The Office Sex part 2

Once the boss had fucked her ass, it was all he could think of. later that day her went to her and asked if she could stay late and help him with a project. She said she would be happy to. He watched her ass as she left the office.

At 6 she walked into his office. He loved to see her tits beneath the tight t-shirt and knew tonight he would fuck them also. He asked her to lock his office door so they would not be interupted. With the door locked she came to his desk and stood before him. He asked her to remove her shirt which she did. Her tits were even better without clothing. He pulled her to him and began sucking them. He sucked and massage them when some liquid filled his mouth. She then said, "I am still nursing my c***d, so you are getting his milk. I hope you like the taste." he kept sucking and drinking the milk which was so sexy it got his cock huge. He loved these huge tits full of milk. He then squeezed them and milk squirted like a water gun.

He stood up and stripped his clothes getting naked very fast. he took the nipples and squirted his naked body with the milk. When they sprayed his cock it felt so erotic and nothing he had ever experience before. He soaked his cock with the milk then had her lick it off. He did this many times loving her licking the milk from his cock. He then had her suck the hard cock til he came in her mouth. He loved the milk play.

He then squirted milk on his hand and rubbed her pussy and then licked the milk from the pussy. he loved this also and did it several times making her cum often. She had a perfect pussy, shaved and plump with big clit and lips. he licked her pussy and made her cum over and over.

He then layed her over his desk and spread her so he could fuck her. He shoved his big cock in her warm hole and started to fuck her hard. She started to moan and began to climax many times. As he fucked her he then started to suck the tits. as he fucked and sucked, his mouth filled with the warm milk. He loved fucking some one full of milk and it made his cock so hard. Every time she would cum, milk would squirt from her nipples. He almost could not swallow the mild fast enough.

"Bend over so I may fuck your tight ass." he told her. She bent over the desk as he mounted her ass. She welcomed his big cock up her ass. "Yes, fuck me hard. I love your thick, long cock in my ass." she told him. so fuck her he did with all his might he rammed her ass and soon she was screaming with pleasure from the cock. "I love my ass fucked" she later told him. "Well baby, feed me that tittie milk and I will fuck you all you want." he said. "If you keep nursing me, my milk will stay in even after I no longer nurse the baby as he is ready to quit nursing." "OH sweetie, I love that tittie milk on my cock and you licking it off. I will do whatever you need to keep your huge tits full of milk." "Now let me nurse those big globes one more time."

Over the next few months the boss nursed the lady every day drinking the tittie milk and keeping her big tits full of that nice sweet milk. At night he would spray his cock with milk as she licked it off. Then she would spray his ass and lick it off. There was no end to the milk play.
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