOVED the smell of her juicy pussy and she always had a lot of butt stink! I'd lay in my bed with her x-large panties over my face inhaling her scent while Rachel would lick and suck my little penis. I was in heaven! I'd cum in the crotch of them so Rachel could enjoy licking them clean as I went down on her! One time we invited Kasi over to my place for some drinks and I hid all the TP so she couldn't wipe! The next day Rachel came over with Kasi's pissy panties and we spent the whole day sharing their beautiful scent!

A breif description now about Rachel, she was around 110lbs, paige style haircut, blonde hair, green eyes and little a-cup titties that I LOVED to suck on with big puffy nipples! Her ass was kind of on the flat side, but still gorgeous in my books, and a cute little pussy that she kept unshaved at my request! Myself at the time wasn't the fatty I am now! lol I played hockey and worked out and although I still had a very tiny dick (3") I was pretty confident and outgoing!

I had begged Rachel to set up a threesome but she would never go for it, although she was more open then a lot of women she was still a prude when it came to other things! She would however let me sniff Kasi's panties while she whispered into my ear, telling me to imagine she was with us and that I was sniffing her big butt as Rachel licked her pussy! That always got me to cum! So for the first six months of college I was satisfied with sniffing Rachel and Kasi's dirty sweaty panties and hose! Always well worn and crusty with pee and pussy juice and ripe with freash butt sweat! Rachel would sometimes wear her thongs for a week straight only to have me sniff the backs of them while getting head from her! I LOVED her sweaty ass smell and her thongs were some of the best I have ever sniffed!

But I did start buying dirty panties off the net from girls in our city and would have marathon wank sessions with these strange women's dirty panties! That's when I started craving new scents all the time! Sure, sniffing my girls panties was fine but I wanted more.........needed more! Every woman has a differant scent to their panties and when I'd buy them, the girls would rub their panties against their bumholes for me to enjoy! Hence my quests for finding strange womens panties............
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10 months ago
those are the best smells around!
4 years ago
Wow I love panties too but i love more is to eatr pussy and have that flavor in my mouth for hours thanks
4 years ago
Wow you've had a great time with girls panties you are a conuorsor
4 years ago
My Stepdaughter does the same wearing her panties for days on end,last week she had on a sweet silky white thong she wore it for 6 days straight before I could get my hands on it. Man it was damp and had discharge stains on it and some pubes on them,Man I came hard sniffing and masturbating with them.Man her pussy odor was strong can`t wait to get the sexy pink thong she has on right now.
4 years ago
sounds familiar great chapter looking forward the the next one.