The office sex

Every day he watched her walk down the hall. She was sexy and had an ass he wanted to fuck till his balls fell off. At first she wore conservative clothing but lately as she noticed him watching her ass, she began to get sexier and show more skin. She had started wearing very tight pants and really showed her ass. Then she wore tops with at least 3 buttons undone and you could see most of her tits. His favorite was the skin tight t-shirt with no bra. She had the biggest nipples sitting on huge tits. It was all he could do not to grab one of the nipples.

Today she wore the shortest skirt he had ever seen with another tight t-shirt and no bra. It was like she had pinched her nipples and made them poke against the thin material as she walked by his office. Suddenly, she bent over with her ass pointed at his door to pick up a paper and that short skirt raised above her ass and there was the hottest ass he had seen in years. She wore a skimpy thong that went up her ass crack and showed off the sexy cheeks. He was going to wait for the right moment and fuck her ass for sure.

The opportunity arrived. He needed a file from the downstairs file room. She had to go down to get it. He waited one minute and went down behind her. When he got there, she was on a ladder reaching for the box and he looked up and saw the hot ass and shaved pussy. He ran his hand up her leg and to her ass. She did not move or reject him. He then grabbed her ass with both hands and began to massage the ass cheeks. They were quite the hand full and felt so good to him. He kept one hand on her ass and moved the other to her pussy. She moved a leg up one step which spread her legs for him. This was perfect. He could see his hands all over her ass and pussy. He played with her clit before he found her cunt hole. As he circled the cunt, his other hand found her ass hole and circled it. Soon he had fingers in her ass and cunt and was finger fucking her hard. He felt her cum several times. This lady was a hot piece of ass and he could tell she loved to fuck.

After letting her cum a couple more times he pulled her off the ladder and dropped his pants letting his hard cock out. He bent her over a stack of files and pulled down the thong looking at the nice round ass. He gave her ass a nice sexy swat before he spread her ass cheeks to find her sweet bud. There it was and he wanted to fuck it and make her scream with pleasure. He put his cock to her ass, and shoved it inside her hole. It was tight and warm but welcomed his big shaft. Once in, he began to fuck going in and out. Nothing had ever felt so good to him. He wished he had more than his thick 10 inches to fuck her with because she felt so good. As he fucked hard, he gave her ass a few nice slaps on the sexy ass cheeks. Soon he was ready to cum. He was going to fill that ass with his warm cum. He pulled almost out of her ass them rammed in deep and hard and exploded in her ass. There was so much cum it ran out of her ass and down to her cunt. He had really shot a huge load into her.

He got off of her and stood her up. She looked hot and like she had been thoroughly fucked. He reached up and pinched a tit and said, "I know I shall need another file tomorrow same time." She smiled and replied, "Yes boss sir and I will be happy to get it for you."
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4 years ago
Work sex is so hot!
4 years ago
very very nice
4 years ago
Thanks again Palygirl.