Dad teaches me

I was almost 18 and could not wait for my birthday. My mom would be gone as her s****r was very ill so dad was planning my party. I knew it would be a lot of fun. My dad was young and very handsome. My girlfriends all had a crush on him. He loved to laugh and tease with all of us.

I went to bed early the night before my birthday as I was so excited to be 18 and be a legal age. So much I wanted to do. I was sound asl**p when I heard some one come into my room. It was dad. He told me it was midnight and now my birthday so he wanted to wish me happy birthday. I sat up in bed and hugged him. I was thrilled to now be 18. Dad sat on my bed and started to rub my back as he hugged me. He told me I had developed into a very pretty and sexy lady. He held me away from him and looked at my tits thru my sheer night gown. It felt very strange to have him staring at me but very exciting too. Then I noticed that he was naked from the waist up and was only wearing tight white underwear. I could see the outline of his cock beneath the white material. He saw me staring at his cock and then rubbed my back and down my side brushing the sides of my tits. I was blessed with nice full tits that were firm and perky. I liked it as his hands brushed against the sides of my tits thru my sheer gown.

He then laid me back down on my bed and began to rub the front of me and across my tits. As he touched my tits he told me I had nice big mounds with great nipples. I had never felt anything so amazing before. He then raised my gown and looked at my tits before he grasped them in his hands. I loved him touching me. He then twisted my nipples between two fingers and I felt the sensation clear to my pussy. He told me he was giving me the gift of sex for my birthday present. He would teach me how wonderful it would feel, all aspects of it. I wanted this so much. My body was on fire with him just touching my tits and nipples. He then put his mouth over a nipple and began to suck. My pussy went crazy with how it felt. He took turns sucking each nipple and squeezing the tit that was not being sucked. I loved this and did not want him to ever stop. His hands played with my large tits and I was very turned on.

Then he removed my gown completely. He moved the covers down so my body was nude for him to see as I never wore panties under my gown at night. He moved his hands from my tits to my stomach and then kept rubbing lower. As he got to my pussy, he spread my legs. It felt so strange but erotic to have my legs spread and him looking at my pussy. I had started shaving it two years before because my friends did theirs. Next he ran his finger over my pussy and between the lips. This felt so good. He used both hands to spread me open so he could touch all of me. He rubbed my clit between the same two fingers that played with my nipples and I knew what great sex then felt like. He rubbed my pus for several minutes watching how it was puffing with his stroking. He then got his face between my legs and put one of my legs on his shoulder. He put his face into my pussy and starting kissing every inch. This was a major turn on. As he kissed, he then started licking with his tongue. I could not control myself as my pussy began to pulse and I had my first climax. He then told me that was good and I would have many more before he was done. He than spread my cunt open and inserted his tongue into me. I loved as he dashed his tongue in and out of my hole causing me to cum again. He then moved his mouth to my clit and sucked on it as he inserted a finger into my cunt. I loved the feel of this and raised my hips to him. He then pushed his finger in and out as I learned this was finger fucking and I loved it. He kept fucking my hole and added another finger. This felt tight and increased the pleasure. As his finger fucked my hole and his teeth pulling on my clit I was climaxing fast and often.

My dad then stood up and I could see the huge bulge in his whites. He then removed his underwear letting his cock swing free. It was hard and so huge. I could not take my eyes off of it. I knew then that I wanted him to fuck me with his nice hard cock. But first he got over me and had his cock at my face. "I am going to teach you to suck me properly." he said. He then rubbed his cock over my lips. It was leaking cum and I felt my lips get wet. He told me to now lick my lips and get used to the taste. I did so and realized it had a pleasant taste. He then told me to lick all the cum from the tip of his cock. Again I tasted more of his cum liking it. As I licked more cum eased out and I continued to lick it clean. He then told me to lick the sides of his cock and the underside. I followed his directions and found this very exciting. I loved licking the big shaft. After I had licked him all over the cock he told me to open my mouth just a little as he inserted his cock just a few inches inside. He told me to suck it and roll my tongue over it as I sucked. As I did as my dad said he slowly pushed more of the cock inside my mouth. He told me to relax my tongue and breath from my nose and I would be able to take every inch of him. I did this and he took his time adding more inches inside my mouth. "Keep sucking me baby girl, You are doing a great job." he told me as he soon had his huge cock inside my mouth as I sucked and rolled my tongue over it. "Now keep your mouth relaxed as I go in and out. This is fucking that mouth and daddy loves it." he then told me. He continued to move in and out fucking my mouth which lasted a while before I felt the warm juice fill my mouth and throat. "Now swallow." he told me as I then swallowed every drop. "Baby, you did so good. Daddy loves his cock sucked. This may be your permanent job for me. No one has ever done as good as you."

He then started to play with my pussy again as I stared at his huge cock. Soon I saw it get big and hard once more. He then spread my legs very wide and put my ass on a pillow so my hips were raised. He got on his knees between my legs and ran his cock over my pussy. It felt so good and my pussy began to throb. He rubbed his cock over my clit and around my hole which I loved. Then he stopped at the entrance to my cunt and placed his cock so he could begin to enter me. "Daddy will go slow but I want to put my whole cock in your cunt and fuck you. This will make you cum many times and you will feel so good and want more and more ." He then just pushed barely into my hole. I felt it stretch and that was a very erotic feeling. As he pushed more into me it started to feel as it would not fit. When it got too tight, daddy would pull out and then enter me again going further each time. Next he started to rub my clit between two fingers as he pushed more of the huge cock inside my tight hole. This made me cum and as i came and lubed my hole it was easier for him to get in me. Soon after I had cum several times as he fingered my clit, he was all inside me. It felt tight and my cunt felt crammed full with his huge rod. He then pulled in and out of my hole and then started picking up the pace as I stretched and adjusted to his size. "Now I will fuck you baby and it will feel so good to both of us. I want to feel you cum on my cock as I fill your cunt with my warm juice." The dad fucked her hard and long till feeling her cum many times on his cock. Then he pushed deep into her and shot her full of his cum. After cumming, he laid on top of her and kissed her tits sucking the large nipples.

"Happy birthday baby. Did you like your present?" he asked. "Yes and i want this present again and again." He smiled and laid next to his sexy naked daughter. Her present was going to last for several more hours and she would get pleasure again and again.
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3 years ago
Awesome dad to do this for his daughter!
4 years ago
lucky young lady to have such a loving father
4 years ago
This is what a good father should do for all his daughters.
4 years ago
Lucky dad ;)
4 years ago
As always, that was amazing. Thanks