Jizzing On A Stranger's Leg At A Concert

It's been awhile since I shared any experiences or wrote any stories, so when a fellow xhamster member asked me to write about his experience, I figured I was due to write something. He messaged me several weeks ago, commenting on several of my stories, the one about sniffing sweaty ass at a concert was his favorite and he shared an experience of his with me and I suggested he write it down and share it with everyone. He messaged me back and told me he wasn't much of a writer, and I assured him I wasn't either! But he asked me to write about and post it so I figured it's a pretty hot experience, why not? I changed his name, but everything else is exactly how he said it happened. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did the first time he told me about it!

Barry went to a rock concert with a few friends and they all ended up pretty d***k before the show even started. The opening act was some no name band Barry had never heard of, but when the singer walked on stage, he was glad he had stayed to watch them instead of head to the beer garden with his buddies. She was a young blonde, hot body, and scantily clad in lacy black lingerie. As she walked around the stage singing, her satin panties rode up the crack of her tight little ass, exposing her white bum cheeks to the crowd. Barry could feel himself getting aroused and soon found himself rubbing his hard cock through his pants. He couldn't take his off the young singer as she flashed her naked bum and flashed her little titties to the crowd! Barry almost started jerking off right there, but people were too spread out, and he would've been seen for sure. Instead he waited and watched until her set was over and she exited the stage. After an hour or so the main band came on, and the crowd tripled in size,pushing Barry towards the front.

When everything was said and done, Barry found himself several rows from the stage, surrounded mostly by girls. Feeling the need to piss, Barry looked around and figured he'd do it right where he stood! He discreetly unzipped his fly and pulled his cock out and let it go! He was amazed as he felt his bladder drain, that no one in front of him noticed him pissing on the floor beside them! When he was done, he looked around and no one had noticed what he'd just done! He continued watching the show until two girls pushed their way past him. The people in front of him wouldn't let them go any farther, so they stayed where they were, right in front of Barry. One girl was really loud and the other, kind of quite and not really into the show. Barry figured the loud one had dragged her here and that she didn't really want to be there. She had long brown hair, and was dressed in a baggy sweat shirt and tight black lulu lemon pants. As the crowd surged forward, Barry felt himself being pushed right against her. He couldn't help but smell her hair, and there was something about it that turned him on, and soon he found himself standing there with a hard on, yet again!

Evertime the crowd would surge forward, Barry would allow himself to be pushed into the brunette in front of him. He would sniff her hair as felt the warmth of her body pressed against his. Barry took a chance the next surge and place his hand in front of him before he was f***ed against her. His hand went right against her little ass and as they were pressed together, Barry slightly moved his fingers around, feeling the firm ass cheeks through the thin material of the tights. She was wearing thongs he was sure, as he couldn't feel any underwear. After several times of groping her during a surge, Barry tried it as they were just standing there. He got up close behind her and let his hand fall in front of him and ever so softly, he placed it on her firm little bum cheek. When she didn't seem to notice after a few minutes, Barry began to lightly carress the firm flesh beneath his hand, the whole while watching her for some sort of sign that she felt him. He was shocked when he felt her move back, and quickly pulled his hand away. But when she backed up into him and started swaying her hips, grinding her tiny ass into his crotch, Barry got the point! He put his hand back on her ass and began outright groping her! She moved forward and stopped swaying, but kept herself pressed against his hand. Barry then put his other hand on her other cheek and groped her whole ass for an entire song. When he reached under her and cupped her crotch, he felt her hand furiously rubbing her pussy! He let his hand trace it's way back up, pushing it and the thin material into her warm, sweaty ass crack. He wasn't suprised to find she wasn't wearing panties, and quickly sniffed his finger, enjoying the funky aroma of her bum juice! He kept groping her ass with one hand and freed his cock with the other, before taking it and jerking off.

He felt the girl's body tighen up and shake before hearing her moan loudly, obviously cumming! Barry couldn't take anymore and reached into her tights and cupped her bare ass before burying his finger into her sweaty butt crack and running it up and down several times. When he took his hand out of her pants, she stepped away from him, but Barry barely realized. He was too busy sniffing his finger and jerking off! Just as he was ready to cum, he stepped up to the brunette and aimed his cock at her ass. The first shot hit it's mark, but she turned around making the remaining shots land on her leg. Barry stood there basking in post-orgasmic bliss for several seconds, before comming back to earth. He looked around and seen the brunette talking to her friend, the loud one. She reached down and ran her hand over her friends leg and inspected it after, before looking at Barry and making her way over. She was pissed off and asked Barry why he had just jizzed on her friend. Barry denied it, but she kept on, telling him how sick he was for jizzing all over her friend's leg. He was getting worried now, but all of a sudden she said something about no bodily fluids being exchanged during a frottage encounter! He begged her pardon, and she told him how he shouldn't have jizzed on her friend, that he should've shot on the floor or better yet in his pants, as the whole point of a frottage encounter was to be safe, by having a sexual encounter with a stranger without any fear of STD's being shared! She called him a pig and told him to fuck off, which he did, and left his friends to go home.

Since then, Barry's searched the web and found that this a new trend amoung college k**s, to try and get groped by a stranger and masturbate while it happens! If only we all lucky enough to have this happen!
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10 months ago
great story
1 year ago
A big turn on for me is to cum on a girl's clothing and she doesn't know about it and she keeps going about in public with my cum on her nylons or bottom of her shorts.
2 years ago
amazing xx