My Fetish For Panties CH1

I LOVE dirty panties! Yes I have a panty fetish........BIG TIME!! I would like to share my experiences on xhamster here with like minded individuals or those who are just curious about panty fetishism. This is one of many chapters I would like to share, so I hope everyone enjoys!

I would like to start from the begining, the first time I ever held a pair of dirty panties in my hands...........I was 8, and being an only c***d, never had the opportunity to check out girls undies before going over to a friends house and him showing me his older s****r's pair. It started as a joke, him wanting to show me how gross his s****r was for having sk** marks in her panties! We had a good laugh and continued on with our day. That night however I couldn't get the thought of her panties out of my head. I began to get aroused thinking of her wearing them and making those nasty brown stains in them. Then I thought about her bumhole and how dirty it must be as we could really smell it off her panties. It was at that moment that my life long quest for dirty panties started!

The next day I went over to my friends house and while he was in the bathroom, snuck into his s****r's room and grabbed two pairs of her panties and stuffed them into my pocket. When he came out, I was so excited that I faked a tummy ache and went home to inspect my treasure!

I got home, went to my room and examined her dirty cotton panties. One pair was only slightly stained, yellow in the crotch, and very faint brown stain in the seat of them, the other was FILTHY!! The crotch was heavily stained yellow and was crusted up, a little bit of white also stained them, and the back part had a HUGE sk** mark in them that actually split into three seprate sk** marks, and the smell from them was something I'll NEVER forget! I was more interested in her butt smell then anything and spent a very long time sniffing the seat of her panties. It was at that moment that my fetish for ass stink started! Even till this day, it's the smell of a woman's bum that turns me on from smelling her panties! It's had to describe, as it doesn't smell like just smells like ass! lol! Anyways I just LOVED smelling her sk** marks! I stayed in my room the rest of the day smelling and looking at her dirty panties! I couldn't resist the urge to try a pair on (the least dirty of the two as I didn't want to spoil her scent with mine) and walked around the rest of the day wearing her white cotton panties with a floral print on them!

It was real exciting to me to go back to my friends house the next day wearing his s****r's dirty panties and seeing her, wondering what she'd think if she knew what I was wearing under my shorts! I kept those panties for years after until my mom found my panty stash but that is another story for later!

I only got to snag another couple pairs once as after the second time she noticed and told her mom who then blamed my friend for stealing them as joke or something and he got in a lot of trouble! He asked me if it had been me and I of course denied it, but he knew.... and our friendship was never really the same after and we just grew apart, but he never told anyone that I stole his s****rs dirty panties, and I learned a valuable lesson - take in moderation, find the dirtiest pair and take those!.......never again did I want to be caught stealing panties.......of course I have been caught numerous times since as you will find out in later chapters!

I do apologize if my first installment wasn't all that exciting but I just wanted to set a base for my future experiences, and they do get more exciting!! But thank you for letting me share with you my first panty experience and I will share more in awhile!
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11 months ago
cool story!
2 years ago
what sk**?
3 years ago
Wow that has to be some hobbie Thanks Candi
4 years ago
Wow I started a collection of dirty panties when I ws messing around i would either steal them or buy them off there asses what a trip thanks
4 years ago
great beganing looking forward to more thanks
4 years ago
Me i started masturbating with dirty panties since i was eight.I love dirty panties,if any sweet girl wants her pants to be used and return pliz send me a request.
4 years ago
Great start to a fine profession thanks will read more
4 years ago