Plumbing the heights

I can imagine myself as a tradesman at your house, say , a plumber....attending to your old boiler (!)...I see myself as a younger guy, inexperienced in sex but horny as fuck. My boss , a guy in his 60s has left me there to finish off the work. All day long you've been hovering around, giving us cups of tea etc. During one break I hear you and the boss chatting....the conversation soon gets really smutty, I have to leave the room to hide my blushes. I return quietly to find you and the boss in a clinch. I clearly see his hand on your breast. You're wearing only a thin's very hot weather. From the doorway I watch his hand pop a few buttons...then your white bra is in view , the lacy cup sagging with the weight of your breast. The boss's smutty hand leaves its mark there as he squeezes and pinches at the shape of your nipple. Suddenly there's the sound of a car door slamming...'Oh no ! It's my hubby....', I hear you gasp, an instant you've buttoned up and my boss has sat down at the table to finish his coffee. I slink back into the room too and resume my work on the boiler . As your hubby stays in the house there's no chance for further hanky-panky that morning but I see you in a new light. Later on my boss confesses to fancying you, graphically describing what he'd like to do to you....all through my apprenticeship he's been telling me of the frustrated housewives he's fucked during his's all amazing to me...I mean, he's a gnarled old letch, smelling of fags and as coarse as a badger's arse....but apparently there's a whole world of nymphos in suburbia who can't wait to be swivelling on hard cock of even the most unprepossessing of old tossers!
A while later my boss is called away on an emergency. I'm getting proficient at the work so he can leave me to finish off that particular part of the job.
I work a few more hours and am just starting to tidy up. You persuade me to have another cup of tea...truth is I've little experience with women and am as nervous as a cat but you soon put me at my ease. We're finishing the tea when your hubby pops his head around the door to say he's going out . After he's gone your mannner becomes more relaxed....I sense matters could get quite intimate...To forestall any embarassment I ask to use your bathroom....I'm busting for a pee after all those cups of tea! I sidle out of the kitchen and rush upstairs.It's a relief to stand over the toilet, jetting out all that pent-up piss. As I'm finishing, shaking out the final droplets I glance over to the laundry basket in the corner of the room. The lid is pushed up and see a flash of filmy pink material. I confess to having explored quite a few laundry baskets in my short career as plumber's mate! I can't resist this one either and soon one of your pink nighties is in my trembling hand. I had washed my hands downstairs before our tea-break so wasn't worried about soiling the sexy garment. I hold it to my face, savouring the odour of your body on the material , especially the underarm area. I then pull out a pair of your silky knickers too. I sit down on the loo seat and I open it out on my knee. The sight of the sk**mark on the white gusset makes my cock throb...I raise the panties to my face and inhale deeply..Your crotch odours are heady now my cock has erected and I fold your nightie around the engorged shaft. I continue to breathe in your soiled gusset aromas as I slowly wank.
'Are you alright in there!?...only I haven't heard anything.....!'...before I can answer, the bathroom door handle is turned and to my horror the door opens . In my rush I had forgot about locking it!
You stand there, silhouetted against the bright light from the landing window; your thin housecoat virtually transparent ! We pause, looking at each other in mute astonishment. It crosses my mind to utter,,,'It's not what you think...!' but quickly realise that line wouldn't work in the circumstances!
With my cock enfolded in your nightie and the gusset of your dirty pants plastered to my face I'm not in much of a position to negotiate an escape from the situation....!

Moments later you're standing close to me...'You're a dirty little boy aren't you Jamie...!' but the tone of your voice is wrong...I 'm afraid to look up into your face so I keep my gaze at waist level. You see that and I watch your fingers unbuttoning your housecoat. With a flourish you open it wide and shrug it off your shoulders. It slips down your body and puddles around your feet. Your full pale body is 'in my face', literally....a quick thought about this being my boss's dream moment is dispersed by your next action. You lean over and grip onto your pink nightie; by now my penis has shrunk to softness. We have a mini-tug of war which you win easily. You toss the nightie back over towards the laundry basket....'Now those knickers, please!' , you command, holding out your hand. I meekly hand them over and sit awkwardly on the toilet seat, trying to hide my shrivelled manhood.
'Now..!' Your voice is softer..encouraging.
'You're not the first who's done this...and you won't be the last! The thing is...what are we going do about it...?
I have to look up then, into your eyes....I see a faint smile play around your lips...' Were you going to wank up your spunk into my nightie , then Jamie?....that seems such a waste, doesn't it.....!'
You shift your stance...your legs wider apart. I look down at the big white panties that you're wearing...'Look closer, Jamie...what do you see.....?'
I lower my head to examine the taut white materia that hugs your mound. You thrust your hips forward, explosing the crotch area....I give a quick intake of breath...there's a darker stain on that wide gusset....'See it now, Jamie?'
I nod my head....
'When your boss kissed and groped me....that's when that started....I've been so juicy ever since.....And now....discovering you like this...well....Oh, Jamie! I feel so randy now...!'
Your voice trails off into a sort of plea.....'Have a proper feel....Jamie!' You reach your hand down and grip my wrist; moments later my palm is plastered against your white knickers, cupping the proud bulge of your mons. I can feel the shape of your shapely mons under the sheer cotton material. My penis responds, sticking up out of my groin as I sit on the toilet seat. You grip my head and pull it against your bare belly; hunching over I feel your full bra cups pressing either side of my flushed cheeks. As if in some infantile rooting action I turm my face , my lips seeking the shape of your swollen nipple beneath the sheer bra cup.

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