The tease part 2

She was still tied up on his bed as he rested beside her. He was deciding where to fuck her next. She had teased him for a long time and never would allow him to fuck her. Tonight he was going to fuck her in every hole and many times.

He leaned over and grabbed a nipple with his teeth. He bit just hard enough to get her attention and let her know who was now in charge. He switched from nipple to nipple biting them softly but letting her feel some pain. Her large nipples swelled and took on a tender look. He then sucked one deep in his mouth as he twisted the other between two fingers. He bit onto the side of her tit leaving his teeth marks so she would know who was in charge in the days to come. With the nipples and tits sore he reached in the drawer and pulled out nipple clamps and attached them to each nipple. This mad her moan with the pain. He attached a chain to each clamp and then pulled on the chain to watch her nipples sweel. He then licked each one before he sucked them flicking the clamps with his teeth. The huge nipples looked so good with the clamps and chains on them.

He stood over her and aimed his cock at her mouth ramming it into her throat. He was long and thick and she gagged at the size. He pulled her head up by her hair and used her mouth to fuck his cock making her gag many times as he filled her mouth. Then he stopped and let her watch him put a cock ring on the monster cock. It had two loops on each side to attach something to and he would show her that later. The ring was tight on the cock and would allow him to fuck harder and more often. With that, he gagged her mouth with his fav gag-ball.

He went down to her pussy now spread apart as she was tied by the ankles. He felt her pussy lips and loved how thick they were. He rubbed her clit and then felt her hole. She had such a great cunt to fuck and he planned many things for the night with it. First, he grabbed two more clamps and clamped one to each thick pussy lip. He connected a chain to each clamp that went around the back of her body and he tightened it to spread the lips apart. Now with her lips spread he could look, lick and suck her clit. He knew the clamps were painful as he could see tears in her eyes, but they served the purpose spreading her cunt wide open. He fingered her clit and ran a finger to her cunt hole. Her hole was soaking wet from the excitement she was enduring. With no warning he rammed all four fingers into her cunt. With his fingers all the way inside her hole he spread them feeling her walls. Then he began to finger fuck her hard. As he fingered her hole he reached up and slapped each tit and pulled the chain connecting them. He kept pulling the chain as he finger fucked her cunt hard as he could. Her nipples were red and swollen but he had never seen them so huge. Later he would suck the large mounds.

He pulled his wet fingers from her cunt and then poked them in her ass. Tonight he was going to slam his huge cock into that tight ass and fuck it for a long time. He fingered her ass getting three fingers inside her. Her ass was tight and felt good against his fingers so he pushed them in and out. He was fucking the ass hard with his fingers when he decided to stop. He grabbed a butt plug he had just for this occasion and rammed it in her stretched ass. It was a huge plug but not as huge as his cock. He wanted his cock to stretch her some when he entered her ass.

Next he brought two small chains and connected them to his cock ring. He then entered her cunt with his huge cock. From there he connected them to the clamps on her pussy lips. Now as he pounded her tight hole the chains would pull on the pussy giving pain with pleasure. It was very erotic seeing the chains from his cock connected to her pussy. As he pulled out of the pussy, he could see the chains pull the pussy. This was a major turn on to him and the faster he fucked her the faster they would pull the pussy lips. They also felt good as they pulled his cock ring too. He then pushed in and out of her hole with his hard cock. He started slow but as it felt so good he plunged deeper and faster fucking her as hard as he could. The chains pulled on the connecting rings and this turned him into a fucking machine. He loved the control his cock had pulling the chains to her pussy. He wanted to do this all night. He was able to fuck her for over thirty minutes before he began to shoot his cum in her cunt hole. He filled her hole with his warm thick juice. He looked at her pussy chained to him and it was red and sore. It had really been punished for several minutes. He unchained the pussy clamps from him as he pulled out. He would leave the chains connected to him as he could use them when he tittie fucked her tonight.

He then pulled the chains connecting each nipple. Now the nipples were very red and sore. He licked each one as he saw the tears run from her eyes. he rubbed the nipples loving how large and puffy they were becoming. He loved big nipples and the clamps were making them swell nicely. He squeezed each tit loving the idea of tittie fucking them later.

He now went down to her ass. he pulled the plug and inserted two finger in her hole. He rubbed gel on his cock and her ass. His cock was huge to push in her tight ass but he was going to fuck her with every one of his thick inches. He aimed his cock at her ass and her eyes got huge as she knew what he was going to do to her ass. He pushed the end of his cock into her ass. She was tight and he had to go slow but he knew once inside her the fucking would be great. Slowly and inch by inch he invaded her tight ass. Half way in he stopped to let her adjust to his size then he continued. At last he was all the way inside the tight hole. He moved slowly at first fucking her easy. But soon it felt so good that he went wild and was fucking her fast and hard. In and out he went many times. He was right that she had the ass a guy loved to fuck and fuck her he was. Since he had already cum twice he was able to fuck a very long time which felt good to him but was painful to her. Her ass was stretched beyond the limits of an ass. He watched as he pulled his cock almost out then rammed his eleven inches all the way back inside her hole. Not only was he thick but he was long. He fucked her hard with his monster cock. He thought next time he fucked her ass he would get chains to connect his cock ring to her pussy and tit clamps so he could watch them pull the tits and pussy lips. This thought made him ready to cum and he filled her ass with his hot cum.

He pulled his cock from her ass and went to lay beside her. he took out the gag from her mouth and rubbed it over her pussy. "Would you like me to shove this in your cunt?" he asked her. She shook her head no. "Then do you now understand that any time I want to fuck you, you will be ready?" She shook her head yes. "Today we will move you into my house so I may fuck you all day and all night every day." "I love lots of sex and you will learn to please me and fuck me with your mouth, cunt and ass any time I want." "I want you naked so I can see your tits and pussy all day long and when my friends come I want them to see the sexy nympho I get to fuck any time my cock gets hard."

She obeyed him and made a great fuck slut.
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