How true!

I'd seen you with a group of women at the bus stop late that night. I was travelling on the same route. The bus gradually shed it's customers along the way out of the city.One by one your friends got off at successive stops. Soon there were only us two on board. I saw you getting ready to alight at the next stop. You glanced around, our eyes meeting briefly. There was something about you...I watched you walk down to the front of the bus and step out onto the pavement, your dress swishing palely under the street lamp as the bus pulled away.. Although my journey should have continued for another mile or so I found myself getting off at the very next stop. Since this was out of sight of the previous stop I walked purposefully back down the road and rounded the next bend carefully. A few of the street lamps were on the blink and I was in comparative darkness. I got a frisson of delight as I saw you striding up the hill towards me. I quickly sank back into the shadows by an electricity substation. A brief flash of white and the faint noise of your shoes on the pavement told me you had walked past. On the way down I had noted that the road passed a park with bushes. I silently went back onto the pavement, checking that no-one else was following you up the hill. I then padded after you, hugging the inner edge of the path. We were approaching the bushes; it was now or never! I quickly walked up close behind you. You turned in alarm, your white face a mask of surprised fear. Then I slid a hand over your mouth and used my other arm to hug your body closer.... your perfume filled my nostrils as you writhed in my embrace. I frogmarched you off the pavement and in between some big dark bushes.
Once in the complete shelter of that foliage I released my grip on your gasped, whimpering in fright....I gruffly commanded you to silence, hoping the tremulousness I felt inside had not shown ...We stood face to face, very close...our breathing audible. My eyes had grown accustomed to the darkness now. You swam in a pale vision before me.....This was no time to lose heart, I thought. My heart pounding, I pulled you tight to mouth slamming onto yours. Like a scalded cat your body twisted and writhed, your open mouth gasping with the effort of pushing against me. Then when you realised my strength you suddenly stood hand was behind your head , gripping your long soft hair and forcing our faces together. Your mouth relaxed under mine and I even sensed a return of pressure as I concentrated on kissing your warm wet mouth.
Then I used my other hand to seek out the curve of your breast under the thin dress. There was a slight reaction, some resistence as my kneading palm found the full shape of your breast. In my eagerness I was none too gentle and you gasped into my mouth as my pinching fingers tweaked at your large nipple. Moments later I had ripped your dress open and was sliding my coarse hand over the silky bra cup that separated me from your bare beauty.

I ripped one bra cup right down, hearing the tearing sound as I wrenched at the silky pouch. I felt your heavy breast spill out. My palm covered your warm naked flesh, thumb flicking over the apex of that tit. Your rubbery nipple felt enormous and I used finger and thumb on it mercilessly. Your body flexed as you squirmed under that tit-torture...our locked mouths slipping apart as you gasped. You tried shrinking away from me but I had jammed you up against the bare trunk of a tree. We wrestled silently...I was worried you might cry out so I relented in the abuse of your breast. Instead I made sure you were immobilised against the tree and then bent low...your erect nipple brushed against my lips...I licked my wet tongue out over that sexy teat before sucking on it . I opened my mouth wider, teeth catching around the wide areola. I bit gently and suckled the whole tip of your breast into my mouth. I raised my head slightly, lifting your heavy breast off your ribcage. I heard your hiss, and one of your hands gripped into my hair as you sagged against me for support. I continued to worship your sexy breast. I pushed my flat palm against your belly, loving the curve of it and the yielding nature of your fat . My hand slid further downwards and cupped onto your shapely mons. The flimsy dress did nothing to protect you. My strongly working fingers felt the pout of your vaginal cleft. I pressed the dress material right up into your slit. You gave a few snuffled gasps as your clithood was frigged. I was none too gentle...the passion of the moment was like a fire in my brain...I wanted to reach your most intimate places as quickly as possible....The dress had buttons all the way down; I soon had either undone the whole lot or popped most of them in my eagerness to strip you. Your pale body glowed in the dimness of our refuge, your white lingerie very apparent now. I stood back, breathing fast. I slipped the dress right off your shoulders. The night was not too cold even at this late hour but I sensed you shivering a little as you sagged back against the tree....'Please don't....!', your plea was scarcely audible.....Your face was averted, your body passive and slack. For some reason I wanted to hit destroy that passivity and galvanise you into an active willingness ....I nearly responded too, then realised that I could lose my sense of purpose if a dialogue got going, I was in the grip of pure lust. The taste, touch and smell of you had awoken an unthinking b**st in me and I resolved to go with the flow of those primaeval urges.
I reached forwards and ripped your other bra cup down. Your breasts sagged out and wobbled excitingly. My palms fastened onto them, pushing their forms together...releasing them. I played with your erect nipples..pulling on them hard , milking them...this did have an effect...your hands rose up to fence with mine. It seemed you were going to resist again....That was more like it! In seconds we were scrapping in earnest, your batting forearms striving to knock my hands away from your bruised breasts. In the end I did hit you...a short hard knuckle jab that connected with the side of your jaw.....I felt a spray of your saliva shoot across my snarling face...'Yeah wanna fight ?.. come on then..........!' You sagged back against the tree, panting hard and giving choking sobs...'Shut up , you bitch...shut up now!' I raised a threatening fist and you fell silent.
Moments later I was pulling your knickers even helped by stepping neatly out of them. I moved in closer and started stroking my hand into your crotch...'Wider!', I murmured and you parted your thighs without protest.I pouched your furry mound and found your clit hood again and made it flex juicily under my finger. Your hand was around my shoulder again , for support. I heard your deep breathing now. I hoped my fingers were finding the right buttons ... I heard your jerking intakes of breath and your hips working slowly. 'Mmm..good girl! ' I whispered encouragingly. Two of my fingers were now ploughing your deep wet slit. Moments before your cunt had flowered wide, its inner wet heat very apparent in the leak of oily cuntjuice over my teasing fingertips.

