three of us

She was horny and needed release but she also wanted a show. She called her two friends and invited them over. When they arrived she was wearing only a sheer robe. She had them strip to their underwear. The girl was sexy and had a very hot body. The guy was gorgeous and well hung. They were fun to play with and did not mind letting her run the show. She laid the girl on the bed and sat the man in a chair to watch. First she pulled his cock thru the opening in his tight briefs. She wanted to see him get excited as he watched the two women play. He had a nice big 11 inch cock and she wanted to see every inch of it. She took off her sexy robe and displayed her nude body. She had nice full D tits with huge nipples. Her ass was round and tight. She was very sexy and quite the nympho. She loved sex with a man or a woman. She pulled the girl to her tits and had her suck one as she stroked and twisted the second. She spread her legs so the man could watch her pussy as the girl sucked her tits. She took the girls hand and pressed it to her pussy and the girl knew what to do. As she sucked and fondled the tits she fingered the pussy, feeling the clit before she fingered the cunt. She rubbed the clit between two fingers as she sucked the tits hard. The lady was so ready to cum and would cum many times tonight. The girl placed two fingers up into her cunt fucking her hard and sucking the nipples to get her ready to cum. Now she added a third finger inside her cunt and was really finger fucking her making her bite the big round nipples. As she finger fucked her she pulled stretching the nipples way far out. Soon the lady came hard and screamed. She looked at the man and his cock was pulsing at the action between the two women.
next the lady shoved the girls head down to her cunt. The girl started licking and sucking her clit and pussy. She shoved her tongue into her hole as far as it would reach making her cum again. Next she reached around and felt her ass. She ran her fingers around the round bud before she shoved her thumb inside fast and rough. She used her thumb to fuck the tight ass as she tongue fucked her cunt. this made the lady cum again. She was wet with cum. She motioned for the man to cum to the bed. His cock was hard and huge sticking straight out.
She placed the girl at his ass as she began to suck his hard cock. The girl started licking his ass and fingering it. She licked clear to the balls. She spread his ass and poked her tongue into his hole as she squeezed his ass cheeks. She slapped his ass as she tongued fucked his hole. The lady now had his cock deep into her mouth sucking him and mouth fucking him. His cock was huge and hard and she loved how thick it was. He also was able to shoot huge loads of cum. She sucked him hard till he was ready to cum and then as he began to shoot his load the girl poked two fingers up his ass and sucked his ass cheek. this was so erotic and made him cum so hard. he grabbed the lady's head and fucked her deep and shot the cum way down her throat. He fucked her mouth like he was fucking her cunt. She loved the huge cock.
She then put a huge dildo on the girl as she scooted to the end of the bed. She positioned the man at her as as he laid on top of the girl and let her shove the dildo up her cunt. Next the man mounted her ass and rammed his huge cock into her ass. They knew she liked it hard and rough as they both fucked her rough stretching her to the limit. The huge cock in her ass was like shoving a pop can into her ass. She loved the pleasure he could give her. he fucked her ass till she screamed with pleasure. The large dildo filled her cunt as the girl pounded into her. Both holes were being ravaged. She was able to cum many times as they fucked her. Then the man filled her ass with his warm cum as she came again and again. next they laid beside her on her bed each sucking one of her huge tits. She loved to lay and let them suck the big nipples till they would be ready to fuck more. Having them suck her nipples made her horny and these two loved to fuck all night. They loved to watch her get fucked as she loved to watch them fuck each other.
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3 years ago
great story.
thanks for sharing
4 years ago
you can do better
4 years ago
loved it great
4 years ago
Great story. Loved it.