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She was beautiful, sexy, eduacated and smart. But she sold her body for sex. She made top dollar for an hour or two with her. She was game for what ever they wanted with her body.

It started innocently with her boyfriend when he asked her to have sex with his friend who would pay them. Then another friend wanted her and she and the boyfriend were making lots of money. He then had her on a regular schedule and it was just not his friends. Men wanted her sexy body and she loved the sex. She got to be so busy that many days she would have at least five clients. She dressed sexy for them and then stripped naked. She had big full tits and a nice round firm ass. This gave her top earning power. She got paid by the hour. She was his for the hour to do as he needed. She loved sucking a cock and also loved anal sex. Many men had wives who would not do the things she would or have the sexy body she had.

Tonight a man was coming and had reserved two hours with her. She wore a sexy black corset that did not cover her tits but pushed them up high. Her thong was skimpy almost not there and she wore thigh high nylons. She looked beautiful and sexy. She let him in when he arrived and offered him a drink. She sat on the sofa with him and undid his shirt. She spread the shirt open and kissed his chest licking each nipple. She could see him get aroused. She reached down and felt his cock which was now getting hard. She rubbed it thru his pants. After rubbing his cock for a few minutes, she unzipped his pants and pulled the cock out. His was nice and big and very thick, just as she liked them. She stroked his cock and felt his balls watching him enjoy the pleasure. She took a finger and circled the tip of his cock and he really got excited. He then pushed her head down to his cock. She started by licking the large shaft on all sides and then licked his balls. As she licked he reached around her and started to rub her ass. She then took his cock into her mouth and began to suck it. Sucking cock was her specialty and she could get an eleven inch in her mouth completely. She took his cock all the way inside her mouth as he continued to rub her ass. As she sucked him, he found her round ass hole and began to finger around it. She then sucked him hard and he inserted his finger into her ass. As her head bobbed up and down on his cock, he finger fucked her ass and soon he added one more finger in her hole to really fuck her. With his fingers invading her ass she really put a great suction on his cock and soon he came in her mouth filling her with his warm cum. She sucked him getting all the cum which she swallowed and then licked him clean. She sucked one of his balls into her mouth and felt him shiver. She liked that he was easy to turn on and she had much planned for him.

She then stood him up and removed his pants and shirt getting him nude. She layed him on the bed and sat on his chest rubbing her pussy across his nipples. then she moved up and placed her pussy over his mouth. He wasted no time taking his tongue and licking her. She rubbed her pussy over his face as he licked her then he stuck his tongue into her cunt. He tongue fucked her hole as she rode him loving the feel. He switched back and forth between tonguing her hole and sucking her clit. She was trained to control herself and not cum fast but he was really working her pussy over. Soon she came on his tongue as he swallowed her warm fluid.

Then he rolled her over and layed her on her back and started to lower her corset to suck her tits. She reached up and unsnapped the corset and removed it. He really was sucking and nibbling on her nipples. He grabbed one with his teeth and stretched it, then sucked it as it swelled in his mouth. He did tiny nibbles down the side of her tit leaving small marks. She had big full tits and loved them sucked. He ravaged her tits sucking, licking and biting them not missing any part of them. He used his hands to feel the one he was not roughing with his mouth. His fingers pulled and squeezed each nipple as his teeth chewed and sucked the other nipple.

He was chewing on one nipple as he rolled on top of her and put his cock between her legs. He spread her legs wide as he rubbed the cock over her pussy. He rubbed her clit with his cock and felt her quiver. He then pushed his cock inside her cunt with a hard push. She felt his huge cock fill her hole. He then started to fuck her hard in and out. Her cunt was tight against his huge shaft and she felt so good to him. He fucked her hard and rough loving her tight cunt as he took turns sucking her nipples. He would pull his cock almost out then push back in deep and hard. He did this many many times in her hole. He then put her legs up on his shoulders to get her spread further apart as he wanted to fuck her cunt deep and hard. He rammed her hole in and out with his huge cock taking her deep and rough. Soon he was ready to cum so he thrust in hard and deep one last time as he filled her cunt with his warm cum. He then layed very still with his head on her tits to rest one moment.

Soon he rolled her over on her stomach and raised her ass in the air. She had a great round ass and he wanted to fuck it hard. He rubbed her ass and slapped it several times. He loved to hear the smack his hand made on her ass. He spread her legs wide as he continued to spank her ass. He even slapped her pussy once or twice. He then spread her ass cheeks to find her round bud. He shoved a finger in her pussy to get it wet then shoved the finger in her ass. He did this several times to lube her ass hole. He then mounted behind her and put his cock next to her hole. He pushed his thick cock just inside her ass to make her stretch to get his monster cock in the round ass. She had been ass-fucked by big cocks before but his was very large. He spread her ass as he pushed into her slowly getting the huge rod inside her ass. He waited for a moment to feel her tight ass around his cock before he started fucking her. Then he fucked in and out of her hole. He would pull almost out then ram back inside her deep. As he fucked he slapped her ass. He watched his hand prints on her ass cheeks as he spanked her hot ass. Fucking her ass was a highlight for him. He knew he could last without coming so he could fuck her in and out many times. With her sexy ass in the air he could see his cock go into her round ass. He would pull it almost out and then ram it back in. He was fascinated seeing it go in her ass. Without pulling his cock out he sat on the bed and had her sit on his cock with her back to him. He could now move her up and down on his cock as he pulled on her large tits and nipples. He twisted the nipples as he fucked her ass and then he filled her ass with his cum. He came so much that it was running out her ass and onto his balls. He pulled his cock out of her ass and moved her down between his legs so she could lick the cum from his cock and balls.

He had only thirty minutes till his time was up so he told her to stand naked in front of him and spread her pussy open so he could see it. He loved her sweet pink cunt and wanted to see her finger it for him. She rubbed her clit then she poked her fingers inside her hole. She fingered her hole as she rubbed her clit. He loved seeing her play with her self. "Now suck your fingers and taste your cum for me." he told her. She did as he asked. "Bend over and show me your ass." "Spread your ass wide for me." He could see her stretched ass where his huge cock had fucked her. Her round hole was still gaping open.

Time to go so he made another reservation for the next week end. He loved this sexy woman who could fuck his huge monster cock.
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