Trick or Treat

Halloween and Sammy was going to do costume thing just like every other year. This time she was going to just take her job to the extreme. Black slacks, white shirt and a pocket protector. Geek squad. The only thing that gave it away that something wasn’t quite right for the typical suburban wife, computer manager, and mother, was for some reason her pocket protector seemed to rest on a breast that was even bigger than normal. What her coworkers didn’t know was Sammy was wearing two costumes. Her real trick or treat would come after the office party.
Jake was in town and had invited her to a party of his own. One of his photographer friends was along…Jake and Sammy were going to fuck for the camera. Neither had done it before and neither knew how it would be. Both were excited at the prospect of trying to make it as hot as possible. This is where Sammy had decided to pull her real Halloween stunt. Today, Sammy the perfect little girl was going to be Sammy the slut and she was dressed for the part. Under her geek squad suit she was wearing stockings and garters, her crotch less panties that she knew framed her hanging pussy lips and a merry widow that explained how her tits had looked so magnificent all day. She realized how great she looked as she dressed this morning before she pulled on the so very unsexy geek squad stuff. It was the story of her life…dripping hot cunt under the professional veneer.
She walked into the hotel room and she could see the grin on Jake’s face as he appreciated the irony of her costume but also the disappointment on his friend’s face. She smiled to herself as she knew he wouldn’t be disappointed long. She excused herself to go to the bathroom while Scott checked his camera. When she came out she had changed more than her clothes. She strutted to Jake and kissed him deeply, her hard tongue dueling with his. She could hear the camera work and as she broke the kiss she turned to Scott and boldly dropped her hand to the front of his pants. Oh yes, he wasn’t disappointed anymore.
Jake pulled her to the bed and laid her down. Scott was shooting over his shoulder so as Jake settled down to eat that marvelous pussy; he was focused on her lips and stayed there as she swelled under Jake’s tongue. It was so unbelievably hot know she was exposed with one man with his face buried in her cunt and another watching it all happen. As Scott moved around to get another angle he passed her head. Sammy reached up and roughly grabbed his fly, feeling his hard dick covered there.
“Trick or treat” She said and he laid his camera down and pulled out his dick. Sammy pulled it to her mouth and now it was Jake’s turn to rise up momentarily from his work to watch her at her’s. That was the end of sanity. She was dressed as a slut and now she had no choice but to play the part. She was an equal partner as the three of them were each in a hotter encounter than they had ever experienced before. They fucked and sucked and came. They came in her and on her. She felt her tits sucked while her pussy was fucked. She climbed on top of Scott and while her pussy tried to eat his dick, she really ate Jake’s dick. The rhythms of the sex were unbelievable as they all reached synchronization.
It was over too soon but she was after all just playing a part. Scott had taken the pictures with her digital camera so she didn’t have to worry about her secret getting out anywhere. She went home but knew it would be a couple of days before she could bring herself to relive where she had been, what she had done, who she had been…
That evening she had gone immediately to her bathroom to get out of her cum covered under things and clean herself up. As she looked in the mirror she could still see handprints on her breasts and just a hint of someone’s dried cum in her hair. When she came downstairs she was back in her flannel pajamas that covered her completely and found her f****y around the TV. Her husband looked up from his ballgame.
“How did everyone like your costume?’
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3 years ago
good but more details
4 years ago
Very nice. I love defiling sweet ladies and helping them become whores like this. My wife is a sweet and proper lady during the day who screams for me to fuck her up the ass and cum on her face at night. Maybe i need to take her to a photo shoot like this?