My older lover

He took me in when I was just 17. I was innocent and very pretty. I had firm tits and a nice ass. He wanted to own me and control me but I did not know that at the time. The first night he showed me his bed which I was to sl**p in with him. He told me to get naked and get in bed. Then he got naked and joined me. He started kissing my tits and sucking them. It was strange but felt good. Then he reached between my legs and rubbed my pussy. I was not sure I liked this but I could not say no. He played with my pussy for a long time then started to kiss it. He kissed and licked me and I felt very strange. As he licked my pussy he then put a finger in my hole. I was a virgin and very tight which excited him. He then put his tongue in my hole. By now this was starting to feel very good. Next he got on top of me and spread my legs and put his cock to my pussy hole. He pushed in just a small amount. It hurt and he went slow and told me the first times does hurt and I had to just take it. He pushed inside me not caring about the pain he was causing me. My hole felt like it was being ripped in two. As he got inside me he then began to move in and out of the hole. He told me he loved to fuck and I would learn to be fucked and enjoy it. It seemed for ever that he fucked me then he moaned and I felt my hole ooze with warm liquid. He then let me sl**p but i was to always be naked for him.
The morning brought more training for me. He stood and put me on my knees. He told me I was going to learn to pleasure him by cock sucking. He informed me that when I learned this, we would do this several times a day as it gave him great pleasure. He opened my mouth and put his cock inside. He told me what I should do to give him pleasure. I learned fast to suck his huge cock. If I didn't suck fast enough, he would grab my hair and push me up and down on the cock. The first time he came in my mouth I about gagged, but he held my mouth tight so I had to swallow every drop.
I was to be naked all the time and I was fucked anytime he wanted. I would suck his cock several times a day. I was a sex prisoner. It seemed he was always needing sexual release. As I matured he needed to try kinkier things so he now taught me to get my ass fucked. He leaned me over the end of the couch and spread my ass apart. He rubbed my round bud for several minutes before he put a finger inside. I did not like this but had no say. After he fingered my ass, he pushed his cock to my opening. slowly he pushed the oversized cock into me. It hurt so bad I was not sure I could bare it. Inch by inch it went in. When he got it in he then pumped in and out. He was fucking my ass like he fucked my pussy. He released his cum into my hole as he moaned with joy. Now he fucks my ass as often as my pussy.
He told me one day to get dressed. He was taking me out for a surprise. He took me to a piercing parlor and I was told my nipples and clit would be pierced. I was so embarassed to be naked in front of the man with the needles. The piercings hurt a lot and a chain was attached from the clit to each nipple. My owner liked that a lot. The man gave him some pointers to enjoy them during sex. Now when we fuck he tugs the nipple rings with his teeth or pulls on the chains. He likes to pull them and watch my nipples stretch and the clit puff.
He makes me lick his cock as he lays and reads the paper. He loves his balls sucked. I must keep sucking when he cums in my mouth so he will get hard again and he will fuck my ass or pussy when he is done. Most days he fucks me over six times and I suck his cock that many. He is never satisfied. One night he fucked me in every hole for over eight hours. The next day I was so raw but he still fucked me all day. At night when I sl**p, I feel him finger my pussy as he can not keep his hands off me. He told me I had matured to a sexy woman and he craves me. My tits have grown and my ass has rounded. I can suck a nine inch cock and swallow the cum. He had my pussy pierced again with three diamonds down the clit. I am sure he will add more from time to time.
Tonight we watched a movie and he fucked me for the whole two hours. Then in bed we fucked again. He told me every time he sees my big tits he wants to fuck. I am his sex toy. Last Saturday we fucked every hour.
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4 years ago
Very horny story.
4 years ago
Thanks for sharing
4 years ago
4 years ago
Not so bad., u r already z best, all ur stories r vry nice.
4 years ago
Another good one, palygirl. Thanks
4 years ago
Loved your story not into pain but it was very sexy.
4 years ago
excellent stoery palygirl