Caught dressed

I had been dressing for a while when I got married. I had enjoyed my time dressing and especially when I would go out of town.

One trip I took I got hjome and was called to go help a friend right away. I left with out unpacking my bags. I really didn't think about what I had in my bags when I left the house. When I came home I went into the house and I found a note that said I will be home soon I have a surprize for you.

I went into the bedroom and remembered what I had in my bags. My clothes and under them were my sexy clothes. I had panties, hoses, garters, crotchless hoses, heels and some toys, nipple clamps, and my cockrings.

I opened my bags and found nothing was moved all was hwere i had left them. I put everything away. I went into the back yard and was sitting in the patio enjoying a drink when my wife came home and said i am sure glad you are home. I told her so am I.

She went back into the house and after a while she called out to me by saying will you please come in and hekp me. when I went in I called out where are you and she said I am in the bed room. I went into the bed room and their she was in the bed under the covers. She said why don't you come join me.

I said sure! I took my clothes off and I found she had on a very sexy outfit on. Hoses, crothless panties, and a teddy. She said do you like? I said yes I do very much you look so hot. She said thank you!

She then tells me why don't you go take a shower and come join me. I go in and take a shower and when I come out I find on the counter a note and some lingerie. The note says I know you enjoy wearing lingerie and I want you to shave all your nasty hair and here is some hair remover use it all over your body and then put on all the clothes and come out cause I have another surprize for you.

I was shocked!!! how did she know I had been so careful all this time. OH YA my bags she must have opened them.

I did as the note said and by the time I removed all the hair I wa so horny mmmmm the feel is so good so smooth mmmmmmm.

I slipped on the blk crothless hoses, pink thong, short white nightie. The said try and hide your cock when you come out. I thought as I looked in the mirror you look as sexy as ever. ready or not here i go!

I open the door and wow was I shocked. There was my wife with a video camera and dressed like a dominate outfit. All black and very shiny.

My mouth fell open and I didn't know what to say. She said what you have nothing to say? This is what you have wanted right??? ANSWER ME NOW SLUT! I said yes maam. You like my story so far?
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3 years ago
Looking forward to your next chapter. Thanks Candi
3 years ago
Please continue..... Please!!!
3 years ago
Dying to find out more :D
3 years ago
Great start this could be a rather long story with many chapters thanks