I'd like to tell you how I was initiated as a bull to a couple dedicated to cuckoldry. This happened many years ago when I was a young student in Glasgow. I had won a place to study at Scotland's foremost art school and had travelled there a week or so before I could go into the hall of residence I had chosen for the first term. I had tried a few B&Bs in the area but hadn't liked what I saw.So I went a bit further out towards Kelvingrove Park and at the first place I called at the landlady said she'd be delighted to accommodate me; their usual policy was not to accept student types but there was something about me that reassured her I would be OK. I was completely naive in those days about alot of things so had missed a certain predatory look in her eye ! Modesty forbids but I will admit that I kept myself in good shape those days and as it was late summer the tight T-shirt I was wearing under my light jacket revealed my toned physique. The woman whom I'll call Brenda was slight, that is to say shorter than me, and slim. Her short greying hair framed a determined, attractive face. She spoke quite rapidly in the Scots accent I was barely used to so I had to ask her to repeat a few phrases. She took this in good heart but I sensed she liked to run the conversation. The house rules were made known to me and the formalities closed.She showed me to my room and I sensed was keen to linger but a phone sounded downstairs and she made her apologies and left. I unpacked and had a read of a Glasgow guide to get myself familiarised with the great city. I watched the sun sinking slowly down over the towers of the Kelvingrove Museum then I washed and prepared to go out to get my evening meal. I passed Brenda and her husband in the hall. David was a tall, broadly built man with an hearty demeanour. We had a short chat about various things. I noticed that David deferred to his wife ; it was clear who was boss in this household.
I was invited to join them in their living room when I returned from dinner, 'for a wee dram'.
When I got back in later that night I was hoping to slip by the living room and avoid that drink with the landlady and her husband- I was quite the callow young man and I dreaded such social situations to be honest, But my entrance had not got unnoticed and as I approached the stairs Brenda came out of the front room and greeted me warmly. I was quite shocked to see that she was not dressed in her day clothes but was now wearing a long flowing peignoir. I think I blushed as I gazed down at her. Quite unfazed she gripped me by the hand and led me into the dimly lit room..'Come on now, don't be shy, Jamie.....we're all friends here!' I looked around for David and was surprised to see him sitting in a high-backed chair that was facing away from the couch and TV in the centre of the room; I could only see the top of his head in fact. He was reading a paper but called out a greeting without turning . Brenda reached for a glass on the tray set out on the low table and poured out a large whiskey for me. She patted the couch beside her and made me sit down. She watched with a half-smile on her lips as I took a few tentative sips of the strong malt whiskey. I coughed a bit as I wasn't really used to the stuff but after awhile I began to enjoy the taste. That and her close proximity. She made easy conversation, asking me about my f****y and such. I took longer and longer looks at her cleavage as her peignoir gradually slackened and gaped open. Very soon she was talking about more personal matters; did I have a girlfriend, what did I like in a woman. That really threw me; as I said before I had little experience of the opposite sex. Apart from some ineffectual fumbles with the more adventurous girls in the woods behind the park in my home town I was a complete innocent !
Now here was a semi-naked mature woman sitting so close to me, her perfume and the whiskey making my poor young brain quite befuddled ! I was expecting her husband to leap up at any time to protest at her forward manner but all I could hear from his quarter was the methodical turning of the newspaper pages. Brenda kept refilling my glass, her bright eyes glistening up at me as I strove to answer her questions and match her witty conversation. It had been a long day, what with the travel from my town to the confusion of such a large metropolis as Glasgow, finding a place to stay and generally getting my bearings! This development was something I had no inkling of how to deal with.
Then I found myself looking down at Brenda's hand on my thigh. She had moved very close to me and I was struggling to understand her Scots accent. I murmured an answer to her latest comment then realised her full left breast was completely exposed.
She wasn't a big woman but to me that unimpeded view was riveting. She saw me looking and giggled...'Oh my! What must you think of me, Jamie !' But she made no move to cover herself up again. I took another sip of the strong whiskey and leaned back into the cushions. That seemed to signal something to Brenda. Before I could do anything she was leaning in and kissing me on the lips. The weight of her slight body was sufficient to pin me in place. Her hard moist wet tongue expertly opened my mouth and lanced deep inside. Our glued lips locked juicily as I experienced my first real french kiss. Naturally there was a big reaction in my jeans. Brenda knew this as her palm was now cupping my crotch, her fingers registering the first stirrings of my erecting penis. She continued to kiss me, giving exciting little moans. I glanced nervously over at the back of David's chair- surely he was aware of what his wife and I were doing !
