Sir John and the six rooms

Sir John was the richest man in his small town. What ever he wanted he got. Now he wanted a bride in each of his six bedrooms. He already had four and was looking for two more. His brides had no job except please him. They cooked cleaned and let him use their bodies for any sexual thing he needed. He had a high sex drive and never could get satisfied. The brides he chose were slim, pretty, large tits, huge nipples, tight pussies, and round asses. They were virgins and he was the first to fuck them. They were never allowed to say no, no matter what time he wanted to fuck, day or night. They all wore thin short wrap around robes and nothing else. The light material high-lighted their tits and asses making him want to fuck all the time. Last night he had them strip the robes and bend over, all lined up as he fucked each one in the kitchen before they went to bed and he then joined them one at a time in their private rooms. When he got to the room of the fourth wife he stayed there the rest of the night and fucked her mouth and ass and then fucked her pussy so many times she was sore and raw.
Today he was going to town to get two more brides. He had made a deal with the parents and they were happy to give their daughters to him. It was a great thing to be wanted by Sir John as he chose only the sexiest girls.
At the first house, he knocked and was invited in and they went and got their young daughter. She was young and so innocent and had a very very sexy body. He told the parents to undress her as he wanted to see her naked. They stripped her for him and he came over to look at the scared girl. Her naked body was so beautiful. She had large (DD) tits with huge round nipples and a great round ass. He felt her tits and pinched and pulled the nipples. Her eyes looked frightened. He then ran his hand down to her ass. He massaged her ass loving the nice round shape and firmness then he spread her ass cheeks to see her bud. His finger circled the bud before he pushed it in just a small way. Her ass was very tight and his cock will feel good in it. Her pussy had been shaved as he had demanded and he then rubbed every inch of the smooth pus. "Yes, she will do. Thank you for giving her to me. I need another beautiful girl." And then he gave her the thin robe like they all wore and took her away in the car.

When he got to the second house, he was very aroused when they let him in. He had them undress their daughter for him so he could see her naked body and inspect it. She too was perfect with the huge tits and g**** size nipples and a nice firm round ass. This time instead of rubbing the tits and nipples, he decided to suck them. They grew in size as he sucked them. He then asked the father if he could fuck the wife as his cock needed relief and he did not want to fuck the daughter fast for the first time. The father said yes and stripped his wife's clothes off. The wife had a very sexy body like her daughter and the hottest ass he had seen in a long time so he chose to fuck her ass. He told the daughter,"watch, how I make your mom cum and then fill her ass with my cum so you will know what I will do to you every day. I love to fuck the ass." He then told the mom to bend over and grab her ankles and spread her legs as he aimed his cock to her ass. He spread her ass cheeks and the daughter watched as he shoved his cock in her mom's ass. The mother moaned as his huge cock filled her ass. Then he told the father to get in front of the mom and get his cock sucked. The father pulled his pants down and stuck his cock in the mom's mouth and she started to suck it as Sir John fucked her ass deep and hard and soon filled it with cum as the father filled her mouth with his cum. Her ass was dripping with cum and Sir John gave it a couple slaps and pulled his pants up. He gave the shocked and scared daughter the thin robe to wear and they then left.

Back at the house, he took the new wives to their rooms and told them to get naked and get in bed. Then he went to take another wife to her room and told her to strip. "lay over the end of the bed." he told her. As she did this, he then started to spank her ass. She had very white skin and the slaps to her ass showed his hand print and soon her ass was bright red. He spanked her about thirty times and her ass was on fire but she said not one word or he would double the spanking. After the spanking he then massaged the sore bruised ass knowing this was painful. He then had her get on her knees and suck his cock til he could cum. As she sucked he f***ed his large cock deep into her mouth and down her throat. As she sucked, he grabbed her head and roughly fucked her mouth til he soon was shooting his cum into her throat and watching her swallow. "Now lick my ass and tongue fuck my hole. Fuck me hard with your tongue." She went to the back of him and spread his ass and started licking and soon had her tongue all the way in his ass. As she tongue fucked the ass she sucked it as she knew he loved this.
He then layed on the bed and told her to bring her tits to him so he could suck them. He loved to suck the tits and bite and slap them. Tits were fascinating to him. He sucked her tits taking turns with each one and slapping the huge mounds making hand prints on them. Soon his cock was getting hard again so he knew it was time to go see one of the new brides. It was time to burst her cherry.
part two next.
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3 years ago
very good start
4 years ago
very very nice love it
4 years ago
good story.quit imaginitive,thanxs.