The office boy

Every day he came to her office and delivered the mail. She noticed he was always looking at her sexy bustline. Today when he came she unbuttoned her blouse so he could see more of her larger tits. He kept looking as he slowly placed the mail on her desk. She grabbed his hand and pulled him to her. Do you like to see my tits she asked him. His face turned red and he nodded he did. "Close the door." He walked over and shut the door and locked it. He came back to her and she unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it open. His eyes got big as he saw her tits in the sexy bra. She took his hand and placed it on her tit. It took him a minute before he rubbed her full mound. He shoved his hand inside her bra and felt the nipples. They felt so big and hard to him. She pulled him closer as she unlatched her bra. "Want to kiss them?" she asked him. He wasted no time leaning over and kissing her tits. She then told him to suck a nipple. He sucked a nipple into his mouth and she had to tell him to suck it harder like he was trying to nurse her. He spent several minutes nursing her tit. She liked that he was young and had no experience so she could teach him just how she liked.

She then stood him in front of her and said, "Now lets see what you have in these pants" as she unzipped him and pulled his cock out. It was already hard from him sucking her tit and she was thrilled that he was quite hung for a young man. she then started to suck his cock and licking it as she sucked. She felt it get very hard in her mouth. She grabbed his balls as she sucked him. he had never had his cock sucked and really was loving the sensation of it. she then sucked the very tip and licked it before she took the whole cock into her mouth. It was not long before he shot cum in her mouth. He was shocked at doing that and got all red faced. She told him he tasted delicious.

"DO you want to see my pussy?" she asked him. He of course said yes. He had never seen a pussy up close and was thrilled. She raised her skirt and pulled her thong aside and he looked at her pink cunt. "Please touch it for me." she told him. He ran his finger over her clit and down to her hole then back to the clit.
She took his hand and showed him how to rub and how to finger her. She took his finger and pushed it into her cunt pulling it in and out in a fucking motion. He soon got the idea and she let go of him and he continued to finger fuck her. "Harder and faster" she told him. He than began to really finger her cunt. "Use another finger" she screamed as he added a second finger to her hole. As he fingered her hole she soon came on his fingers. She then grabbed his hand and sucked his finger as she then shoved a finger in his mouth so he could taste her pussy juice.

His cock was getting hard again and she wanted this man for her fuck buddy knowing with his youth he could fuck all night. And he had a long thick cock that she loved. "Would you like to come to my house after work and fuck me?" she asked. "Yes, if you want me to' he told her. "I want to teach you to eat my pussy and fuck every hole in my body." He smiled as he so wanted this sexy woman to suck his cock again and let him fuck her.

Because his cock was hard again, she sat him in her chair and straddled his lap moving her thong aside so she could ride his cock. She pushed his cock into her hole and sat down on him getting every inch inside her. She moved up and down on the huge cock belonging to the youg man. He felt so good filling her cunt that she really started bouncing on his cock.
Soon she was ready to cum as the young man was also. She pushed his head to her her tit and he began to suck her as they both shot there cum mixing it together.

"Be outside at five and I will take you to my house where we can fuck for hours and not just a quickie like here." she told him. She could not wait till she got him home to develop him into the best fuck toy she would ever have. At five he was waiting for her with a huge smile.
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