I made a feeble attempt to push Brenda away but finding her small soft breast in my sweaty palm I quickly gave into the excitement of the moment. I kneaded that sweet little breast to her obvious delight...between kisses she sighed her praise of my fumbling efforts. Her own hands had not been idle.....with astonishment I looked down to see my erect cock sticking up out of my flies...'Oooh, Jamie! Such a big boy too!' Brenda's small hands were rubbing my erection eagerly now. I saw the precum bubbling out, running down the shaft. Brenda shrank away from me....falling onto her knees in front of the couch. When her hot moist mouth closed over my bloated glans I nearly shot my load there and then ! But she was aware of my inexperience and slowed her fellatio, giving my rigid shaft such sweet licks and kisses. Again I glanced over to the David's chair; no reaction. I stroked Brenda's bobbing head and leaned back, my head swimming with the effects of the whiskey and this horny development. She pushed my cock back against my belly and licked all the way from my crinkled balls to the tingling tip. A few more of those rasping licks and my muck would have been squirting out of my inflamed red-eye over my t-shirt. Brenda was expert enough to play me to the max.
'Look , Dave!' , her voice was barely audible but I caught a glimpse of David turning his chair.....I took a closer, unbelieving look....David was sitting there , dressed in bra , panties, suspenders and stockings . I think he was wearing high heels too!
'What a cock, eh!? '...there was a note of derision in Brenda's voice as she continued to lick and suck me...'My god...he's so fucking thick! Not like your little weeny, Dave! ' Her small hands pumped along my shaft.....
I wanted to make eye contact with get some reaction from him about this bizarre situation but all I could see was his excited gaze at his wife working over my rampant cock.

Brenda continued sucking my cock for several more minutes, her active tongue thrilling my screaming bell-end nerves. She knew how to stop me losing control, pinching my shaft tight and letting my 'trigger' disengage. By now I was avid to fuck her. I was leaning forwards, my hand reaching down to caress her sagging breasts. She had small pink nipples which my fingers and thumb played with. I glanced over at Dave. He had drawn his chair right around now and sat in it, his hands gripping the arms. His stockinged legs were apart, at their apex bulged a pouch of dark blue silk. Clearly visible on the material was evidence of his leaked arousal. This hadn't escaped Brenda's attention either. In mid-suck she broke away from me and stood up. She marched over to a cupboard and returned, swishing a cruelly thin cane.
'Up !', was all she barked at Dave. He stood immediately and let himself be led to the coffee table in front of the couch. A few taps of the cane directed him to bend over, his hands placed flat on the table. Brenda moved into position and gave a few practice swishes. That sound was enough to scare me! My saliva-moist cock even started to soften as I realised what was going to happen next. The first real strike of the cane on Dave's defenceless arse was like a pistol shot in the silent room. Dave couldn't avoid giving out a deep groan ; his knees buckled momentarily but straightened again. Brenda readjusted her stance and whipped her arm as hard as she could. Again the sound was truly impressive. After a few more similar blows she paused and looked triumphantly at me...She panted ,'That's how we punish him, Jamie...mind you,if he had had a stiffy....I would be handing over to you to give him a few more stripes!' Her glowing face told me how she revelled in her power over her husband. The events of the day had been so bizarre, my initiation into all of this had happened so quickly that I wondered if it was all just a dream.
Dave stayed in his position, his manly frame ever so slightly quivering as the pain continued to affect him. On his taut white buttocks the horizontal weals darkened and erupted redly before my gaze. She had certainly laid those stripes there very neatly. Looking closer I could see the traces of previous whippings all the way over those trembling cheeks.
'Right...stay there till you're called, you wimp!'
Dave remained motionless, not even nodding.
Brenda tidily put the cane back in the cupboard then came back over to me.
'Come on, darling....time for bed!' She reached for my hand and led me up out of the room and the stairs. As we ascended I caught a last sight of Dave still stood in position. 'Will he stay like that till....?!', I whispered to Brenda as we entered her bedroom.
