The rough night

She found her lovers on the adult dating site. She never could get enough sex. By day she was prim and proper with her job, but evenings were her own. When she found a guy to have sex with she invited him to her house. When he would arrive she would greet him dressed only in a sheer robe with nothing else on. She would kiss him then start to undress him. First his shirt and she would rub his nipples and lick them. Then trace her finger down to his bellybutton and find the line of hair below it. She would kiss his button and insert her tongue getting him aroused. Next she removed his pants and stripped him naked. She would look his cock and ass over rubbing her hands over both. She only selected endowed men who could fuck all night for her fuck party. After feeling his cock she turned him and felt his ass spreading his butt cheeks to see his round bud. She ran her finger around the rim of the bud. She would sit him in her "love" chair tieing his ankles to each side. With legs spread she would now use him for her pleasure and his own. She dropped her robe and let him touch her tits. He tweaked the pierced nipples then ran his hand down to feel her pussy. "Wait" she told him. "I want to lap dance for you." and she did.First she tied his hands to the chair so he could not touch her. She turned her back and started to move her hips keeping her ass only inches from his body at all times. Next she turned to him and ran her tits over his face still rotatng her hips. She rubbed a nipple over his lips but not in his mouth. She rubbed her nipples over his nipples watching his cock jump at that move. She rubbed the nipples down to his bellybutton and inserted one in it. This erotic move made him moan and his cock showed signs of cum. She then rubbed her ass over his cock feeling how hard it had become. Next she put a leg on his shoulder putting her pussy only inches from his face. He watched her as she spread her pussy lips for him to see her rub her clit. Her pussy lips were also pierced and she had small hoops thru them. She played with her self and he watched. She inserted two fingers inside her hole using a fucking motion. She pulled the fingers and rubbed them across his lips. She moved her cunt just to his face and did a humping move but never touching him. She fngered herself again and when the fingers were very wet inserted them in his mouth to suck. "Do you like my pussy?" she asked. He nodded his head. She then grabbed his head and rubbed her cunt all over his lips. Before he could lick she moved away from him and started to play with his cock. She slid a shiny cock ring over his cock. She liked how it squeezed the big shaft. She wrapped his balls with twine tight so they were bulging. He looked sexy and now hard and large. She slid one more cock ring half way down his cock. It was amazing and tight. She next rubbed the tip of his cock watching him get so hot and horny. She loved the game of seduction and loved to be in control. She found his pee hole and felt it. She spread it rubbed it making him squirm. She brought a small feather and poked it in the small hole. Now he was decorated and truly how she liked him. She then began to lick his cock and balls. As she licked the cock she fingerd his ass. She then inserted the string of anal beads into his hole. All six of them to make the sex intense when they fucked. She removed the feather and sucked his cock which was ready to burst with cum. Cock sucking was a specialty of hers and she could take over nine inches into her mouth and suck it making it cum more than once. As she sucked his ccok she pulled on the twine wrapped around the balls. A few more sucks and she would have him cumming down her throat. As he started to cum she slowly pulled the anal beads from his ass. With him shooting his wad and her pulling the beads he soon was screaming as he had never felt such an erotic fuck. She was almost ready to move him to her bed but first she had to bind his cock. She wrapped the cock in a ribbon that on the outside was rough so when his cock entered her she would feel the roughness and give her the best fuck imaginable. She kissed him shoving her tongue deep in his mouth to arouse him.
"Want to fuck me?" she asked. He repled," I am going to make your body scream for more." Just how she liked it, being fucked in every hole all night. She released him and he pulled her to his grabbing her tits and squeezing them, tugging the rings thru her nipples. Then he pushed all four fingers in her cunt and pumped hard. He jerked her on top of his cock and pushed the huge shaft into her and she felt his size and the binding on the hard member as it fucked her hard and rough. The cock ring allowed him to stay hard longer and her fucked her cunt without mercy. He grabbed her legs and shoved them up over her head to allow his cock to enter all the way in her hole. With her legs up and spread wide, he drove into her till his cock was in her all the way. He fucked her and felt her cum more than once but he did not stop the pounding. He could fuck for hours and he was going to give her just what she liked. While he pounded her cunt he reached around and found the bud of her ass. He started inserting fingers in her tight hole. He roughly got all fingers in her ass and started pumping it, stretching it to the limit. He lost count how often she had cum for him. Soon he would cum and shoot his big load in her pussy. As he filled her pussy with cum he relaxed a minute and pulled his cock and fingers out. He turned her over and spread her now stretched her ass and rammed his cock inside her again. As he entered her raw ass he heard her scream. "Yes, you will scream for me many times as the night is young." He then raised her ass and began to fuck it rough showing no mercy. He shoved three fingers in her mouth gagging her. As his cock ravaged her ass he smacked her ass cheeks with every thrust. He was amazed seeing the hand marks across it. He kept fucking and spanking. Her ass looked like a battle ground. She liked it rough and his big cock was able to please her. He spanked her ass till he was able to cum one more time filling her ass with warm juice. They took a minute to compose themselves before they started out again. He laid beside her and tugged on the nipple rings with his teeth. She smiled loving this big fucking machine.
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Yes!!! That was Great!!
5 years ago
This is one lovely story I had to cum three time and than got wash up and change my panties Thank you
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Yo baby, zat's really a vry vry rough hardcore sex.