I am the man for mom

My dad has passed away and I am now the man of the house. tonight i planned to teach my mom what a big man I am. I have watched her for several days and I want her body so bad. I watched her go from the shower to her room and she has an ass made to fuck. I plan to move into her bed and fuck her every night.

When she came home we had dinner and chatted for a while. Soon she decided to go to bed. i heard her shower turn off and I then entered her room. She was naked not yet into her night gown. She was shocked when she saw me in my boxers. I walked to her and tore the towel away from her body. I looked at her naked sexy body. I grabbed her and kissed her running my tongue inside her mouth. At first she tried to resist me, but then she relaxed. I then rubbed her nice ass and felt her tits. I leaned down and sucked a nipple into my mouth as my hand again found her ass. I ran my hand down her crack as my mouth sucked on her tit as I had as a baby. She had nice full tits and they had not aged a bit and were still firm and perky. The nipples were huge from nursing me as a baby. I wished she was full of milk now so I could suck and feed. Her ass was so sexy and I had the urge to spank it before I fucked it.

I then pushed her onto the bed as I stripped off my boxers. My cock was hard and sticking straight in the air. i let her see how huge and thick I now was. And what she would get as I fucked her all night. i knew my cock was larger than most men as i saw men in the shower at the gym. They were small compared to my monster cock. i was going to fuck her mouth, pussy and ass many times. I layed by her and started sucking her tits. I knew she liked this as she arched her back to push them to me. I grabbed a nipple with my teeth and pulled on it. I heard her moan so i lightly bit it. She moaned more. I then grabbed the side of her tit with my teeth and bit the side lightly. As she moaned I sucked and made bruises all over the side. Tomorrow I would look at my marks on her tits.

I then kissed down to her pussy. I spread her legs and looked at her pick swollen cunt. I knew she needed me to fuck her. She swelled and was moist at the thought of fuckfing her son. I played with her pussy rubbing the clit and finding her sweet hole. I pulled both lips of the pussy apart to lick her. This made her squirm as it turned her on. I sucked a pussy lip in my mouth and pulled on it. I then licked down to her hole. I licked around the hole before I pushed my finger in her. She raised her hips so I could finger her more. i shoved more fingers in her hole and finger fucked her hard and fast feeling her cum on my fingers. I then put my fingers in her mouth so she could taste her own cum as later she would be tasting mine.

I then got on top of her and placed my cock at the entrance to her cunt. With one big push I was all the way inside her. My huge cock filled her hole. I then started moving in and out fucking her hard. As my cock fucked her cunt, I grabbed her nipples with my fingers and pulled on them. She was moaning and moving as she was so horny she needed to be fucked hard and was loving her sons big cock. i felt my mom cum several times before I shot my load in her pussy.

i pulled out of her pussy and moved to her head. I straddled her head and rubbed my wet cock over her mouth and lips. I told her to lick her lips and taste our cum mixed together. I watched her lick the cum. Then I placed my cock to her mouth and told her to lick the tip. As she licked, I felt the cock raise to the occasion and soon I was my huge self so I could fuck her mouth. i pushed a little way into her mouth as she sucked and licked my cock. My mom was skilled at this I could tell. As she sucked I pushed more into her till I then got the large member inside her mouth. She was sucking it fast and I was loving her tongue licking as she sucked. I then grabbed her head and started to fuck her mouth in and out. She took every inch and sucked and licked my huge cock. i was able to fuck for a while before I shot my cum down her throat. She swallowed every drop and sucked me to get more from my hard cock. She really sucked me dry for the moment.

i kept thinking of her sexy ass so I turned her over on her stomach and raised her ass in the air. I kissed her cheeks as I sucked them till I left my bruises over her ass. I would check these tomorrow too. Next i spread her ass apart and ran a finger down the crack. With my hands cupping her ass, I licked the bud to her ass. She has a great sexy ass made to fuck. I wanted to see my huge cock inside her hole stretching it wide. I fingered her ass first with only one finger first then added a second. As she stretched to accomodate me I added one more finger. i could see this was not pleasant for her so I kept the fingers in her till her ass adjusted to them. As it adjusted I finger fucked her loving my fingers deep in her ass. I then removed my fingers and placed my hard cock at the entrance to her ass. She was stretched and i could get a couple inches in before it got to be bigger than where my fingers had stretched her. i slowly pushed in by holding her hips. My big cock was stretching her ass causing discomfort, but I knew once I got in she would love the fucking I would give her. Slowly I got all eleven inches in her ass. My cock is thicker than a fist and I loved seeing it in her sexy ass. She had the sexiest ass I had ever seen I was going to love fucking it. As I had every inch in her I started moving in and out slowly at first but then the fire inside me started and I fucked her ass hard and rough. I pounded her ass as I watched my cock go in and out. I slapped the ass cheeks as I rode this ass hard and long. i could see my hand prints across her ass while I fucked her. Spanking her ass as I fucked it made the sex even more intense and soon I came and filled her ass with my cum. I looked down to the cum dripping out and the bruises and red marks on her ass. Yes, I had done good.

I then layed her down on the bed on her back and layed beside her. "Mom, I am moving in here to sl**p with you every night. I need lots of sex and I want to fuck you often and in every hole. During the day wear no bra or panties so I may touch you anytime and fuck you easy." She smiled and leaned over and kissed her son. She was thinking that he got his desire for much sex from her. She needed to be fucked many times day and night and could not wait till the next time he would take her.
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2 years ago
thats hot!! :) Thanks for posting!
3 years ago
how gladys ham was turned into a fucking slut.
3 years ago
4 years ago
love it love it love it
4 years ago
Well that was odd....I love the taboo, but this story creeped me the fuck out..