She looked up at me, smiling but only said...' Forget him, Jamie.....right now I need a proper fucking!'
Brenda knew what she wanted and she certainly got it. Youthful enthusiasm and stamina saw me through that first night in her bed. Several times she had to coax me to slow down as I sought to pound her sexy mature body into the sweaty sheets. She guided me patiently when she decided that penetrative sex was becoming too painful. I have an unusual girth it seems, and after lengthy fucking, in whatever position, her cunt was becoming quite sore. With copious amounts of KY jelly she taught me how to gently bring her to orgasm with my fingers. Eventually , in the wee small hours, I was rewarded with a short energetic fuck that ended with a mindblowing seeding of her spasming cunt in the missionary position. We clung together , kissing hard as our mated groins convulsed in unison. By then I was all in , pun intended! My exhausted body pinned her slightness to the bed . I felt my cock slowly deflating, shrinking in its sheath of hot bubbling juiciness. Brenda gave a slight push with her hand; I took the cue and rolled sideways off of her sticky warm body. My cock exited her cunt with an audible slurp. We lay side by side for a moment then she cried out, 'Dave!'
As if he had been standing right outside the bedroom the door opened quietly and her husband crept in. The low bedside lamp was still on. Through tired eyes I watched him approach the end of the bed and slide up on his chest until his face was above Brenda's splayed crotch. Then his head dipped and I heard him lapping at her spunky gaping labia. Brenda arched her back, thrusting herself up onto his mouth. One of her hands reached to grip onto mine as our touching sides felt the tremors of Dave's activity between her legs. She sighed deep approval, her hips making stronger and wider gyrations on Dave's delving tongue. She laced the fingers of her other hand in Dave's thick greying hair, guiding the motions of his head, at times making his tongue lick up over her clit then thrusting right down so that it was rasping over her puckered arsehole. Several times I heard those deep slurps that confirmed her cunt was being syphoned clear of my deposited sperm. Excited lapping sounds accompanied the cleaning up of all her swollen labial folds. Eventually Dave raised his head; he nodded that it was done. Brenda smiled tiredly and released his head.....I half-expected her to command him to perform the same service on my sticky slack penis but , thankfully,she waved her hand and he melted silently away. 'You can turn the light out now, Jamie....I'm so tired now!' I did so and settled into the warm blackness beside her already slumbering body. I lay on my back, immobile for a few moments. I wanted to turn to her, enfold her in my arms, to breathe in the spicy aroma of her fuck-sweat but was suddenly unsure of everything again.
I usually woke with a raging hard-on in those days, such is the potency of youth! I didn't get the chance to find out if I would experience the same when waking up beside a slumbering Brenda ! For one thing she was awake before me and, besides she was just on the point , literally!, of mounting me when consciousness flooded into my fuddled brain. So I didn't know in what state she found my cock when she turned to me to resume her sexual pleasure. Perhaps it had lain soft , limp and sticky in her little hands for a few moments and maybe she had used her mouth to coax it back to rampant life; what mattered was that it was very rigid now ! Her excited eyes smiled down at me as she straddled my passive hips. She levered my erection up off my taut belly and guided my reddened glans back into her warm wet box, Her labia clung to that swollen bulb so sweetly; her heat and the sight of her hanging breasts completed the process of my waking. My hands reached up onto her wide hips; the touch of her skin and the odour of last night's sex on our bodies hit me like a d**g. My hands pulled hard on her at the same moment as my virile hips and back arched upwards. Brenda gave an excited gasp as my cock thrust hard up inside her. Falling forwards, her palms smacked down on my chest as she fought for balance, her breasts swaying deliciously and her nipples stroking over my chest. She drove herself down fiercely; I felt my balls bulging at the top of my closed thighs as my shaft impaled her completely. Then she began riding me with long slow exquisite movements. I lay back and savoured each delicious thrust, each vein-thrilling withdrawal. Her tightness meant that every nerve-ending on my turgid cock and on every millimetre of her vaginal lining sparked in one long continuous head-spinning stimulation. She varied the angle of her flexing body too, twisting her hips to maximise the pulsing pleasure for us both.

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1 year ago
hot adventure storry mmm making me so hot
3 years ago
Loved the story and like to re-enact with my hubby lol! older men too ;))