Inside my trousers my cock had swollen; it now throbbed and wept copious amounts of precum into my tight briefs. I fumbled with the button flies and eventually manoeuvred the rampant member out into the cooling air. In the darkness I pressed our crotches close and was able to feel my slick knob brush over your fluffy pubes. At the first touch you gave a gasp and tried to shrink away but I had you jammed up against the rough tree trunk. Your hand, once resting passively on my shoulder, now pinched and pulled at my jacket...I realised you were going to resist...I didn't want to hit you again so I tried a growled warning threat but you continued to writhe and buck in my embrace. I looked around for a better place....then my eye caught the silhouette of a rope hanging from the branches. Obviously some k**s had rigged up a swing.. I leant over and grabbed it. There was momentary resistence then a whole mass of the stuff cascaded down. Mixed up in those tangled loops were some canvas strips. I quickly saw that they had been used as seating for the swing....One side of the rope remained firmly attached in the branches. I managed to throw the other side up and over a high branch in the tree.. When I found that end again and pulled it the canvas seat swung a few feet off the ground. I yanked it some more until the height was just right. It took a few goes to tie off the rope securely; I was also trying to keep you under my control....perhaps you were intrigued by these actions, at any rate you made no move to escape. Once I had the seat at the right level I moved you in between the ropes...'Sit!', I commanded....and guided you onto the canvas strips....When your full weight was on the seat I reached under to pull the front canvas strip along your thighs. This had the effect of completely exposing your pussy between the front and back canvas strips...Your hands were on the two hanging ropes for balance so you couldn't very well use them to resist my next actions.I stood between your spread thighs, now pointing horizontally. I reached under to stroke my finger along your pouting cuntlips..'Oh!' was all you could murmur...Your body swung slightly in the swing. The only downside was the width of the front canvas strip. I reached down and I managed to fold it over, reducing its width by half. Once that was done I could now grip my cock and work my glans along your slippery slit. Now, if you writhed and twisted the effect was to slip my cock deeper inside your vestibule. With my knob lodged in that hot wet split I could use my hands around your waist and bum to rock you slowly back and forth. Soon my cock had insinuated itself further up your cunt. I walked us a few inches further forwards and felt you being impaled further onto my erect shaft. You were powerless to prevent it. When you realised the situation your gave a choking sob and slid your arms around my back, still trapping the hanging ropes in the crooks of your elbows...I sighed and made a few lunging thrusts that speared my cock further up into you.Your cunt was so tight but so wet that my bloated meat had no difficulty in driving deep inside you.My hands sought out your hanging breasts, my palms stroking over your cool skin,my fingers and thumbs gripping onto your stiff nipples...the pressure of those pincers on your tits made you moan and gasp but not in protest...I knew you were loving it now! I walked slowly backwards and forwards...the movements working my buried cock against all the surfaces of your gripping last we were one...both inflamed by the magic of this illicit fuck!

