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Hi friends this is satish from tirupatii. Hope this story will be enjoyed by you. I’m an Engineering College student in Chennai. This incident happened when I am studying in 12thstd . Let me start the story. During 12th am one of the best student in the school, due to which am the representative of the class so my class teacher always call me to do any work rather than any boys. Once it was heavily raining so the students were announced to leave their classes earlier. I am also about to leave.
Suddenly my class teacher called me and ordered me to check whether all students of all the class were left. I parked my cycle and looked into each class. I was very angry because all my classmates were left and now I had to reach the home single. With these thoughts I checked each and every class, Everyone left the class. Suddenly I heard a scream. It was from the class 8th. A girl was crying with her hands holding her leg I inquired what happened.
She told of that a girl pushed her away and she had stroked with the desk. I scolded the girl and told her to leave the class. Now I and the girl only in the class. Now about the girl she is a beautiful girl with medium sized growing boobs that fastened her churidar which is our school uniform. Suddenly a bad thought covered my mind I asked her where she got injured she said in leg I softly touched her knees she said it was paining I continue massaging her and slowly started to move upwards up to her thighs, Oh god it’s so soft as silk she was dumbfounded what am doing and try to pull her legs
But she was not succeeded because she was in pain and asked of what are you doing? I didn’t reply . Immediately I removed my pants and also untied her knots in her pants and make her semi nude wow what a sexy thighs am unable to control myself and started licking her bare thighs she resisted of to do… But because of pain and my hands in her mouth she was unable to shout. I decided to move further. I removed her shawl and try to remove her tops but she resisted to her full strength.
I slapped her suddenly and she didn’t except this from me and she cried in pain. I asked her to shout her mouth otherwise i told your class teacher that she had stolen something in the class after the class hours… She was shocked and asked me not to do. Now i removed her tops without resistance. Wow what a nice structure she had her milky boobs made me go crazy I removed her bra and started pressing her boobs wildly she cried in pain.
And ask ma to relieve her but am not responded I started licking her boobs with my tongue. She was very much excited by this. And now I removed her panties she resisted i have her a log lip kiss. She gone mad come in no time I removed her panty She try to cover her pubic area but i removed her hands and started fingering her pussy with my middle finger she got excited and moaning in pleasure… After about 2 min she cum.
Now I asked her to masturbate me. She nodded her head I once again blackmail her and now she started . Oh god am in my seventh sense ohh. I am in heaven I was about to cum and splashed into her mouth she got irritated and spirited them into the floor what are you doing?” a strange voice come near the door I was shocked to see that my class teacher was there. I was in full dear that she may tell it to my parents and I will be suspended from the school. She came near to me. The girl started to cry.
Mam consoled her and told her to leave the campus and assured her that she didn’t tell it to her parents now it’s a critical position for me. I pleaded her to forgive me. But she tells that she had tell it to my parents. I cried, She came close to me and ordered off to remove her saree i was astonished ” Mam what are you talking? ” She told ” Do what I say otherwise I will tell it to your parents” I shocked and removed her saree she was wearing a red saree with matching blouse oh god hid was very white in complexion her deep navel mad of in crazy she told of let me enjoy yourself .
Hearing this I started to lick her navel with my tongue she moaned I removed her blouse and bra and see her cute milky boobs I sucked her nipples till it got red now I removed her petticoat and started fingering her pussy. She took my dick and started sucking it like lollipop. Then I removed my dick from her mouth and put it into her pussy wow what a nice feeling I fucked her for about 15 min and cum inside her. She told of that am a really a good fucker. Then we dressed ourselves and leave room. After that whenever we got chance we fucked each other. So guys and girls I am waiting for your reply.

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