The visit

It started out simply enough, I was visiting my s****r and
her husband for the week. They both work so I had the run of
her house and I took advantage of the opportunity to sl**p
in on my vacation. I woke late and assumed everyone had gone
for work. I took a nice long relaxing shower, s*s’s bathroom
was warm and cozy so I took my time.

When I went to put my towel in the hamper I noticed a very slinky
teddy and panty set on top. I had never thought of my s****r
wearing anything like that so I picked it up and looked it
over . It was pink silk and trimmed in lace. It felt so soft,
I wondered what it would be like to wear such a thing.
Since my s****r and I were about the same size (without the
breasts) I couldn’t resist.

It felt awesome, and although I had always considered myself
fairly masculine I didn’t look half bad. I was enjoying
the image in the mirror so much that I had become quite hard.
For future reference if you plan on doing something embarrassing,
lock the door even if you are alone. As I was posing, the bathroom
door opened, my b*****r in law apparently hadn't gone
to work and had forgotten I was there.

I’m not sure who was more surprised but as I fumbled for the
towel he began to chuckle. “Please Tom” I pleaded “don’t
say any thing”. After a minute he said with an evil grin “It’ll
cost you”. I felt sick but I told him “anything you want”.
I expected to be forking over some serious cash, but it wouldn’t
be that easy.
“ Come on, you want to play dress up you can give me a nice show.”
He led me into the bedroom and had me strike some poses.
I was so humiliated but I figured I would play his game and
that would be the end. Suddenly I saw the flash, I hadn't
noticed him pick up the digital camera. "No way” I protested.
I tried to take it from him but he has about fifty pounds on
me and it’s hard to be very assertive dressed in a teddy.

“ Just keep posing" "and make it sexier.” He
continued to take pictures, and directing me into more and more compromising
At one point he had me bend over and look at him between my
legs. That was when I noticed the bulge in his pants. He must
have seen in my face that I noticed, because that evil grin
appeared on his face again.
“ On your knees slut!” he commanded. I protested “OK this
has gone far enough, say what you want I don’t want to play
this anymore.”
You’ve had your fun now I want to get dressed.”
Tom said very seriously, ”You stop now and everyone I know,
everyone you know and every web site I can think of will get
copies of these Pics.” “But Tom” I pleaded. “Shut up and
get on your knees”
I was stuck, reluctantly I sank to my knees very afraid of
what was next.
“Go get it.”
I tried to act like I didn’t know what he meant but he just
said “ I told you, GO GET IT!”
I reached out and unzipped his pants. Tom undid his belt
and unhooked the waist band. I stared at his underwear
as his pants fell to the floor. The bulge in his jockey shorts
was huge. It had to be twice the size of my own.
“ Go get it” he repeated. There was no way his member was coming
through the fly, so I slide his shorts down . When his cock
popped out I just looked in disbelief, I had never seen such
an enormous member.
“Kiss it” I didn’t even protest, my mind was racing, I was
about to suck my b*****r in laws cock, and my own dick was
hard as a rock.
I started kissing around the circumcised
head, I grabbed the shaft with both hands. It was so warm,
and I felt it pulsing. I hoped Tom didn’t know I was starting
to like this. I kissed the tip of his cock and tasted his precum,
It was odd but not bad. (I had tasted my own on occasion).
Tom gave a slight thrust of his hips and the head of his cock
popped past my lips. I started to pull back but tom grabbed
my head.
“Suck” he said sternly I began to suck and Tom pushed a little
more. Now I had a mouth full. “use your tongue” Tom said as
he moved his hips slightly back and forth. He moaned “ good
job slut “ and began to thrust deeper “play with my balls”
he ordered. The tip of his cock kept pressing deeper and
as it hit the back of my throat I started to gag.
“ All of it!” he said as he continued to go deeper.
I couldn’t believe I was deep throating him. As his balls
started to hit my chin I felt them tighten, and he moaned
My god he’s going to cum!! I thought. I panicked and pulled
back his cock bouncing in the air in front of my face. "You
bitch!!" He yelled. His cock was throbbing but he
hadn’t cum. “That is not how it’s done”
“I have a load for you and you will get it” Tom said.
“Please I’m not ready for this, I have never even thought
of being with a man. “ I pleaded “ I’ll jack you off, suck your
balls, anything else.”
I knew instantly that was a mistake, Tom said “fine” “turn
around” I shook my head “Not that!”
Tom shoved me back, I landed on my ass spread eagle. My raging
hard on peeking over the top of the panties. Tom laughed
“ Don’t tell me you hate this.” “Look at that little dick
of yours!” “Now stand up, grab the bed and finish this or
Now I was afraid, and I did as he said. He slid the panties
off me and told me to spread my legs. I was shaking all over.
I felt something cold run down my ass crack. At least he was
using something as a lube.
I felt the warm head of his cock press against my hole. I was
so tense I knew he would never get in.
“Relax” he said much more calmly. I felt his hand caress
my balls and my dick started to stiffen again.
He said “jack off.. nice and slowly” I reached one hand back
and started stroking my own cock. I started to relax as my
dick became fully erect again. Suddenly I felt his cock
push past my sphincter. I tensed and he stopped. He started
moving back and forth just a fraction at first, then deeper
and faster.
My ass was on fire, but it was starting to fell better. I was
able to relax more and before I knew it his balls were slapping
mine and I was thrusting
back. I had let go of my cock to hang on to the bed and I was just
getting into the feel of his cock sliding deep inside giving
me sensations I had never dreamed of.
Suddenly Toms Thrusts became harder and faster, he was
making grunting noises. Then he pressed hard into my ass,
I had all I could do to stay upright.
Then I felt it! Hot cum was exploding deep in me. My own throbbing
member exploded all over the bed, and I wasn’t even touching
it! Tom began to thrust again I felt his cum drip from my ass.
When Tom pulled his cock from my aching hole I fell against
the bed. I felt my own cum, still warm on my face and I began
to lick it off the bed. I realized there were more flashes
from Toms camera but I was beyond caring.
“Not that bad was it” Tom grinned and placed his semi-hard
tool in my face. “Time to clean up”
I licked and sucked him clean, realizing that I was tasting
his cum anyway. It was a little different then mine, and
of course I could taste my own ass too. I knew things would
never be the same for me again.
Later that night at Dinner Tom said to my s****r, “We should
take a ride to Victoria Secret, your due for some new things.”
She blushed and I hope she didn’t notice that I did too.
That was the beginning, there were more visits. Little
did I know that Tom’s little Super bowl party with a few “close”
friends would have me as the “center” of attention, but
that is another story.
92% (27/2)
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5 months ago
oh my god yess id love to be fucked like that and show the pic.s to my wife hehehehe
1 year ago
exciting day
2 years ago
great story, thanks!
2 years ago
got me suppperhot
2 years ago
Thanks all the "Superbowl" is up
2 years ago
love your storie
2 years ago
2 years ago
This is super hot!
2 years ago
Well then, we have the super bowl party to look forward to!