With my feet planted firmly on the grass I could thrust my cock in and out of your clenching cunt. I gripped the hanging taut ropes of the swing to push you slightly away from me at the end of each thrust. This had the delicious effect of making my cock seem 12" long. The tightness of your hole prevented me exiting completely and your weight on the swing drove you back onto my throbbing spike. Gradually we got a sweet rhythm going...I knew you were enjoying this as much as me now.I moved my hands down onto your hips and as I rammed in deep my palms pulled our crotches tight, then my forward thrust sent you away and the headspinning strokes could build in intensity and speed.I saw the pale blur of your swaying breasts then felt your stiff nipples rasp over the material of my shirt as our bodies banged together. I had long since shrugged off my jacket and undone my trousers. These now wreathed my ankles in the customary 'knee-trembler' manner!.
By screwing my hips and altering the angle of my thrusts I reamed your cunt completely. Your hands were clutching at me, striving to keep your balance as our frenzied coupling threatened to pitch you right out of the swing. By now I was hugging you tight, using my hips to shag my cock in and out of you so fast that it nearly blistered my steaming shaft. Then I paused, using one hand behind your head to draw our mouths together again. You eager fierce kisses nipped at my lips, your hot panting breath scalding my open mouth.Your arms right around me, your body arcing backwards and your widespread thighs f***ed me to lean right over, struggling to keep us balanced. This rather interrupted the flow but after an awkward adjustment I was able to resume my fucking. Also, our combined weight on the swing had lengthened one of the ropes and I found I was having to crouch in order to lance my cock up into your belly.I continued my frantic thrusting then decided the position was getting too uncomfortable. Reluctantly I pulled my cock out of you and stood up. I decided to abandon the swing idea..I guided you shakily out of it and moved you over against the tree.You leaned your upper body against the trunk and thrust out your groin.I moved between your spread thighs and slid back up you in one easy movement. You almost purred with delight , feeling my throbmeat plugging your slippery cunt once more. This time I gave full rein to my battering hips. We stood, or rather swayed, locked together as I rutted, thrust and bore into you. My hands cupped your soft bum, my fingers slipping in the copious leak that had streamed out of your cunt. One fingertip found itsef stroking over the folds of your anal my passion I thrust it deep inside. The firm involuntary spasm of your sphincter locked it there as we fucked. The intensity rose to insane heights. If the rough bark on the tree was lacerating your back as I pounded you, you gave no sign...perhaps the inexorable onset of your orgasm shut out all other sensations!

I lean away from you slightly , watching the swaying motion of your big pale breasts. In that position I can really thrust my cock up into your splayed crotch. My hands reach in to grab hold of your breasts. None too gently I grip onto your stubby nipples, pulling and twisting them in rhythm to our fucking. You give out gasping moans, your hanging mouth showing dark against the pale oval of your face.Your arms are outstretched, hands on my shoulders. I redouble my fuck-rate; your body judders under those maniac thrusts. Your cunt seems to grow a fist, gripping hard onto my shuttling shaft...milking up my crisis. The merciless battering of my pubic bone onto your spongy mons at the finish of each inward thrust is wetly audible now. Your cuntjuices have been streaming out, lubricating my remorseless piston. I can't last much longer...I step into you, arms around , hugging ....your hands reach up to my face, cradling it as our mouth lock once more. The fucking steadies, then builds again. Our mouths slip aside as our rocking bodies enter the final straight. Your hot gasps play over the side of my face as I bury my face in your hair. 'Yesss...!' , you whisper, your hips churning with wild insistent movements that tear at my buried root. You snort and whinny, like at mare at her cock in truth feels as big and potent as a Shire horse's...reaming out your delicate '0'. A series of throaty groans signals your orgasm. I have trouble keeping in time to your hip frenzy. Firm, regular pulses flutter around my cock; I savour them, knowing that you're cumming. Then I fuck through the insane tightness of your sheath...Holding onto your sweaty body I jack-hammer my lower body, powering my aching shaft in a few last series of thrusts...then I slam your bum against the tree and nearly lift your feet off the ground. Held in that position your weight locks our groins tight...My balls convulse and I feel the boiling spunk exploding up inside you. Spurt after spurt follows, an unstoppable creamy flood of scalding hot jism that sprays over your cervix. Your body sags into my arms as you realise you're being seeded so potently. I have to press you against the trunk, your dead-weight being held up only by my rigid, spewing cock. All too soon I feel the power in that shaft shrinking away. Feebler pulses burp up the dregs of my flailing ball-bag. I push our crotches tight, fearing that the pressure inside your still-orgasming cunt will f***e my softening dick right out. Our panting bodies strain together, the effort of that incredible fuck leaving us exhausted. I lie into you, our moist skin sticking hotly as we nuzzle and kiss.
Eventually my shrivelled cock is almost spat out and we disengage awkwardly. This is new ground for us both and we hover tentatively for a few moments. Then I feel about for your panties and dress and hand them over to you. You fumble them on, noticing for the first time that most of the dress buttons have been popped off. I am fixing my trousers and shrugging on my jacket. What do we do now, I think to myself...Offer to walk her home?! Or slink away while her back is turned...!

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6 months ago
Was sort-of expecting a catch at the end, where it would turn out to be a pre-arranged triste between husband & wife (or boyfriend/girlfriend) - but to my surprise, it wasn't : was an actual rape scene (quite violent with the punch!)............
So, what happens now.........does she go to the police? Or, has she found the encounter with the stranger so exciting, that she wants more of him??
1 year ago
love this story.x