My Fetish For Panties Ch2

Well I hoped you enjoyed my first chapter and I will try and get more sexual in the next couple chapters, but for right now I'd like to continue sharing my earlier experiances and at the same time keep it short and sweet and in this chapter!

So after my initial experiance, I continued my quest to find dirty panties, usually at friend's houses, visiting relatives etc. I would like to say though that I never once took my mothers underwear, as I never had the urge to, I know from talking to other panty guys that a lot did but it wasn't my cup of tea so I stuck to cousin's panties as far as f****y members went!

My panty fetish really took off when I was eleven and ejaculated for the first time. I was wearing a pair of satin bikini panties that I got from one of my friend's s****r and was rubbing my myself and smelling a pair of panties from my cousin, white cotton ones with pink trim around the waist and legs, they only had a faint smell of ass to them but the crotch was crusty with pee satins (I had seen her go pee behind a bush earlier and knew she didn't wipe which was the reason for me grabbing them!), when all of a sudden I felt a wave of pleasure flow though me and then felt my little dicklette throb and leak sperm into the satin panties I was wearing! It was soooooo awesome that I did it four more times before falling asl**p in cum soaked panties! Then waking up in the morning and faking a tummy ache to miss school, spent the whole day wearing my cum stained panties and smelling my cousin's pissy panties!

Needless to say that after that I masterbated three or four times a day sniffing panties and sometimes wearing them! I would also spend every waking moment thinking of ways to get more dirty panties, taking more and more risks to get them until finally I was caught in a neighbours house when they were out, rummaging through their dirty laundry hamper, two pairs of dirty panties in my pocket! The woman was really cool about it (I think she was as embarressed as me) and didn't tell her husband or anyone but my mother. My mother was furious and after she calmed down had a talk with me and told me that as long as I stopped she wouldn't tell my father, but she did go through my room and take all my panties and put them in the trash! Nothing more was ever said and for awhile I stopped my panty fetish and tried to be a normal guy!

I was 15 and in high school when I was caught and at the time was dating my high school sweetheart, (that I stayed with till we were 19 and she caught me 69ing with another guy....but that's another story!) Anyways, she satisfied my sexual urges with handjobs and the occasional bj but by the time I was 16 I needed more and started grabbing her panties from her gym bag. Oh were they awesome!! She'd wear the same pair all week just in gym and shower and change afterwards, but for that hour she was in gym she sweated..........A LOT!! She always wore just plain white cotton panties and let me tell you, they'd soak up the butt sweat and pussy juice and little squirts of pee that came from her while she bounced around gym! I'd lay in bed at night with her sk** marked panties drapped over my nose and jerk off three times at least! She of course knew that I had them, and was more then cool with it as she told me she would lay in bed masterbating thinking of me smelling her dirty bum sweat! We used to talk on the phone masterbating together and me telling her what I could smell off her panties and how horny they made me. We'd always cum a couple times!

She also had an odor fetish and loved to smell my sweaty body after hockey practice! She'd have my whack off right before and put my jock strap on full of cum and practice in them then go over to her place before school and not showering and sneak into her window so she could smniff and lick my crotch! She'd then keep my jock strap till the night before my next practice sniffing and licking it while jilling herself. She returned the favor, after basketball practice we'd take a drive and hop in the back seat so she could sit on my face and let me smell her bum while I rubbed on off! So needless to say my panty fetish was back and I had an awesome girl who was into it, so throughout high school I never strayed and only smelt her panties. That of course would change, but that'll be in the next chapter!
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5 months ago
I read your story excitedly. You tell a compelling story that I find quite appealing!!!!

Chrissy Michelle
10 months ago
gr8 stuff!
2 years ago
thats the fun of it
3 years ago
What an exchange thanks Candi
4 years ago
Well i never had that kind of a girl friend but i was very active with girls for a long time thanks
4 years ago
yes that was hot you made me cum thanks
4 years ago
hope you found a girl to replace her
4 years ago
this is hot i used to go out with different girls and have sex with them and a a trophy i'd keep there panties i did that until i was married. great story thanks