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My son and I had been having great sex for years till he decided he liked a cock better than a pussy. I really like a young innocent boy. My son was the one who would find them for me and bring them home. It usually ended up in a hot 3some. The last one was a street boy that stayed with us for a while and I got him first. The first night at our house when he was sl**ping i went to his bed naked. He was clad only in boxers. I got into bed with him and started kissing him and he did not know what he should do. "I am going to teach you to fuck like a man."i told him. "Take off the boxers." As he did, I saw his nice cock which was a nice size for a young boy. At least nine inches. "Lay on your back and spread your legs and enjoy how your body will feel." I kissed him a few more times tonguing his mouth and he soon started rubbing his tongue on mine. Soon he was kissing like a pro.

I moved down and kissed his nipples as I rubbed and pulled on them I spent a lot of time sucking the round now hard nipples. Then I moved my tit to his mouth and told him to do as I did to his tit. He began to lick my nipples and then he sucked one. He must have liked that as he then got a suction so strong that my nipple stretched way far into his mouth. It felt good and as she sucked I found his cock and began to stroke it. At first it was semi hard but now as I stroked it, it got very hard. He was moving back and forth between my tits sucking as i jacked his hard cock.

I felt his cock begin to jerk so I went down and took it into my mouth and licked the tip which was wet with cum before I started sucking his cock. I took the whole cock into my mouth and sucked him hard as he wasted no time filling my mouth with his cum. He tasted so good and he blasted my throat with a huge load. I then licked him clean.

Next I pushed his head down to my pussy. "Now stick out your tongue and lick my wet pussy. Lick it all till I tell you what to do next." He went right to work licking my swollen pus. I spread my legs so he could lick every crack. "Now use your finger to pinch my clit as you lick my pussy hole." He was a fast learner. "Keep your finger on my clit as you push your tongue in my hole and fuck it." When he did this, I knew I had a boy who would love all the sex I would give him. I loved sex and was a horny nympho. Soon I was cumming all over his tongue. He lapped it up with no problem.

"Well young man your cock is hard again. You will learn to fuck my cunt hard as you can and fill it with your warm cum." i laid on my back and had him lay between my legs. I showed him to push his cock into my hole and go in and out. Soon his cock was fucking me like he had been doing this for years. "Fuck me hard." "Ram that cock in me." I screamed. He rammed in me deep and hard over and over. We both screamed as we climaxed together. He layed his head on my nice big tits and we both went to sl**p with his cock still in my hole.

The next morning my son said,"how did you like fucking my mom?" "She has a great cunt doesn't she?" He looked down and nodded. "I knew you would like her pussy." "Now let me see you cock." "I also love a nice young cock." The boy dropped his boxers. The son picked the cock up in his and and started to rub it. "Sit on the table and spread your legs for me." As the boy sat up on the table, the son told him,"I love to suck a cock and yours is a nice big size. You will fuck mom at night and I will suck your cock and you will suck mine. Soon you will learn to fuck my ass and I will fuck yours." The son then sucked the cock till it came in his mouth. "Now lean on the table while I check your ass." the son leaned him over the table and spread his ass and ran a finger around the bud. Then he started to lick his ass. As he licked he pushed his tongue in the nice tight hole. As he tongue fucked the young ass, he heard the boy moan. This was a good sign so he stood up and put his cock to the entrance to his ass. the small ass was very tight and he pushed in slow so not to rip him. As he pushed his big cock deep into his ass, he then spanked the boys ass. He loved to hear his hand smack the tender cheeks so he gave him about ten whacks. the white ass was turning red. With his cock in the ass, he started to pump. This young tight ass felt so good and soon he was cumming and filling it with the warm juice.

He then told the boy,"sit down if your can and lets have breakfast. Then you will fuck my ass. Your ass will be sore for a few days but soon you will get used to my big cock and will be able to take it and enjoy the ass fucking it will give you." I will fuck your ass several times a day and you can fuck my mom as often as you want. She loves a young cock." "You can fuck either of us all day and all night."
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its not to bad palygirl