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She worked at the local library. She was sexy but dressed herself so no one could see her curves so she could hide her lustful secret. She loved sex and never could get enough. But what she liked best was young boys. She liked them just when they were getting the cocks hard and nothing to take care of it. This way she could teach them what she liked. Her neighbor boy was perfect but his f****y moved. Before he left as they fucked for the last time, he told her his friend would be calling her to take his place.

Two days later Joe did call. Her pussy was on fire needing sex so bad. He said he wanted to come over and get to know her, He had all day free. She told him to rush right over. Ten minutes later he was knocking at her door. He was very young but a big boy for his age. She was wearing sexy lingerie and nothing else. He could not take his eyes off her body.

She sat on the couch with him and started kissing him. She ran her tongue over his lips and into his mouth. She told him to put his tongue in her mouth. As he did she sucked his tongue then ran her tongue over his. She then pulled his shirt over his head. She moved her lips down to his nipples and sucked and licked them. She could see a slight bulge in his pants. She sucked his nipples for quite a while keeping him twisting in his seat.

Next she told him to stand and take his pants off. She wanted to see him naked. As he pulled his pants off, she saw that he was already growing a nice cock. At maturity he should be nine inches. She sat him back down and spread his legs. She wanted to watch his cock as she taught him the fine art of great sex. She then removed her bra. His eyes popped out of his head. She rubbed her nipples over his nipples and watched his cock jump.She told him to suck her nipples like she sucked his. His mouth covered her huge nipples and he sucked them. Time to time she would tell him to now suck or now lick, teaching him what she liked. As his mouth sucked the nipples, his cock was jumping showing he was getting excited.

Next she removed her panties. She stood over him and spread her legs. She showed him her pussy lips her clit and her cunt hole. She told him he needed to know what she would be talking about when she gave him instructions as they had sex. She pushed him to his back and took his now hard cock in her mouth. She licked every inch of it watching his face as he enjoyed her tongue. Next she licked the cum from the tip especially licking the tip. The more she licked the more cum he leaked. She then told him to relax as she was going to suck his cock and he would cum and it would feel different but very good. She sucked the cock in and out of her mouth. He kept moving his hips, showing her that it would not take him long to learn to fuck her mouth on his own. Soon she heard him scream and her mouth was filled with his first squirt of cum. She swallowed most of it but kept some in her mouth and then showed him his cum in her mouth. "You did great baby. See what you squirted in my mouth? Now didn't that feel awesome on your cock?" He agreed.

"Now i am going to let you touch my pussy and make me cum." she told him. She sat him up and laid down herself and moved his hand to her cunt where he could watch what she would next teach him. "Now spread the lips apart," she told him "then touch my clit all you want with your fingers." he watched as his finger rubbed her clit seeing it quiver. he played with the clit quite awhile fascinated with the woman's pussy. "Now move your finger to my hole and poke a finger inside me." she instructed him. He put his finger into her cunt amazed at the warm wet feel. "Move it in and out till you feel my cunt cum" she told him. He was a fast learned and finger fucked her hole getting faster and pushing harder as he got used to it. soon he watched her cunt pulse and soak his finger. "Now lick that finger and taste my cunt so when you lick me you will know the taste." he sucked his finger and smiled.

She noticed his cock was hard again and that pleased her. He would be a great fuck toy for her. She needed some one that could fuck many times As she was never satisfied. "Now you will put your cock where your finger was, Push it deep into my cunt and then move in and out and fuck me hard." The young boy put his cock at the entrance to her hole and started to push in. "Yes, baby, keep going. Push all the way in and fuck me hard" he pushed in deeper and deeper and soon had his complete cock in her hole. He then moved in and out loving the warm wet place for his cock. "Fuck me hard baby boy. Fuck hard. Make your cock cum in me as I cum on your hard cock." He felt a new sensation in his cock as he moved in and out of the lady. Soon he knew what it was as his cock shot cum into her hole and then he felt her tighten her cunt on his cock and things got very wet. He had never felt anything so good ever in his life. He wanted to fuck her again and again and feel his cock shoot the cum into her.

"Now did you like that?" she asked him. "It felt so wonderful, I want to do it lots." he told her. "We will do it lots. i want you to come over here any time you can and fuck me again and again. I have much more to teach you about great kinky sex." the young boy left with a huge smile on his face.
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2 years ago
damn this is one hot story wish she was still on here
3 years ago
very good
4 years ago
very nice
4 years ago
Great story.
4 years ago
That was a fantastic story.
4 years ago
loved it thanks