The Four of Us

My friend (Jim) was always wanting kinkier sex. He was great in bed and very adventurous. He had a great cock and lots of stamina. We always fucked several times and many ways. Tonight was a special surprise. He arrived at 6 and the surprise at 7. The surprise as Jo and Mary. This would be my evening and I would control every one. I wanted my friend to be pleasured like never before. First I undressed joe and mary and got them naked so he could see the bodies. mary had nice firm tits and Joe a great thick cock. And next I stripped Jim. I wanted to show off his big thick cock. I, of course, was naked already. Jim was staring at Mary's tits and getting hard. I started Jim sucking her tits. I could tell he loved them. As he sucked her tits and pulled and stretched the nipples, I moved his hand to her pussy. He knew what to do so he rubbed the clit and pulled her pussy lips back. Next I shoved his head down to her lap. Joe helped out by holding her legs far apart. Jim was licking and sucking her shaved pussy and then he found her hole. He licked the hole and pushed his tongue inside. mary instantly came on his tongue. As Jim worked on her pussy, I had joe take over her tits. Now Mary was going wild. It was time to fuck so I pushed joes cock in Mary's mouth and mounted Jim on her pussy. Both men have great size cocks and Mary was loving the attention. As Jim fucked the cunt of Mary I started to rub Jims ass and lick it. I spread it and liked his bud. He now had his whole cock deep in Mary's hole and I kept my tongue around his ass hole. I then pushed my tongue into the hole just as he spilled his cum in Mary and Joe filled her mouth. Tongue fucking his ass as he fucked mary's cunt made him cum very hard. I pushed Mary down to lick Jim's cock clean. He got hard again and started to fuck her mouth. He grabbed her hair and pushed her completely down on his thick and long cock. Mary gagged but Jim kept fucking wanting to cum deep in her throat which he did. I now let Joe lick my pussy as Jim sucked my tits. Mary started rubbing her tits all over the two guys bodies and tittie fucking joe as he tongue fucked me. I then laid Jim down and put mary on top of him so he could fuck her cunt as i put Joe on top of Mary to fuck her ass. Both guys were fucking both holes rough and deep. Mary was being pounded by two huge cocks. I watched as both men filled her holes with their juice. Joe then stood up and slapped Mary's ass hard about six times making it red. Now it was time for Jim to fuck Mary in the ass. I bent Mary over the end of the couch and spread her ass. Jims' cock looked like a monster going in Mary's ass. He pushed every inch inside the tight hole and started fucking hard. He felt so good in her tight ass and loved fucking it watching it stretch to let him inside. Soon he filled the ass with his cum.
As the other two got ready to leave, and we were finally alone, I took Jim to my bed. i laid him down and started to suck his nipples. Then I slid down to his cock. i sucked all of the large member in my mouth as I played with his balls and felt his ass. As I sucked him in deep i then pushed a finger into his ass. I loved to finger fuck his ass. It made him harder and made him cum hard in my mouth shooting cum clear down my throat. Then he rolled me on my back and started sucking my pussy. He licked every part of it and pushed his tongue into my cunt. As his tongue fucked my hole i came several times. Then he rolled me to my stomach and aimed his cock at my ass. He srpead my ass cheeks and pushed inside. It felt great going in. It took a bit to get him in but when he did I knew he would fuck my ass hard. And that is what he did. He pounded my ass with his hard cock. In and out he went stretching me to fit his size. Then he came and it felt good and warm inside me. By now we needed to rest so we laid in each others arms. In a few minutes we would then fuck more as we could not keep our hands off each others bodies. And now Jim had discovered he loves to fuck my ass.
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4 years ago
Yup, My cock is hard again.
4 years ago
Thnks for such a wonderful story.. The words hs been so well explained, zat anybody who reads it can feel themselves inside z story. Excellent..